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ωєlςσмє тσ тнє вєsт мσвιlє вlσg σf ρєρєяσηιту | anita0

25.05.2010 16:24 EDT
Best Wishes SMS
☻ Patience & Silence Are
Powerful Energies.

Patience Makes You Mentally

Silence Makes You Emotionally

Have A Strong & Healthy Life..!

☻ When things go wrong

When sadness fills ur heart

When tears flow in ur eyes

Always remember 3 things

God, ur parents & my best

Best of Luck

☻ When my arms can't reach
pple close2 my heart I always
hug dem wit my prayers,may
Allah grant u wat ur heart
desires&keep u happy always.
Bundles of PRAYERS 4u.

☻ May the angels protect you

May the sadness forget you

May happiness B around you

May God bless you forever

☻ My Best Wishes are for you
today, tomorrow and forever

☻ God Bless You And Keep You

Not Only Today But Throughout

That is coming In Ur Way.

May Year To Follow Be Among

The Best You've Ever Spend.

☻ Every moment of yr life is a
pic which u had never seen b4 &

which u will nvr see again so
enjoy and live life & make every
moment beautyful.

☻ May the angels protect U..

May sadness 4get U..

May goodness surround U..

May happiness be round U..

and may God always bless U..!!

☻ Every sunset gives us one day
less to live! But every sunrise
give us, one day more to hope!
So, hope for the best. Good Day
& Good Luck!

☻ Care for the one who shares
with u, share with the one who
knows u, know the one who
MISSES u, MISS the one who WELL
WISHES for u, Wish u all the Best

☻ When time comes for u to give
ur heart to someone, make sure
u select someone who will never
break ur heart, cuz broken
hearts has never spare parts.By
sending this message not to
offend you,but with a heart of
caring.One last thing your
gorgeous,and i think i can love
you.Please respond, and have a
wonderful day.

☻ hey baby-girl how are you
doing? i just wanna say good
luck for your exam that you are
taking, i wish you can pass all
you exams with a flying colour,
but want i wanna say is you
have to keep your focus on
your study and nothing else,
there is nothing difficult if you
know your goal which you have
set. all the best babes and have
a nice ending you!!!!

☻ An icing can make a cake so
sweet, A string can make a
balloon so high, A matches can
make a candle so bright, i hope
that my simple hi can make you
smile and happy.

☻ Meaning of some colors, Yellow
for special friend, white for
peace, orange 4 luck,black for
hate, red for love and pink for
likeness,So i choose for u Orange
Flower.Wish u goodluck

☻ never say u r happy when u r

never say u r fine when u r not

never say u feel good when u
feel bad,.

never say u r alone when i m
still alive...{dedicated to my

good luck and best wishes for

☻ May tHe sUn sHiNe, aLL dAy

EvErYtHiNg gO rIgHt, & nOtHiNg

May ThOsE U lOvE BrInG lOvE BaCk
tO U

& May aLL tHe wIsHes U wIsH
CoMe TrUe

☻ God's blessing may come as a

and how much you recieve,
depends on how much,

your heart can believe.

may you be blessed beyond
what you expect

☻ Fresh air? fresh idea?

fresh talent? fresh energy?

i wish u to have a?

special sunday..

marvellous monday?

tasty tuesday?

wonderful wednesday?

thankful thursday?

friendly friday?

successful saturday?

*have a great week ahead*

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