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My sexy mom - a-------------------1-----------sexstories

My sexy mom
me - My sexy mom Boobs Indian Newest pictures Woman
I am Raju and I’m 22 years guy lives with my mother Rekha. My Father had passedaway when I was just 9 years. My mom is very beautiful lady. Although She is 42 years in age but she looks like 32 years only. She is 5.2 tall, extra fair complexion and her figure is 42-32-36. She looks dam sexy in sari low at navel andoff sleeves blouse with deep cut in neck.
I use to go to college at 8 am and comes in afternoon. If I comes early and mom is not in home I comes from back door of my room. I got separate key of my room. One day I come back to home at 10 am. There was all silence every where. I thought that mom must gone market for shopping so I entered to my room from back door. There I relax for some time.
After some time I went to kitchen to drink water. Kitchen is adjacent to mom room. I hear some whisperingin mom room, so I move to her room but when I reach close to door I stop and peepin the room. I saw a guy laying on bed. He is the sameguy Ajay who meet us in the night bus and mom had enjoyed boobs pressing and fingering in pussy all night with him. I was shocked to see him there.
Mom entered in room from bathroom. She came after having shower. She is dressed in red transparent gown. I had never seen her before in such sexy dress. Ajay stand and hug mom tightly. He start kissing her every where on her face, neck and at last they are making lip to lip kiss wildly. While kissing her he is lifting her gown from back. He had lifted her gown up to neck and than through it on floor. Mom is now in red bra and panty. Her boobs are shining in transparent see through bra her shaved pussy can be in her netted panty. She islooking so sexy that my cockalso get erected. I stop behind curtain and start watching them making love.
Ajay took her in to bed now licking her all the way. He unhook her bra mom boobs get free and her boobs are like melon. Ajay get her one boob in his mouth and press the other boob by hand. Mom is mourning with pleasure. Mom unbutton his shirt and unzip his pant and through them to floor. Ajay hands arenow working on the moms back sliding on hips taking off panty away in his finger. Mom also pushed his panty down. Now both are all nakedlike born. I also unzip my pant my self slowly and hold my 9 inch in my hand. Ajay cock is like 7 inch. Ajay hang her on him, mom took his cock in mouth start sucking, he put his tongue in her pussy . They are in 69 position. I thought to join them but stopped myself and shake my cock.
After some time mom get up get her pussy close to his cock rub her pussy by his cock and slide his cock in herpussy and sit on his cock facing toward the door and back side towards Ajay. I cansee his cock entered in her pussy all, She start hoping on his cock. Ajay hands are pressing her big heavy boobs, squeezing pink nipple.Suddenly she stop and try tosee towards door, after few seconds she again start hoping on his cock. I thought that she must had seen me but she carry on in sex. After some time they changedtheir position.
Now mom lay on her back andAjay spread her legs and slide his cock in her pussy. He caught her boobs in hands and lay on mom. Mom hands are working on his back. He increase spread of strokes, mom is mourning loudly. She caught him tightly,it seems that she is cuming. I could see her wet pussy all dripping, she try to stop Ajaybut he is fucking her wildly. After some time he stop and stand by the side of bed. Mom is still laying relaxed shutting her eyes. He again squeeze her boobs, put his middle finger in her pussy and shake her pussy well. Helift mom, make her dogy style.Mom face is in pillow, her hands on her back, her boobs are hanging down and her ass is high in air. He come on bed on the back sideand again put his cock on thepussy. Slowly his cock disappeared in mom pussy, she mourn but it seems that with pains. He grip mom ass, fast his strikes. Her heavy ass is shaking on every strike. Some time mom is mourning some time she cry, she is in heavens. He is fucking her wildly.
After some time he again stopand stand by the side of bed,put mom leg on his waist and catch mom waist tightly. He put his cock on the pussy and give a sudden jerk, his cock insert in mom pussy in asingle shot. Mom cry with painbut recover soon. He start his strokes. Mom hips are high in the air and his cock isstriking mom pussy very frequently. This time he is fucking her hard. I was also shaking my cock harder. After few more jerks he withdraw his cock from mom pussy and start shaking his cock. He shot his load on mompussy, boobs and some on mom face either. I also shot my load on curtain and few on the floor. Mom massage with his load like a cream on her pussy, boobs and she taste even.
Mom getup and go to bathroom. I came back to my room dress myself and went out of my house. Friends tell me how you like this story. You can mail me your views to
As your mom lost her husband at early age try to undestand her understand her problem n leave them alone.
27.08.2014 04:33 EDT,
As your mon lost her husband at early age try to undestand her understand her problem n leave them alone.
27.08.2014 04:32 EDT,
I want to fuck ur mom da
26.11.2013 04:22 EST, chibichakravarthy
Nic story yar
22.09.2013 18:35 EDT, snrohit3
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17.09.2013 09:33 EDT, maha
22.07.2013 06:16 EDT, nandkumarmohite
All is well
08.05.2013 04:00 EDT, muyiayuba01
Dai punda poi avana adichi unga amma ku nalla buthi sollu
23.11.2012 04:16 EST, cpraveen7
02.11.2012 04:40 EDT, JoY
19.10.2012 02:05 EDT, sunil186
15.10.2012 03:56 EDT, prasad1470
I like it
10.09.2012 11:02 EDT, baba185
are u sex with ur mom, i like fuck ur mom.,
teri mom bahut sexy hai.mujh se es ki chudai karvaega kya?
09.06.2012 14:33 EDT, true friend
I want to fuck your mom
09.05.2012 16:39 EDT, Sex story

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