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crie - Newest pictures
02.01.2013 23:33 EST

Rubbish is a consequence of human activities amount and volume comparable to the level of our consumption of goods or materials that used everyday. Now garbage no longer a big problem because could be used as a power plant and has been practiced in our country indonesia. How to do this?

• Before the rubbish dumped would performed grouping by type and its form so it is easy to be recycled. If the difficulty in selecting the rubbish minimal are separated between wet (easily decomposed) and dry (plastic, cans, etc.) For each material are provided separate bins to ease sorting could it started from the place where we live.

• The government itself provides a garbage collector cars that have been disaggregated according to the groupings. Government is responsible for organizing the collection of garbage to be delivered to the landfill as recycling factory.

• To avoid odor coming from the garbage to landfill has made its own way through the surrounding roads are planted with trees to form a greenbelt.

• On arriving at the landfill, waste from garbage trucks unloaded and sorted to utilize the waste that still be recycled and residual of waste placed into the furnace incinerators to be burned. Incinerator used technology that enables effective and safe for the environment. Combustion temperature is maintained in a high degree of combustion (above 1300 ° C) Smoke from burning also controlled according to quality standard of exhaust emissions.

• Incinerator will generate heat that can be used to heat boiler that resulting steam is used to turn a turbine and then moving the electric generator, of generators produce electricity are applied to home or to the factory, etc

• The rest of incineration process are ash, the volume and weight of the resulting ash estimated that only about 5% of the weight or volume of the original waste before it is burned. Ash will be used to make brick or other building material after processing and quality in accordance with building materials.

• And for the garbage that has not been processed, of the top of the heap of trash closed the ground and black plastic sheeting so that empty of oxygen. Despite garbage piled no foul smell that stung at these locations.

• Pollution from landfill that feared by the people could be anticipated such as dioxin contamination, dioxin is hazardous organic compounds that are by-products of the chemical synthesis of combustion of organic matter mixed with materials containing halogens at high temperatures in the process. At the landfill shall be equipped with emission and effluent treatment system so pollutants issued under the applicable standards and not pollute environment.

• The residue from the combustion of waste is in the form of residue or the bottom ash and fly ash which includes B3 waste, and for utilization of ash landfills are used to make the island

And I think this is a great achievement from Indonesia has convert rubbish into electricity and made other useful things for development.

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good evening
16.01.2013 08:49 EST, ⛅ Nie
Miracle!!! Impossible to possible.... Great source of information.... Tnxxx
16.01.2013 05:25 EST, ZR
Best of A Best Entry. Thanks
11.01.2013 07:46 EST,  Musayel 
Indian user take my link name as their name link , they forgot becoz this net easy to user create fake as change country but I no need many profile, have two profiles in to create its enough
04.01.2013 12:18 EST, ❇ charmx
Yes. I think too. BTW, (¯`'•.¸ HAPPY ¸.•'´¯) (¯`'•.¸ + ¸.•'´¯) *NEW YEAR* (_¸.•'´ + `'•.¸_) (_¸.•'´ 2013

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