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*****MY REAL STORY***** - a.brokenlove

*****MY REAL STORY*****
***MY BEST FRIENDS STORY*** MY HOME PAGE I entered into the college with fear on the opening day... I enquired about my class to some one. They gave a way to move my legs to my lovely class... First day..!!! First class..!! Its a amazing moment.. I prayed and entered into the class.... There are many boys and girls are sitting in the chairs.... I searched a place for me... But i cant find a nice place... Suddenly a voice "COME ON FRIEND... Sit Here" It is the first talk to us... I smiled and sit there silently.. And i watched every one... All are tensioned for the attending the first day class.. Then our HOD(Head Of the Department) came and advise a lot.. Tat day passed away.... But no one forget that day.. Next day i went to college in my scooty... In the way i found her... She was waiting for bus... I stoped my scooty infront of her and told to her to join with me... She smiled and joined... We entered in the class... And start studying... Days passed... Now we both are very close... We share everything... We share our feelings, problems, happy moments, etc... It was a rainy reason... The day we cant forget till our end of breath. A boy came to our life.. He suddenly gave a letter to her and told ""i need a sweet reply.:) please"" we suprised... She read that letter with me... In that he know her early... He watching her in last 2yrs... Etc... She was confused... She dont know what to do... She called to my mobile and discussed... I said "IF YOU LIKE HIM,ACCEPT HIM.... Otherwise leave it." Next day he waiting for her reply.. But she didnt reply anything... Silently moved away.. 3days passed... Again he came and asked about the letter.. She smiled and went to class:).. That smile said that she also loving a lot... Both started love each other... They loved very deeply from their heart... One year passed.... Often some problems happened between them:) both quarreled and scold each other... That time i enter their and solve there problems.. Likewise its goes on... One day a small quarrel between them.... That time he simply said that he didnt love her... She shocked and start crying... Now he start teasing her... That he didnt love her... He loved her only for timepass,etc. She shocked and feeled a lot in her heart.. But he took that's as a fun. Next day college leave... Both are waiting for the phone call... A small ego came between these two sweet hearts.. She thinked why i should call him.? He thinked why i should call her? Both didnt called on that day... The next day she called him... But he didnt attend the call... She thought he starts to avoid her... But in real what happened is "" he a urgent trip to her uncle house. He forget to bring the mobile. It also in silent mode. No one picks the call. "" she tried a lot of times.. But no one picks the phone... She shocked and her mind thinked badly... She decided to die... She send a sms to his mobile.. That is " DEAR, I LOVED YOU A LOT. STILL I'M LOVING A LOT.. I CAN'T LIVE HERE WITHOUT YOU.SO I'M GOING.TAKE CARE.BYE. I LOVE YOU DEAR "... She wait 1hour for his reply.. But no reply. So she took a rob... She tied rob to the fan leaf and other side she wear in her neck... That was the bad moment.. Then she ____.... At the evening he came to his home and search the mobile and opened... There is 89 missed calls and 36 messages... She called back... No one took the phone... He called me... When i attend the call i cried a lot... {{ Because one of my classmate (near to her house) called me and told she attend suicide attempt and admitted in hospital.. Now i'm get ready to met her in the hospital }}. He shocked and cried and ran away to hospital... There he heard a news that her soul passed... He shocked.... He cried... He worried for his teasing... He cried loudly in front of the hospital.. No one ready to advise him... He suddenly thought in his mind that " why i should live without her. I'm also coming to you dear" he went to the top of the hospital building.. It has 6 floors... He jumped from the top of the building.. Aiyo... That was the bad bad moment in my life... Sudden mis understanding:). Over all its a small problem.. But they took bad decisions... I missed them a lot... I can't forget these in my life... Now i'm living with my broken heart....

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