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Welcome to musayel's |

a - Animated Newest pictures
01.02.2012 00:34 EST
Why Mr.ROMAN, SLOVENIA is NOT in Pep NOW ! The Answer :- "I am tired with Users that are Changing Names, Gender, Years and Country All the Time. So, Why should I bother myself when those Fake Profiles ? Just read in Sandy's Guest Book, there is Fighting between Users. I don't see any reason to be there & I don't want to be bothered with such childish behaviour 4m Users. ROMAN." The world famous site of Mr. ROMAN is OFFICIAL PARTNER of the Site Is Mrs.SANDY, GERMANY FRIENDS/USERS: Is the same reasons for which Our Vateran Members are not in Pep & some are awaiting ? May I Request To Mr. Roman, On Behalf of Thousands of Friends & Well-wishers of Pep TO COME BACK IN PEP IMMEDIATELY & SUGGEST THE PEP AUTHORITY HOW TO OVER COME THE SITUATION so that we can stay here peacefully & work together smoothly. Thanking You, Sincerely Your's, With Best Regards, Musayel.
dats the bst solution, i also think so.
09.02.2012 14:43 EST, munawwara
dats the best solution.i think so 2.
09.02.2012 14:42 EST, munawwara
hmm...sometimes im also tired, but im thinking about my good frnds here :)
01.02.2012 18:25 EST, ₳†ђªª
I agree wd Mr. Roman .peperonity Nw become Ground of War. I read all comments.I already raised these points already in my blog . Bt that time No one Support me. Previous Helpers r also Responsible for this bad situation. They also misused their Power in Past. Its Nt A Right place to Decent Users. I APPEAL TO ALL DECENT USERS pls Leave this community until pep admin nt take any strict action against these Bad Users.
The dubious advantages of having multiple profile options...age and sex changing Roman has indeed done a right thing. At times I feel bored in pepz. Mbe ma days are counted here Mr. Musayel :):)
01.02.2012 09:35 EST, *satz*
Thanks Dada Musayel! Good job. I am also tired of all these changes of names alias, girgit ki tarah rang badalti fakes IDs, and abusers ki himmaten; jo good users ka headache bani hui hai, hadd to tab paar ho jati hai jab kuchh fake user hum good users k beech galatfehmi paida karate hain. Hum yahan Entertain karna chahte hain fight nahi. We needs a good cleaning here. I have many good friends here.
01.02.2012 08:07 EST, ♫_мєєя_♫
please everyone send this page to sandy.. surely sandy will see anyone of message... I am tired because of sending lot of messages to her.. so please help me...
01.02.2012 06:46 EST, ♥sαнαηα♥
she didnt gave any information to us. so i thing she forget the past days.. i didnt mistake her.. i know she is the heart of i know she is busy in her works.. but i now thought "why she didnt have enough time to reply a single message from last 2 months...?" sandy i need a suitable answer for this... atleast answer for this comment.. i worried this much.. because i loved that much peperonity and you my dear friend.. If i my words hurt anyone please forgive me... I AM SORRY.
01.02.2012 06:44 EST, ♥sαнαηα♥
Dear friend, we all are tired with the fights and the users abusing words. I am a helping member. but i also got many problems. Then also i worked very hard and create many sites for the users. and now my site & My blog is the PEP's NO1 site &blog. but now pep dont need me and some of my friends. we all felt a lot bcz of these silly things and the new users fights. so i thought to stop helping peoples and my friends. so yesterday i closed my helping site . Now sandy dont need us for her help. she didnt g...
01.02.2012 06:41 EST, ♥sαнαηα♥
He has elected FB in comperision to Pepe... But we are missing him a lot plz cOme back bro

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