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rangoli decoration
26.10.2011 12:54 EDT
Rangoli (Alpana)
Must visit for see
Some Rangoli Decoration

About Rangoli :-

'Rangoli' is a Sanskrit word which means a creative expression of art through the use of color.The word rangoli may also have come from "rang" (color) + "aavalli" (row), which means row of colors, or from rang+avalli, which means creepers of colors. Basically, Rangoli is the art of drawing images and motifs on the floor and walls of one's home using different color powders.

Designed with a beautiful combination of various colors, the Rangoli images create an enchanting piece of art. Basicallya floor painting, a rangoli image stands for a sign of welcome. The main purpose of making rangolis in diwali is to welcome Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth, to individual homes apart from warding off the evil eye.

The art of rangoli is known by different names in different regions such as "Rangoli" in Maharashtra, Alpana (in Bengal), and Kolam (in South India).

Although Rangoli has its origins in Maharashtra, today it is practiced everywhere. One of the most popular arts among Indian women, rangoli is an age old custom of India, and practiced all over the country.

The Rangoli designs are passed down through generations, with some of them being hundreds of years old. Though the designs vary in different sections of India, the basic approach is common. The designs are geometric and proportioned. It has been a tradition in culturallyrich India to draw Rangoli on the festivals and other auspicious occasions as it is considered a holy ritual. There is a unique relationship between the festival of diwali and rangoli.

Diwali is a major festival of India and drawing rangoli on diwali is a part of diwali celebrations.
The patterns are made with finger using rice powder, crushed lime stone, or colored chalk. They may be topped with grains, pulses, beads, or flowers.Since the entire objective of making rangoli in diwali is to welcome Goddess Laxmi, small footprints coming into the home,representing the footprints of the Goddess, are also made. Rangolis can be of any size, from the size of a doormat, to the covering an entire room.

Though making of a Rangoli is highly dependent on the preferences and skills of themaker, lines are always drawn on one finger movement (rangolis are always drawn with fingers) and frequently, the mapping of the rangoli is done with the help of dots, which are joined to form a pattern, and then the pattern is filled with colors. One important point is that the entire pattern must bean unbroken line, with no gaps to be left anywhere, for evil spirits are believed to enter through such gaps, if they find one. In an expert hand, the images created are elaborate and look as if they are painted. In India, this art is temporary.

Each rangoli design generally stays for only a day or two as itis often redone as a part of thedaily routine. Certain designs arecreated on special occasions such as weddings and religious festivals like Diwali.

"Happy diwali to all of you"

Go back for kn0w m0re about diwali :-
So beautiful rangoli... :)
27.10.2011 15:07 EDT, rose
Nice to know and really nice post :)
27.10.2011 11:29 EDT, ❇ charmx
Nice dear ,gud job 4 making festival Rangoli here,thanx 4 sharing it again to me! I love it!Godbless!
27.10.2011 09:10 EDT, Angel offline forever
This is very nice new informative post. Thanks for ur hard works. God Bless U.
27.10.2011 08:40 EDT,  Musayel 
Thank dearest daughter these are beautiful Rangoli art..hugs kisses prayers I saved in photo album..!!!!!

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