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curves need more expertise
25.05.2011 01:04 PDT
Who is prettier ?
From the begining of the human race, the woman is believed to be symbolizing beauty !

Are the women, really beautiful or its just because of the fact that,the world is, of the Males and as to a man's eye a woman looks beautiful, for which, its universally accepted that, a woman is beautiful ?

What do you think OUR WISE PEPEPLE ? Give your point and the arguement in support of your views ! Feel free 2 comment !
Speak not from the heart, but from the head !
Yes yu are r8 ... larkiya jaisi v ho lekin larke ke najar me khubsurat hoti hai
07.01.2012 17:50 PST, §-kumar-rahul-§
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...why only women is categorised to beauty here...are the men ugly lot...I dont think so... Pepele will find all the gals pix as d most beautiful and what does dat denote...the perspective is hw u look @ it. is not just by the looks but by hw u express wid others and hw much u understand...
06.10.2011 21:27 PDT, leaving this site
Face is mind game but heart is god gift
27.05.2011 08:32 PDT, Beshart dosti !
One beautiful heart is better than thousand beautiful faces
26.05.2011 22:42 PDT, ♥ -Saif-♥
Our eyes can check superficial details only .. women appear attractive to males and vice versa.. real beauty lies in heart but its difficult to reach there
26.05.2011 10:46 PDT, delhi..girl
I think women is beautiful then man,this is creation by the GOD.
26.05.2011 07:28 PDT, chandrudu
True beauty comes from within. beautiful for me is a patch of greengrass, and a sky filled with hot air balloons. Beautiful is the randomness of our existence!!
26.05.2011 04:50 PDT, ★Я★
First of all hi how ru ? ? ? Don't think negatively think positive then sure ill answer to ur question
25.05.2011 12:00 PDT, DRðAMZZZZ_rk
Sidhi rekha purush ki prateek h,or kuchh sthano m curve liye rekha stree ki prateek h,ydi dono rekhaon ko ap dekhen to curve wali rekha sidhi rekha se jyada sunder dikhegi.yhi curve stree ko purush se bahut jyada aakrshk or sunder bnate h.
25.05.2011 11:17 PDT, ¥ mukt ¥
Prem,smarpn or tyag ki murti h stree.isliye to wo bahut sunder h.
25.05.2011 10:45 PDT, ¥ mukt ¥
the beauty of a woman is not in clothes, figure, hair....etc. The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes becouse this is the doorways to her heart
25.05.2011 10:10 PDT, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)

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