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07.05.2012 03:13 EDT
Some lines from a boy's Diary
Some lines from a boy's Diary

Its been a year have past... when I met u, I talked with u, I saw you.... I hope u r happy now.... Not hope
actually, I wish that be happy always.

Remembering those days... when we were together, we talked hours & hours but still miss us alot, when
any one gt hurt, we used to give each others the cosy moment, When we cried we gave our shoulder to each other...

u remember that day When I waited for u for more than 8 hours...jus to see u, but haven't come.... I
know its funny... How silly I was!! But loving you is not my mistake.... u r so special for me...that I cudnt
stop myself from loving you... & being funny, doing silly things was just want to see u smile.... As u always knew that " I can Die for your Smile"

Today U left me, made me all alone, 8 yrs is not a small thing Sweetheart, Almost a decade we spent together.... and u want me to live my life without you...!!

How can I live?? tell me, The guy who had lived just for u past eight years, who was totally dependable on u for every small thing.... how cum that guy will survive without u...??

Have u ever think of that...?? ok tell me, How can u Live without me???
Did u ever think of me?? Did u
ever miss me?? M I so Bad Dear....??? :'(

Ever u thought of me.... Ever???

Ya i m living my life without u from the last one year, Keeping me alive with a hope the One day I'll meet u
again, But I know I jus faking myself.... but plz lemme do that, Only that fake hope is adding a BREATH in my life...

Now, Whenever I gt hurt, there is noone to make me feel cozy, When I cry, Noone gives me Shoulder....
Why did u left u Baby? :'(

I know U never going to read this diary.... but still I m writing with a hope that one day... U'll read this :
i just crying, nothing to say.......
03.10.2012 13:59 EDT,
ouchh i think i can relate about the boys diary somewhere in my dream i experience that situation hope all hurts gone.....
02.10.2012 06:19 EDT,

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