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**GEORGIANA** PHILIPPINES. - Welcome to musayel's -

merry christmas - **GEORGIANA** PHILIPPINES. Animated Newest pictures
05.12.2011 20:38 EST
**GEORGIANA** (Female-21) PHILIPPINES, A Best Friend, With Marvellous New Site:- Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for that. WELCOME folks ! This site contains a variety of the best Christmas music to be played around the holiday season, go through the music archieve & find yourself immediately transported into the holiday mode. HERE U'll also find favourite Christmas quotes, feel the sprit of Christmas through the magic of music. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. THANK U FRIENDS. Enjoy dearest & Wish our sweet best friend, Georgiana. Your's, Musayel.
Thanks for my friend
13.02.2012 10:49 EST, The-Messenger
she is my nice young friend She sings like a Nightingale :) Her site about christmas songs is very good! Happy christmas time my friends!
09.12.2011 10:42 EST, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
a nice apprizal of my best friend by another best friend of pepz...thank u Mr. Musayel...u cud ave added her blogs too in here...thank u...itz a nice post sir......!
08.12.2011 18:52 EST, *satz*
georgiana is my real life best friend so i normally appreciate anything she does. i never thought creating mobile sites would become her third career (after music and literature). no just joking. ofcourse i know it's just a hobby to her. i thank the author of this blog for giving her a little tribute.
08.12.2011 08:42 EST, sebastian
Georgiana is a very amazing girl. She's got a beautiful voice! Simple and down to earth person. Wishing you all the best Lizie. Hugs ya!
08.12.2011 04:42 EST, ¤ANNA VICTORIA¤
Wonderful site. Please keep singing Georgiana, you are good talented! Big hug :) Merry Christmas to all! :)
07.12.2011 12:09 EST, rose
Great u realy r a proud filipino gal,i love the x'mas song u make its gud to hear this holidays. U did a great job my dear i am proud of u! Happy Holidays!!!
07.12.2011 05:26 EST, Angel offline forever
great xmas songs, i like it.... gbu
06.12.2011 18:14 EST, ₳†ђªª
Nice to know her ,she is great ,merry christmas and this for you georgiana :-)
06.12.2011 18:07 EST, ❇ charmx
Hello my sister .is very lovely .your site NOEL ......HOPE YOU OK ..ME NO MUCH .THANK YOU TO BE MY GOOD SISTER ...1000 THANK YOU ....
06.12.2011 10:21 EST, ARC=EN=CIEL42~TM~
A nice site, thanks to Georgina to be a part of my friends, also to Musayel that God the Father bless us and fill us, peace, love, health and many blessings.
06.12.2011 08:57 EST, Anti-Drugs
once again, merry christmas and thanks to all:)
06.12.2011 08:10 EST, georgiana
Merry merry xmas gang and ur wh0le family,wishng u a very joyful xmas.
06.12.2011 06:36 EST, georg!a
Ya offcourse she is a nice girl having really nice sites with lots of fun and she is also a nice friend.wish u both health and also take care.
i always find delight in sharing the beauty of christmas with anyone. i'm glad that you have felt it through my site. thank you so much for your visit. to my dear friend musayel, a million thanks for this post. one will never imagine how overwhelmed i am with gratitude and gladness. as a sign of appreciation, here's my message to you all:
06.12.2011 04:13 EST, georgiana
That's so cool!! And i really like it..keep going my friend :))
06.12.2011 03:55 EST, girlsday
wow, thats perfect site for upcoming holidays :) Thank you
06.12.2011 03:00 EST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
Nice luck
06.12.2011 02:51 EST, Ammey
It's a great site! I always love music when it comes to Christmas.
06.12.2011 02:50 EST, Vampire GraN™

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