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Scary reality | a.reality.that.scares

gratitude rock
10.10.2011 21:47 EDT
Thank you so much
I thot i would not get accompanied if i swim against the stream ! I thot i would not get, if i dont seek/beg 4 it ! I thot the road ahead of me just has thorns to hurt me ! I thot no gentle people are there out side of my friends directory ! I thot the world outside of my room is dark and that always was a Scare 4 me ! I thot a good patch of work is very often,remains unnoticed in pep ! All i came to know was i was wrong ! THANKS & GR8FUL TO MUSAYEL SIR AND ALL USERS

It feels so good to count the smallest sweet dream, much more than the scariest nightmares of whole life combined !
A weakest hand which taps on the soulder counts much more than the tusks of rogues together !
Roman sir, Lalitji,neel,Dr mayur,Mr Steve,statishji and everybody,,
Friends you gave me a reason to stay,u have made me bow to you with gratitude !
:-) Namaste
15.10.2011 01:36 EDT,
Its nicest way to express ur words in d form of showing what real humans are and how much u appreciate them...Kudos friend.
10.10.2011 23:19 EDT,

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