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Mr T´s Toughness Test


1) Suppose you and a date are at a fancy restraunt when to your suprise the waiter brings you a bowl of potato soup with a little fly swimming around in it would you:

A: Wait till after dinner then complain about it to your date about it on the way home
B: Tell the waiter to get you another bowl and not give you any jibba-jabba ´bout it
C: Exclaim "Twelve dollars for a bowl o´ potato soup!" then throw the waiter across the room

2) what sort of car do you drive?

A: Luxury car
B: Sport utility vehicle/minivan
C: Sports car
D: Truck
E: 1982 GMC custom van

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3) Suppose you are driving your said vehicle to work and are running a little late when you find that someone else has taken your designated parking spot would you:

A: Find another spot and go about your day
B: pull out your trusty assault rifle and riddle his or her car with bullet holes
C: find the offendee at his or her place of work say "I pity the fool who messes with my parking spot!" then proceed throw him or her through a convineint plate glass window

4) If trapped in an abandoned wharehouse by evil doers what is the first thing you would do?

A: Lay down and cry
B: Check to see if the door is locked
C: Fabricate a battering ram/assault vehicle using the welder, scrap metal and World War II era tank that also just happen to be locked in the wharehouse with you

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5) What is the most important tool to carry with you at all times?

A: screwdriver
B: pliers
C: an ohm meter

6) what is the best haircut to gain you the respect and admiration of your co-workers?

A: long flowing hair
B: parted to the right
C: mandinka mohawk

7) how many bad-guys can you throw at a time?

A: none
B: only one
C: two or more

8)What do you think is the most important accesory to wear when a man is trying to impess the opposite sex?

A: nice shoes
B: an interesting tie
C: fifty lbs. of gold chains

9) Suppose you ask your boss for a raise and he or she is hessitant about giving it to you. You should:

A: Graciously accept defeat and go back to your cubicle
B: threaten to quit if he or she does not give in to your demands
C: pummel him or her senseless until he or she gives into your demands AND agrees to give you a promotion

10) Who is your role model?

A: Bob dole
B: Michael Jordan
C: Nobody! I´m too tough to have a role model Sucka!

11) Everybody knows that tough people consume:

A: French cuisine
B: Steak
C: Milk, lots of milk

12) last question: how tough are you?

A: Not very
B: Helluva

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