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☆°•.Seven Laws of Attraction.•°☆ | a.asecret.of.marriedlife

☆°•.Seven Laws of Attraction.•°☆
What does attraction really depend on? What makes you get attracted to a guy/girl you do not know? Find out

Nosing in
Fragrance really plays a big part when it comes to attraction and your nose can actually be a part of your foreplay. Experts say women should opt for a blend of lavender or something floral, while men should go for a fragrance with hints of musk.

The right period
Women are not attracted to the same kind of guys all the time. One week it may be the muscular physique that drives you wild, while the next week you probably have the hots for the slim guy next door. According to psychologist Seema Hingorrany, "Hormones play a major role in how a woman feels at any given time. When a woman is ovulating, she may prefer men with extremely masculine features. During this period, the sexual desire is usually very high. Meanwhile, menstruating women want men with softer, more feminine looks who seem kinder and more cooperative." Psychologist Shilpa Raheja adds, "The hormones at this time of the month makes the woman feel vulnerable, emotional and they therefore want someone who is empathetic and understanding."

Lady in red
You do not need to hear Chris de Burgh croon Lady in red... to figure out what this colour means to men. They are apparently influenced by cultural symbols that associate the colour with romance and sex. According to social psychologists, red may be 'the' colour men are attracted to. After all, the behind of some animals turn red when they are ready to mate! Seema adds, "Association comes into play here. Red is associated with 'sexy'. It is considered a bright and attractive colour that elevates your moods."

Mirroring you
This is an easy one. Body language experts have declared that mirroring your actions definitely proves that the person is subconsciously attracted to you. Subtle gestures like he/she is sitting the same way as you are, moving their hands in the same way and leaning their heads in the same direction are giveaways that the person likes you. Seema says, "One usually mirrors gestures of people they are attracted to and when someone subconsciously picks up gestures, they are probably just trying to get accepted."

Mommy is the best
Men look for nurturance in their relationships. And that is the reason why some men, unknowingly, look for someone who is similar to their mother in some way. Seema says, "I have had clients who have told me about how they fall for women who have eyes like their mother or hair like their mother. Our brain forms associations and men sometimes expect the same nurturance from their wife or girlfriend."

Be belly sure
Body language experts say that when you are attracted to someone, your whole attitude reflects that. One giveaway is that a man subconsciously positions his belly button toward the woman in the room he is most attracted to - even if he's speaking with someone else.

Touch me, touch me
If a guy touches you five times in the 15 minutes he is with you, then you are totally in! Psychologists say that a man usually finds excuses to touch you in order to see how you react. The way you respond will give him a hint of whether he is accepted or should back off

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