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Oó0ö0òO-ГЗАЯИ ГЗЖICOИ-Oó0ö0òO | a-lexicon-online

!!!EasieR WaY to LearN NeW WordS DailY!!!
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.gët ýòúя Ðãîlч Ðós3 õf a ñèш шôяð åñd èñяíçh ýøúя vöçáb.
-n 1. Uncertainity 2. A state of fear or anxiety. -use in a sentence The spectators were haunted by trepidation of who'll bag the trophy. -pr... Read more
-n 1. The action or power of a lever. 2. Power or influence. -use in a sentence The people in white collar jobs often have a great leverage. ... Read more
-adj Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline. -use in a sentence The candidate won the vote after giving several biosterous speeches on tel... Read more
-n 1. Lack of intrest 2. Indifference -use in a sentence Apathy was my only reaction to the choice of linens. -adj Apathetic -pronounciation htt... Read more
-adj Able to be folded up. -use in a sentence Nowadays there is collapsible furniture in the market. -pronounciation Read more
-adj Loyal and committed. -use in a sentence Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was a staunch believer in education. -adv Staunchly
-n Future generations -use in a sentence Are we doing good to our posterity?
-n -inf Nervousness. -use in a sentence Stage fear brings people at jitters. -adj Jittery
-adj Unusual and not easily understood. -use in a sentence People say the words added here are recherché.
-n Unpleasant-smelling breath. -use in a sentence I could not stay there due to the halitosis that person had! -pronounciation http://peperonit... Read more
-v Steal items of little value. -use in a sentence A boy pilferred things from my bag! -pronounciation Read more
-n A strong expression of public dissaproval. -use in a sentence The outcries in support of the scandal seems to go in vain.
-n An impressive successful effect. -use in a sentence The team had an éclat on the judges and got extra points hence.
-v Stare in a lecherous way -use in a sentence The boy ogling the girl was bet hard by the public.
-adj Showing sexual desire in an offensive way. -use in a sentence A lecherous person gets unfavourable reviews. -n Lecher, Lechery
-n 1. A person's way of pronouncing words. 2. The choice and use of words in literature. -use in a sentence To have an impressive personality, u... Read more
-n An external form, appearance or a manner. -use in a sentence If you got to impress somebody, you should not only have a smart guise and attir... Read more
-n A person blamed for the wrongdoings of others. -use in a sentence A scapegoat mostly feels dejected.
-n Pleasure felt from hurting or humilating others. -use in a sentence Do terrorists really have a feeling of sadism? -n Sadist -adj Sadistic
-adj Showy but poorly made. -use in a sentence The clothes nowadays are a gimcrack.
-n 1. An evil spirit. 2. A person excessively intrested in death or disaster. -use in a sentence The young men are forcibly trained to be terror... Read more

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