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11.03.2012 06:20 EDT
Holly Advice
Jesus said ; You are wasted people and the poor come to me ! I'll show you the path of truth to escape from the crush of the burden of life.

Wise Man Said ;
*Two are better than Alone *Because One fall down *The other one can help him * *Three are the best. *More powerful and enduring *String of three veins *is not easy broken
* What do you think about * *TOGETHER*
I said ;
This is my spiritual experience about something real n unreal , especially about God. Many people always make question ; Whose The God n Where is He ? Don't u ? I think The God is Highest Subject who create anything. The God is Holly spirit , He always living in our Heart ! Sometime peoples not aware n They always on conscious face to refuse it. Ok guys .., Let God comes to your heart n u can feel The God be there !.
Let The Moon smiles behind The Cloud. Important thing we have got Sun Shine always
* * *
Summer is gone Sunshine is disappeared Many people from western miss it Don't worry Guys , you still have really sunshine from the bottom in your heart That is inner beauty that was symbol of light of Heart. *
Believe or Not Please Don't believe Me , Just believe in Your Heart ! Because sometime The God stay in your heart. If u have wrong chose so The God No longer in your heart. *Keep It On Faith & keep it On*
Many people Wish who some body gives Them Every Thing but I don't think so ! I Wish only One Thing , That is Your Pure Heart !

We just do what we ought to do Not We Wish ! The point is Not about Like or Dislike but Just Do what U can Do ! * * * * No body perfect and No Anything everlasting except God because He is Alpha and Omega !
So I wanna be just better than it was and not the best because the best is relative. All depend Time <time by time>. Now you think you are the best but one day has somebody better than you.
I believe in God !!! What's about U ? Plz Asking to your heart!
13.03.2012 06:51 EDT,
Follow Jesus n We On Faith
12.03.2012 20:04 EDT,
11.03.2012 06:55 EDT,

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