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Find Hot Women In Bangalore! - a------------------------------...

Find Hot Women In Bangalore!
Dear KE readers..., I'm venky from Bangalore. Recently encountered KE while searching in web, it is very interesting site with real stories.
I got inspired by many of you, who submitted your experiences. I thought of sharing one of my real sex stories. Before getting into my experience let me narrate few words about me. I am 5’7” Height, Calm and cool married guy with very good sex life. I work for a MNC as consultant.
Let me go to the story which is happened a year ago. One day I went a super market to buy some groceries, after I took them stood in queue for billing and waiting for my turn. While standing I just put my hand on billing counter, after few seconds I felt very soft and nice touch to my elbow, I turned slowly without moving my hand, it was a boobs of beautiful lady.
I thought she will step back, but no she is pushing my elbow with her boobs with some more force. As I am feeling nice I didn’t move my hand and she is also enjoying, it happened for 2-3 minutes. When my turn came for billing I noticed the lady is very beautiful, fair and tall wearing nice saree, she came with her daughter and she is around 12 -14 years. She also looked at me but no expressions in her face. I left shop after billing without looking back for her. After few days I joined for a yoga class in our layout, surprisingly I saw the same lady there.
She recognized me and smiled; I too replied with smile and said hi. She is gorgeous in yoga dress. After the class we introduced each other, her name is Remya (name changed), 45 years old working as Asst general manager in public sector bank and her husband is also in bank. She has two daughters. She stays in an apartment which is proximity to my house.
We use to chat after yoga class while walking from yoga center till her apartment. I observed she is very confident in her talk, straight forwardness and demander. She told me that she likes my smile and soberness. One day while walking she invited me to her house for coffee; I told sure then we went to her home, As soon as I enter home her hubby is reading newspaper in hall. When I said hi to her hubby and trying to introduce myself, he told no need of introduction, she told about you. I had coffee and left from there.
One day I brought the shop incident and said sorry for that, she told it’s not your mistake, accidently her boobs touched my elbow while picking some item in shelf and she felt happy and continued to push me with her boobs. Then I asked her, you like to fondle with strangers. Then she told no, she looked innocence in my face and proceeded. How can you say I am innocent and sober, she told me we know each other for more than a month you never took a chance to seduce me. I told her, me and my wife enjoys sex up to core and never got a thought of having with another female.
Then she took my hands in her n told, even she didn’t get the thought till we met second time in yoga class. I asked what that thought you got after I met you. She wanted to have an experience with nice innocent, cool and sober guy like venky, and have different role plays. I got little shock, nervous and excitement that one matured lady is seeking me and role plays. But somehow I got inclined towards her after seeing her figure, talks and openness.
Next day she called me and told me to come to her home. I went to her home and rang bell, My eyes and mouth was wide opened to see her with a sari in which she looked like sex goddess. She received me with a smile and welcomed me in. She told her hubby and daughter went out. She closed the door and sat next to me in sofa. Then she started yesterdays topic and again her hands were in my hands, As soon as she touched my hand my cock got erected. She asked, still you don’t have a thought of having fun with other than your wife, I smiled and said yes, then she opened my shirt button put her hand on chest and then asked again, I told yes, you are also my wife now, she laughed loud and said I love you.
I hugged each her as tight as possible and smooched her. We walked into bedroom. She was about to remove her saree, but i said no we’ll start with our first experience, then I fondled her boobs hen slowly removed her saree. I shifted towards bottom and started sucking her boobs, her boobs were sexy. She was moaning and held me tightly to her boobs. She was trying to put her arms under my shirt so I removed my shirt and pants and was on my brief. I sucked her lips and our tongues were twisted. I played with her boobs, sucked them gently and fondled boobs with both the hands. I went down and removed her panty with my mouth.
My fingers entered honey pot. She is moaning slowly and softly as my fingers playing with her clit. She took my cock and kissed and bit gently then I put my hand on her head and caressed her hairs. She took it fully in her mouth. It was long as her throat. She took it out and shook, then again sucked. I was hot as hell and wanted to lick her pussy. I knelt before her and kissed her navel. I twisted my tongue inside her navel and she moaned with pleasure. I fingered my pussy again and kissed it. my tongue entered my lubricated crotch. She cried out with enormous pleasure. After a while she said that this is enough and now she wants my cock to drill her hole. She spread her legs wide open, then I entered my cock inside her pussy started slowly drilling her, now my cock was moving fast in and out of her pussy. We both were making loud sounds and the room filled with our screams and noise. We both were enjoying our first sex.
Then I took out my cock and poured my milk on her mouth. By now we were fully exhausted. we went to bed and slept a while. After we woke up we kisses and hugged each other, I asked her shall we have another session, Remya told she likes different role plays, She like dominance in sex, she wanted to dominate me in sex. Then we had a one more session on same day where she played dominant and I played submissive.
It was my first dominance experience where female is more aggressive in sex than a guy. It was really wonderful experience from then she always play dominance sex. Please send your comments and suggestions to Catch you all with another episode of my sex adventures. Till then have a nice x - Venky
I am also in blore can I c a good girl here
22.08.2014 10:18 EDT, leelarak
Excellent story narrated.
05.07.2014 07:21 EDT, goodboy1165
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08.03.2014 04:20 EST, Kamesh30
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23.07.2012 09:48 EDT, VIJAY'salem'tamilolukathai

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