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[Jokes] | narutofan

12 signs of GaMe AdDiction!
[1] You can crack walnuts with 1 had but your too weak to climb up stairs.
[2] You only speak English, but your written Korean is EXCELLENT. You know 101 ways to tell sumone in Korean they are a ´nOOb´ but you have no idea where South Korea is, other than ´near Japan´
[3] You think you had a cat... You know you have a pet, because you named your virtual one after it. You frequently threaten to cook someone´s pet.
[4] You swap GBA cartridges faster than Clint Eastwood draws a gun. Fiends have recorded you swapping games so they can play it back in slow motion.
[5] When you play with your food, you complain about poor AI. You give boiled carrots unit names.
[6] Distributors call you for release dates. You know when the next Final Fantasy arrives, but you forget your birthday.
[7] You correct strategy guides. You detailed all the weak spots on Mario´s enemies.
[8] You refer to long queues as excessive load times. You try to reboot your phone when being put on hold.
You look above ^ people´s for their names.
[10] You can invoke insomnia on demand. Your biological clock is set to game time.
[11]You find out about the movie by playing the game
You find out about the movie by playing the game
[12] Your character has more clothets than you do. You only know what a cardigan is because your sim owns one.

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