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17.12.2011 22:23 EST
Mr.TERRY (ARC=EN=CIEL42\tm\) HELPING TEAM MEMBER, FRANCE. He is A Super Man with a Big Heart, Noble & True Friend. Though He is very much busy with his Big Organization of Social Works, yet He gives his lot valuable time to Us & dearest Becoz TRUE FRIENDS ARE FOREVER. He had a big site but that was deleted due to some privacy & security. His New Sites: galerie d'images & livere d'or His Blog is: All are under construction. He did much for the people during last Flood Situation in France. He is 49. Let us pray for his long happy life with sound health & great prosperity. Thank U friends. Have A Nice Day. Your's Ever, Musayel.
Such a wonderful man, wish u long life,gud health n may the Good Lord bless u always! Thanks Mr Musayel!
19.12.2011 09:37 EST, Angel offline forever
yes true
19.12.2011 09:13 EST, cherryl
Ya he is very noble and gentle manand nice site try.thank u for the entry.wish u health and take care.
Oh, ne me retrouv pa dan ce lieu, ke devraij fai ici ? Arcenciel guide mw ...hi hi hi ho
18.12.2011 19:03 EST, ricky
18.12.2011 17:32 EST, HASTA NUNCA ♥
Yeah i agree to that he is a very very very good pers0n and friend he amazing pers0n i pray always to God l0ng life and good help 4 him and m0re blessing 4 him
18.12.2011 16:05 EST, Paalam na
†ћanќ§ ..........
18.12.2011 15:54 EST, ₳†ђªª
nice to meet u MR.TERRY :)
18.12.2011 11:54 EST, ISHITA ANGEL
18.12.2011 09:17 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
Great sites... thanks Mr. Terry.
18.12.2011 09:10 EST, ILYAS
18.12.2011 08:57 EST, 'Λямάη950'
Good site and blog!
18.12.2011 08:56 EST, •★.ROBSON.★•
thierry ur really my great frd who is working hard for others welfare n dont worry u will b fyn always my friend THIERRY
18.12.2011 08:09 EST, AM IN HEAVEN
Thank you to all friend here .thank you dear friend musayel .is one lovely gitf you make to me ...take care .to all the friend and again thank you very much .
18.12.2011 07:22 EST, ARC=EN=CIEL42~TM~
For you my lovely Terry - Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé! Love you always, Yours for ever, Isabelle.
18.12.2011 05:20 EST, .......
Thierry is my best French friend. I did not understand why he had emptied his site... thank you for the help that you made to our fellow citizens. It is true that the situation was worsening in France, many people are hungry and have no shelter... the list grows every day... It should be noted that in France even working hard some people do not have right to housing... thierry est mon meilleur ami français. je n'ai pas compris pourquoi il avait vidé son site... je te remercie pour l'aide que tu apportes à nos concitoyens. Il est vrai que la situation s'aggrave en France, beaucoup de gens ont...
18.12.2011 05:04 EST, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
Very nice
18.12.2011 04:26 EST, Anita
Aabar ekta nice personer songe porichoy holo. ThanQ musayel dada. Tomar dinta bhalo katuk.
thierry? oh that's my ever super brother! he's got a golden heart. he finds delight in helping those who are in need of help. he is very much sincere and true to his friends. i wish him more courage, patience and will to go on with his noble works. thanks a lot for this post musayel.
18.12.2011 01:50 EST, georgiana

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