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N O T I C E - Welcome to musayel's -

question mark a - N O T I C E Newest pictures
21.03.2012 13:45 EDT
I am deeply shocked on observing that some Male users are using Female Fake IDs & Female Profile names with Girl's photo as their identity with request to promote their sites & trying to make me fool which is shameful, ugly, painful & objectionable. However, henceforth, if any such fake users site promoted by me wrongly, then that will be deleted soon from my Blog with request to Hon'ble Pep Authority for taking drastic action. Hope my all good friends will assist me in this regards. Thanks a lot. With Best Regards, Musayel.
We will support u agains fake id's. Gud evening.
05.04.2012 10:03 EDT, BYE
I agree with you too.
01.04.2012 08:01 EDT, rose
bro. u also know .many fake id ur aded in ur blog
30.03.2012 01:11 EDT, °♥°ρrίηçεRaj°♥°
hahahahhhaaaaaa aapko khud ko pata hai pep par 50% se jyada fake id hai.. or bahut si id aapne apne blog me ad ki hui hai
30.03.2012 01:07 EDT, °♥°ρrίηçεRaj°♥°
Yes offcourse dada, i'm agree with you, take good care of your self. God bless you!
24.03.2012 21:48 EDT, ♫๏_мєєя_๏♫
Offcourse my respectable friend this is a bad work....thank u so much.wish u health and take care.
I'm agree with you my friend :) God bless you
24.03.2012 03:58 EDT, fαητοmεττε
Ya I agree with you ..
23.03.2012 07:28 EDT, ❇ charmx
Keep up the good work GP Musayel. Hope you cam track down all the fake users...hackers...abusers...and those who has a multiple users id's. Take care always!
22.03.2012 04:46 EDT, ¤ANNA VICTORIA¤
I think, its a war again here.
whats is d best way to stop fake id's here. A complete total blanket ban on fake id's. Is it possible Mr. Musayel.?
21.03.2012 23:37 EDT, *satz*
Thanks to pep for which it can create many alter ego's As far as frienship is what u are ...simple.
21.03.2012 23:11 EDT, *satz*
Miss. Evergreen. Thank u for ur note on friendship. I really appreciate that. As a matter of fact the blog and the contents have gone out of the way. I am an honest man here and I am in fact a good friend of Mr. Musayel, Mr. sks ans neverthless..Ms. Kathy. Why is the deviation on going behind one particular person here is not understood to me. Dorita had made a comment and later she is now been ignored by my friend Mr. Musayel on d insistence of my friend sks. The question was simple and the answer is weird in fact since its getting murkier. All Mr. Musayel wud have said is ''he made a mistake...
21.03.2012 23:06 EDT, *satz*
my dearest musayel, i would like to congratulate you on your decision to delete your objectible posts. you just did the right thing. it takes courage to be humble enough to accept one's mistake, and i'm glad you have that in you. my greatest respect and admiration for you shall remain. sincerely yours, georgiana:)
21.03.2012 23:04 EDT, georgiana
@*satz*: for ur kind information, kathy(the fake Dorita) told me not to be in friendship with MUSAYEL. But when i check his profile i didn't found anything wrong. So i made friendship with him. Now we are best friends and when kathy know this she started abusing me. Now she's trying to be my friend's friend, is her intention is gud friendship?? I really doubt that.
@*satz*: will u able to allow ur friend to make friendship with an abuser? Then hatsoff to u, but we can't. Me, SKS, ERNIE, and many got abused by her and we don't like our friend to fall in another bad friendship. As u said respect everyone's feelings not selected peoples.
Dear SKS. Its really un-imaginable why Dorita has been featured in ur comment. Cos u better retrospect on what happened please. Mr. Musayel did a grave mistake and so far he has deleted d two blogs of promo now. Its just unjust...that when a voice for fairness is called for...this sort of unwarranted comment cud have erupted. Check!
21.03.2012 21:48 EDT, *satz*
thanku hon'ble for taking right decition. btw, plz ignr this abuser 'Dorita'. this is kathy's fake id.
21.03.2012 17:46 EDT, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░

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