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baby krishna
22.08.2011 02:31 EDT
Happy shri krishna janmashtami
Janmashtami / Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. And today is his birth day so happy shri krishna janmastami to all my friends and all peperonity user's specialy for indian user's

=> you can see more pics of lord krishna :
♥... ...♥

=> The Story of the Birth of Lord Krishna :
♥... ...♥

=> About this Festival :
Eight days after the full moon of Shravan, falls the festival of Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna

Janmashtami is an important festival in the Hindu calendar. The first day is Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami. The second day is called Kalastami or more popularly Janmashtami.

It is celebrated with great devotion through out the country. Vrindhavan, Mathura, Dwaraka are the most popular Krishna temples as it is beleived that Lord Krishna lived here.

In all these locations, janmashtami is celebrated with lot of splendour.The image of the infant Bala Krishna is bathed and is cradled in the midnight time. The conch shell is blown and the devotees celebrate the birth of the Protector of the world by singing devotional songs and by dancing with great joy.

In these places Janmashtami celebration has a special significance as these places has an association with Lord Krishna. So the rituals associated with the festival are followed. In some part of the North India, Krishna Jayanthi is celebrated for three days.

The first two days are celebrated in a colorful manner. On the secondday of the festival a popular ceremony known as 'Dahi Handi' takes place where the pot containing curd or butter or milkis broken by the youths.

Dahikala or Govinda, as the festival of tying pots of yogurt and milk, and breaking them is called, is a special event in Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra.

In Braja Mandala, especially Gokula and Mathura, this festivalis celebrated with great possible religious fervor and enthusiasm and the chanting mantras are echoed in the air. People from distant places congregate to Mathura and Vrindavan on this day to participate in the festival

The piety and fast observed on this day ensure birth of many good sons, and salvation after the death. Reading and recitation of the Bhagvatam and Geet Govindam are most recommended on this day. The number of temples dedicated to Sri Krishna is few. The reason being that people have taken toworship him through paintings and not through temple images. The Rajagopalaswami temple in Mannargudi in the Tiruvarur district, BalaKrishna temple at Udupi, Krishna temple at Guruvayur and Pandavadhoothartemple in Kanchivaram are dedicated to the memory of Vishnu's incarnation as Sri Krishna. In these places this day is celebrated with great grandeur and devotion.
Joy shri krishna ! You open a good site of krishna. Thank you
23.08.2011 04:45 EDT, sonjoybaroi
joy shri krishna ! You opan a good site of krishna. Thank you
23.08.2011 04:41 EDT, sonjoybaroi
Nice festival :) So I hope you enjoy Dahi Handi today ;)
23.08.2011 02:22 EDT, Sandy
Vry nice//happy janamstmi //lord krishna always bless u and ur fmly//
22.08.2011 23:01 EDT, KitnE AJEEB RISTE HAI YAHA PAR
NatkhatBansiWale GokulKeRaja,Meri AnkhiyanTarasGayiAb ToAaja..!DuniyaSe PyaraDarbarShyamKa,Gali-2GunjeReJaikar ShyamKa..
NatkhatBansiwale GokulKeRaja,Meri AnkhiyanTarasGayiAb ToAaja...! DuniyaSe NyaraDarbarShyamKa,Gali-2GunjeReJaikarShyamKa.
Hi very nice... Hapy. Janm. Ashtmi ;-);-)
22.08.2011 14:36 EDT, Sajid Khan
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