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tejo mahalay
09.12.2011 13:51 EST
Owh Taj :-((
Humare bchhon ko, apne text books me, ye pdhaya jtaa rahaa hai,
Viswa me apni Bhavyata ke liye prsiddh Taj mahal,jo prachin Saptaschary me se ek aur ek amulya dharohar hai, wo Muglia Sultan Sahajahan apne Begum Mumtaz K liye banayi thi aur hum isi ki Tota Ratan karte huye nei thakte ! kya hum khud ko dhokha dete rhenge aur kb tak ? Kab tak such se bachte rhenge ?
I wondered to learn:
A Sanskrit inscription too supports the conclusion that the Taj originated as a Shiva temple. Wrongly termed as the Bateshwar inscription (currently preserved on the top floor of the Lucknow museum), it refers to the raising of a "crystal white Shiva temple so alluring that Lord Shiva once enshrined in it decided never to return to Mount Kailash his usual abode". That inscription dated 1155 A.D. was removed from the Tajmahal garden at Shahjahan's orders. Historicians and Archeaologists have blundered in terming the insription the Bateshwar inscription when the record doesn't say that it was found by Bateshwar. It ought, in fact, to be called The Tejomahalaya inscription because it was originally installed in the Taj garden before it was uprooted and cast away at Shahjahan's command.

A clue to the tampering by Shahjahan is found on pages 216-217, vol. 4, of Archealogiical Survey of India Reports (published 1874) stating that a "great square black balistic pillar which, with the base and capital of another in the grounds of Agra, is well known, once stood in the garden of Tajmahal". more at

Under RTI Act, 2005, an application was given to Archeological Survey of India (ASI), New Delhi, seeking information regarding the Historic and Scientific Evidences of Taj Mahal which supports the argument that “The Taj Mahal in Agra was built by Moughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 16th Century”.

The application was later forwarded to ASI of Agra Region.

ASI of Agra replied to the application stating that it has no such evidences.

National Archives of India gave the same reply.

get the pic of what the ASI said at,

Check some of the other pics from the Taj interiors at

Now after the Ayodhya issue,As I am used to the term Taqiah so, I believe that the entire mass of the world is being cheated with the concept that, taj is an Islamic monument ! Its yet another lie in the interest of Islam !
I have heard about this. But now i got a clear view.thanks
23.12.2011 05:47 EST, Nice to Meet You
Kafi praman h jiske adhar pr kha ja sakta h ki ye imarat pracheen shiv mandir pr khadi h.Agr bnd kamro ko khola jy to murtia bhi nikl skti h.Andruni design vaidik h.fhulon me om saf dikhta h adi.Muglo ne shayd hi koi imarat nayi jaghe banai ho.Mandir todne ka Abhishap ise mila jb iske samne iske bete ka sir khane ki thali me laya gaya.Akhiri samay kaidkhane me pada rha.Iski nasl kabhi vaibhav prapt nhi kar ski aur 200 saal bad akhiri chirag jafar,pinjre ke ander videsh me mara...!
19.12.2011 09:05 EST, prana3822
Aap ki lgn apki bhavnaye,apne desh,smaj or dharm ke liye abhutpurv h,aap ka apne kary ke prit smrpn prashnsneey h...apne jo khoja h,pramad sahit wo to adhbhut h,koi mane ya mane pr ye praman hrek ko gmbhirta se sochne ko majboor jarur krenge...
11.12.2011 12:29 EST, ¥ mukt ¥
very interesting, though it's hard to disprove that shah jihan us not the builder
10.12.2011 10:41 EST, ★Я★

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