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funny dog picture yoo - Animals/Nature Newest pictures
29.11.2011 23:13 EST
Quotes on Jobs - Careers
1) A good teacher has class.

2) The professional farmer is outstanding in his field.

3) An incompetent chef can dessert his patrons.

4) A good cook knows how to dish it out.

5) An army cook can make a mess.

6) Accountants appreciate a good figure.

7) Smart electricians are up on current affairs.

8) An enthusiastic archeologist digs her job.

9) A mail carrier is a person of letters.

10) Taxidermists have lots of stuff.

11) A cement worker has concrete ideas.

12) Sleeping plumbers have pipe dreams.

13) Inventors are patently smart.

14) Your dentist knows the drill.

15) A good rancher has a herd mentality.

16) Gamblers are a dicey lot.

17) A photographer's skill is developing.

18) A good artist can draw a crowd.

19) A roofer on the job is above it all.

20) Usually violinists just string along.

21) Lazy bakers loaf on the job.

22) New carpenters screw up a lot.

23) A blind barber depends upon shear luck.

24) A good baseball player is a swinger at home.

25) Football coaching is a sideline career.

26) Any golfer should be able to tell a good lie.

27) A funny butcher enjoys a good rib.

28) Experienced typists are key personnel.

29) A part-time maestro is a semiconductor.

30) A tall lawyer looks good in briefs.

31) A lousy lawyer is always appealing.

32) A good realtor has lots of promise.

33) Editors have no problem making amends.

34) Kindergarten teaching is just kidding around.

35) A cowboy needs a stage coach.

36) Most doctors are patient people.

37) A competent tailor likes to size up his customers.

38) No shoe seller should have a stocking problem.

39) The son of the florist is a budding genius.

40) A suspicious gardener enjoys a good plot.

41) Some psychoanalysts give complex advice.

42) An evil candle maker does wicked things.

43) A successful funeral director is dead serious.

Undertakers face stiff competition.

45) Worried cemetery worker have grave concerns.

46) A nude model barely makes a living.

47) Some truck drivers are semi-professionals.

48) Telephone linemen can be poles apart.

49) State troopers know just the ticket.

50) A ballerina can leap to conclusions.

51) Librarians possess novel information.

52) Cashiers think change is inevitable.

53) An experienced coroner is good at dead reckoning.

54) A determined webmaster can find the missing link.

55) An emotional dermatologist makes rash judgments.

56) A state governor prefers capital letters.

57) Old cabinet makers enjoy board meetings.

58) On the job, drillers are boring.

59) Fans think pro hockey players walk on water.

60) Most psychiatrists should be committed.

61) Policemen have arresting personalities.

62) Every good musician is noteworthy.

63) Fishermen have to rely on net income.

64) There is no future in being a historian.

65) A playwright likes to make a scene.

66) All paid jobs absorb or degrade the mind.

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Hehehelloo :) mm nice pic u got it babe also nice articel ..good day and always keep spirit and smile dont forget :-)
02.12.2011 02:28 EST, ❇ charmx
Very nice informative post. Regards.
01.12.2011 06:55 EST,  Musayel 
Nice post ..good evening :-)
30.11.2011 05:24 EST, ❇ charmx

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