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GPRS settings | jiff

GPRS settings
Hi friends! 2dey onward u dont need 2 waste ur time by calling customer care 2 get da GPRS setting. Here i hav aded al da relavant settings. So, N'joy.....
GPRS seting 4 s60 mobile
Menu=>seting=>conection=>accespoints=>option=>new accespoint=>use default seting=>conection name(dialog)=>data bearer(gprs/pocket data)=>accespoint name(ppinternet/ppwap)=>authentication(normal)=>home page(>option=>advance setings=>proxy ser. adres(>proxy port(8080)=>leave others and go back 2 web(select)=>option=>seting=>default accespoint(dialog)=>now u can use gprs.
In da case of TIGO, change da folowings
conection name= tigo
accespoint name= wap
home page=
proxy ser. adres=
proxy port= 9401

How 2 reach configuration setting for s40
setting=>configuration setting=>personal configuration seting=>option=>add new=>web
account name(dialog)=>home page(>use preffered accesspoint(no)=>define new access point=>ok=>accesspoint setting=>proxy(enabled)=>proxy address(>proxy port(8080)=>data bearer(pocket data)=>bearer setting=>pocket data accesspoint(ppinternet/ppwap)=>authentication type(normal)=>& select back key=>again back=>again back=>(then ur personal configuration wil appear)=>option=>activate=>select back key & go 2 da web & select=>seting=>configuration seting=>configuration(personal configuration)=>acount(dialog)=>display terminal window(no)=>now u can use GPRS
in da case of TIGO configuration seting all da above proces r same exept folowing entries
acount name= (tigo)
home page= (
proxy adres= (
proxy port= (9401)
pocket data accespoint= (wap)
go 2 web and select tigo from ur personal configuration

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