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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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Pure Pakistani Incest -

Pure Pakistani Incest
ajg - Pure Pakistani Incest Woman Asian
Hi friends my name is Umar and
now-a-days I am in USA it’s been
1 year that I am living in us
basically I belong to Pakistan
(Islamabad).some days ago i just
visited this site while searching
some hot stuff on via
internet. here i found a lot of
pages containing incest stories,
well I haven’t read out all the
stories yet->in fact just due to
lack of time. But i will keep on
reading these stories as it feels
great to read some mom-son
stories. I am of 21 by now and
doing study of ACCA in 1 of the
American school of management
here I am going to share and
narrate a incident that
happened to me approximately
a year ago. I thought about this
step that whether it should be
taken or not to share my real life
incident with you guys, and
finally I took the step to share
my secret with you people (fans
of incest stories) well the secret
sex between me and my mom.
Her name is Farha(now-a-days
she is a cooking Chef doing a
cooking show program at SUN
TV Pakistan)
I think the name of the program
is (zamzam foods).Well I think I
am the luckiest son in the world,
don’t want to tell you people as
you will judge it by reading my
story my dad is a businessman
doing business of
pharmaceutical items in Pakistan
my dad and mom are like a
happy couple I have a sister of
mine too, she is doing phd n
elder than me as a businessman
my dad used to be busy in a lot
of meetings and come home
very late but in weekends we all
4 members go to different areas
of Islamabad for shopping n fun
maza everything was going
very fine and
I was not having any kind of
sexual feeling towards my mom
or any incest feelings. Now let
me tell you my remaining story
in (urdu/hindi)…..Meri ami ke
behen yaani meri khala jaan jo
islamabad main he rehti hain,hm
sb ghr waly kbi kbi un k ghr jaya
krty thay.main un k ghr ja k
bohat enjoy krta tha un k
bachon k sath khoob khayl
k.phir jb main 19 saal ka huwa
to mature honay ke wjah say
meray sb toor-treeqay badlnaaa
shuroo ho gyeay or khala jaan k
ghr aana jana b km kr dia.unhie
dinoon main main ny apnay
andr sex feeling ubharti
mehsoos keen.
Ayk din main apni khala k ghr
gya kuoon k mujy apni sister
ayesha ka weeding card dayna
tha un k ghr.garie khrie krty he
main ander chla gya mujy
maloom nahin tha k next stage
py main jo kuch bhi daykhny ja
raha hoon wo meri poorie
zindagie badal kr rakh dy gaa
main door open kr k andr chla
gya kuoon k frank hony ke wjah
say door pr knock kia he
nahin.main jaysay he andr gya
to saamny koi b nahin tha.main
ny awaaz de noman ko(meri
khala ka bayta jo k 18 saal ka
tha) lakin koi reaction nahin
mila.khayr 2 mint soofay pr
bayth ke intzaar kia or jb koi
nahin aaya to main noman k
room ke traf chlaa
Gya kuoon k khala ka room
closed tha.jaisay he main room k
qreeeb pohancha to hayraan reh
gya kuoon k meray kaanon main
aesi voices aana start ho gyeen
jo k main xxx movie daykhty
time suntaa tha.main bohat
prayshaan ho gya k noman
shayad koi movie lga k daykh
raha hay….main ny himat kr k
apny kaan room door k sath
lgayee to ayk dm hakaa-bakaa
(worried) reh gya kuoon k yeah
voices kisi xxx movie ke nahin
balkay meri khaala jaan ke theen
or mzaad gor kia to bs meray
face pr 12 bajh gyeay kuoon k
voices to noman or us ke ami ke
theen. mujy bohat ajeeb
mehsoon hony lga. mera lun b
khraa ho gya lakin bohat
Glt lg raha tha k noman apni ami
ko kuoon fuck kr raha hay
kuoon k yeah to glat hai. khayr
main ny confirm krnay k liay
door open krna chaha lakin wo
andr say lock tha, phir main ny
socha kuoon na window sai
daykha jaue or jaisay he main ny
window say daykha clear to
nazar nahin aaya lakin pardaa
baareek hony ke wjah say or
fan chlny ke wjah say (pardah
uraa) or mujy kuch jhlak
daykhna naseeb ho gyee. noman
ke ami noman kay lun py bayth
kay zor zor say voices nikaal rhii
theen or jumps lgaa rhii
Theen or keh rhi thiien noman
abi naa chorna apna cum thora
or mza krny do. or noman haan
main jwaaab nikal raha tha or us
ko pseena aa raha tha almost 5
say 10 mint tk main yeah
daykhta raha or finally dono
chup ho k ayk doosry k ooper
layt gyeay. 2 mint k baad noman
ke ami ny noman ko kaha bayta
kisi ko btana mtt,hm hr roz isi
trhan enjoy kryn gy or main
tumhien sikhaoon ge k kaisay or
treekon say bhi sex krty hain.
Khayr main jaldie say bhaag k
garden main chla gyaa or apni
car k paas ja k khala jaan ko call
mila de apny mobile say.3sri ring
py un ny call pick ke or main ny
jb btaya k main un k ghr khraa
hoon lakin bahir to ayk dmm
ghbraa gyeen or kehny lgeen
bayta main khud aatie hoon tum
wahin khry raho. phir 10 mint tk
wo bahr aaien or muj say milien,
main ny prayshani ke halat main
un ko weeding card dia or kaha
ab main chlta hoon to wo bolny
lgeen baythoo to lakin main ny
bahana bnaa dia or chla gya…..
Ghr pohancha to bohat
prayshaan tha k yeah kya ho
raha hai is duniyah main. or phir
meri khala is kisam ka gunah kr
rhii hay.khayr kuch dino tk to
main aesay he sochta raha k wo
log aesa kuoon kr rhy thay.maa
beta ho k bhi aesay sex kaisay
kr skty hain. main apni ami say
bohat pyar krta hoon or hr baat
un say share krta hoon lakin
yeah baat share nahin kr skta
tha kuoon k wo muj py bohat
zyada gusa ho jatieen. lakin abi
bhi meray zehan main bohat
confusion the k kya kroon. isi
dooran meri sister ke shadie ho
gyee or sb normal ho gya.
Phir ayk din main khala k ghr
gya to khala ghr pr akaylie theen
or noman bahir gya huwa
tha.khala facebook use kr rhii
theen. or wahan innocent
mehreen k naam say ID the un
ke. main ny un ka name note kr
lia or ghr ja k apna new account
bna k un ko add kia or unhoon
ny meri request accept b kr li.
main bohat khush huwa k ab
khala jaan k baray main khoob
jaan skoon ga.kuch dinon tk to
un ny koi reply nahin dia lakin
ayk din un say chat ho he
gyee.main ny khud ko unknown
zahir kia or un say chat start kr
de.phir wo direct sex k bary
main baat krna shuru hoo gyeen
to main ny un ko poocha wo kis
Say sex kr chukiee hayn to un
ny btaya k wo incest sex krti
hain main hayraan tha k incest
kya hota hai. phir jb poocha to
un ny btaa dia k wo apny
baytay say pyar krti hain or us
sai he incest sex krti hayn.main
ny poocha k kaisay start huwa
yeah sb to un ny apni story
sunaie jis say mujy bohat mza
aaya or main bhi incest love k
magic ka shikaar ho gyaa apni
khala jaan ke story main nahin
suna skta kuoon k time km hai
or main rooz job say free ho k
yeah story complete krta
hoon.khayr ab main apni main
story ke traf aata hoon jo meri
mom farha k baray main
hai.main aap ko un ke picture b
share krta
Agr is site par option hota apni
story k sath apni mom ke
picture share krny ke b ijaazat
hoti to.lakin facebook py aap log
search krien by email (mehreen_ or add
krien meri khala jaan ko.kuoon k
display pic meri khala jaan ke hai
or meri mom ke bhi ayk picture
add ke huie hay khala jaan ny
lakin kisi ko bhi pta nahin kuoon
k un ka yeah account secret
hai.meri mom ke pic red dress
main hy red dopata or kmeez
bhi halkie red or un k peechay
backgroung main blue gate hai.
Meri dili khwahish hai k main
apni khala k sath sex kroon lakin
jis waqt main sex kr skta tha to
main drr gya tha or un k ghr say
bhaag k garden main chla gya
tha lakin ab bohat jee krta hai k
pakistan wapis ja k un k sath bhi
sex kroon khayr time guzarta
gya or main 20 saal ka ho gya
mera CAT course finish hony
wala tha or mujy ACCA k liay usa
yaan uk bhi jana tha.unhi dino k
darmiyaan ayk din huwa kuch
yoon k main or mom he ghr
main thy or dad as-usual office
gyeay thy.main apny kmray
main layta music sunn raha tha
or phir uth k mom k room un
say baatien krny jany lga jaysay
he dooor open kia to saamny
Daykha mom naked khriee apny
geelay jism pt toolia phayr rhii
hain.un ko daykhty he main ayk
dm prayshaan ho gya to lun
khara honay lga isi dooran ami
ny peechy murh kr daykha or
tooliay say apna jish dhaamp lia
or kaha k door knock kr k aaya
kro main door close ke k
wapis room main aa gya lakin
meray zehen main wohi scene
chl raha tha.meri mom apny
geely baloon ko tooliyaah say
saaf kr rhi theen or un k bary
bary boobs ooper neechy hil rhy
thy.or sfayd gaand meri trf
hony ke wjah say abi tk meray
khyaalon main thi.phir 20 mint
baad main neechy gya kitchen
Main to daykha mom garden
main hain main bhi chla gya
mom ko ja k sorry un ny
kaha koi baat nahin or hm dono
bayth k juice peeny ny
bohat c baatien ke or phir main
dostoon k sath bahir chla gya
raat ko ghr wapis aaya or khana
khaa k sony lga to zehen main
wohie incident yaad aaya apni
khala or un k baytay wala. phir
kya tha meri ami itni pyarie thee
k mujy kuch or khyaal na aaya
or main ny b kaha k main b
noman ke trhaan apni ami ko
fuck kroon ga. lakin kaisay yeah
he swaal mujy bohat mushkil
main mubtlaa kr raha tha.?
Isi trhan din guzarty gyea or
main yeah sb bhool gya phir ayk
din kismat ny mera sath dia…
main apny room main baytha
tha tv on tha.meri mom mery
room main aaien or kaha mujy
shopping k liay jana hay to ghr
he rehna main ny bola theek
hay.wo chlie gyeen kuch time k
baad meray zehen main khyaal
aaya kuoon na mom k room say
cdz ly kaaon or old movies
daykhoon kuoon k bore ho raha
tha.main un k room main gya or
cdz ka draaz open kia or cdz ly k
room main aa cdz check
keen phir ayk cd hath main i
Jo film cover main thi lakin
jaysay he lgaie to wo xxx porn
movie the main boht khush
huwa k mom bhi porn movies
daykhti hayn lakin chup k khayr
movie daykh k muth marie or
cdz wapis rakhny un k room gya
or un k room say wapis aany lga
jysay he door close kia to mom
peechy khrieen theen or kehny
lgieen meray room main kya kr
rhy thy to kaha cdz lyny gya tha
to wo bolieen k pehly b mnaa
kia hay k aesa koi kaam pooch k
kia kro ayk dfa sorry bola or
apny room main chla gya.
Phir ayk din mom kisi friend ke
shadi main jany lgieen to jaysay
he room say nikal k aaien to
main daykh k hayraan reh gya
kuoon k un ka brazier nazar aa
raha tha or dress visible tha un k
mamoon ko main easily daykh
skta tha.bohat acha lg raha tha
mom ny jaldie say dopata theek
kia or bahir ko nikal gyeen.main
ny us din bhi muth marie or
unhir ko soch kr.isi doran main
ny dad k kehny py study k liay
us apply kia or procedure
completion main lg gya.phir isi
trhan din guzarty gyeay or ayk
din main mom k
Sath shopping k liay gya eid k
din thy or bohat rush tha
markets main guzarny ke bhi
jgah nahin thi.bohat baar main
ny mom ko touch b kia or ayk
baar to aesa b huwa k mom ke
ass or mera lun ayk doosry say
rgarh khaa gyea or mera lun un
k ass say tkrany say khraa ho
gya mujy boht mza aaya.phir
aesa huwa k ayk plaza main hm
lift py thy ayk dm lift ny jhtka
khaya or mom meray ooper aa
grieen or meray hath un k
mamoon say tkraa gyeay.lift
power failure say ruk gyee lakin
jald he theek ho dono
shopping kr
K ghr wapis aa gyea us din aaty
he main ny muth marny k liay
movie lgaie or nanga apny bed
py late gye or room lock krna
bhool gya. mom kuch time baad
meray room main aaien new
dress main or mujy daykh k un k
mooun khulla he reh gya kuoon
k main apna lun apny hath main
pkar kr hila raha tha…mom mujy
idiot bol k bahir chlie gyeen
main nay o shit bol k jaldie say
movie bnd ke or bahir ja k
daykha to mom apny room ja
chukie theen.main wapis aaya or
soo gya
Subho utha to mom k paas
garden main gya to mom ny
kaha k raat ko kya kr rhy thay to
main ny bola mom bs waisay he.
to mom ny kaha yeah bohat glat
hai aesa na kia kro to main bola
mom mujay jo kaam acha lgta
hay main kroon mom
bolien k phir main tumhrai
shadie kr dayti hoon to main ny
kaha main shadie nahin krna
chahta. wo bolieen phir
tumharie marzi lakin jo tum krty
ho wo na kia kro .main uth k
wapis room aa gya phir agly he
din mom apny room main theen
main un k room main gya or ja k
bola k mom ayk baat discuss
krna chahta hoon.wo bolien aao
baytho to hm dono ayk doosry
k aamny saamny bayth gyeay.
Main bola mom mujy aap say
information layna hay un ny
bola poocho.
Main: mom kya main shadie k
bgayr sex nahin kr skta
Mom: hmm aray idiot aesa nahin
hota main tumharie mom hoon
jo bhi problem ho mujh say
discuss kr lia kro main tumharie
shadie apni behen ke bayti say
kr dayti hoon phir jitna marzi
enjoy krna.
Main: nahin naa mom mujy khala
k ghr shadie nahin krni kuoon k
wo log bohat gnday hain.
Mom: aray aesa kaisay tum
kuoon aesa bol rhy ho.
Main: aray mom rehny dayn
main baad main btaaon ga aap
ko, aap yeah btaien k daddy kya
hr roz aap say sex krty hain.
Mom: stop it gnday bachy apni
mom say aesi baat nahin krty or
hans prien.
Main: plz mom btaien na k kya
aap ko mza aata hay sex kr k.
Mom: hmm ji bilkul aata hay or
main kbi kbi krti hoon ab bs tum
ja k soo jao.
Main: ok mom good night
Phir isi trhaan time guzarta raha
or ayk din main jaisay he ghr
aaya to mom ko awaaz de lakin
koi response nahin tha main
mom k room main gya to wo
naha rhii theen. meray zehen
main ulty khyaal aany lgy main
ny himat ke or apny kpray utaar
kr un k bathroom ka door open
kia or andr chla gya wo mujy
doosrie trf shower k neechy
theen main jaldie say un k
peechy gya or lun un ke gaand
main daal dia un ny ayk dum
awaaz nikali oh ahhhhhhhh….or
peechy murh k daykha lakin
main un ke kmr say chipak gya
Apna lun aagay peechy krny
lgaa wo ghbraa gyeen isi doran
main ny un k mamoon py hath
rakh diay or dubany lga. phir un
ny jhtky say khud ko meri trf kr
dia or hm face to face ho gyeay
main bohat drr gya kuoon k
mom ayk dum gusay mani aa
gyeaan or kehny lgieen umar
dfaa ho jao khbees ke olaad
yahan say.main soch b nahin
sktie the k tum apni mom ko he
itnay gnday kaam k liay ismaal
kro gy. main thora peechy huwa
un k bray bray mamoon say
panie tkraa k neechy beh raha
tha or wo bohat pyari lg rhieen
theen. khayr mainwahin khraa
raha or un ko daykhta raha.
Mera lun un ke gand ke side say
phudie main ja chuka tha jis say
mujy kuch secoands k liay bohat
acha lga tha.or mom ny bhi hlkie
awaaz nikali the jis ke wjah say
main bathroom say bahir jany
ko tyaar nahin tha.
phir mom ny mujh say poocha k
beta apni mom k sath kuoon kia
aesa tum ny to main bola k jb
noman apni ami k sath aesa kr
skta hay to main b kr skta
hoon….meri mom ka mooun
khula ka khula reh gya….
Un ny kaha tumhien shram
nahin aatie to tbhi main ny un
ko sb story btaie, meri mom ka
face red ho gya or un ko b ajeeb
lgny lga. phir main ny kaha ami
jaan plz mujy aap ko fuck krna
hay. lakin un ny kaha k yeah
gunah hay umar plz dfa ho jao
aesa nahin hota jao yahan
say.lakin main tha k janay ka
naam nahin ly raha tha. phir
meri ami rony lgieen .main aagy
barha or un ko khud say liptaana
chaha lakni un ny mujy dhkaa dy
dia.main ny zabardastie un ko
khud say joor lia or un kay
boobs meri chest say tkrany
lgay main un ke neck py kiss
krny lga or hath say un ke kmar
sehlany lga.
Phir 2 mint k baad ami ny mujy
htaya or meri aankhon main
aankhien daal k daykha or kaha
k yeah gunah hai bayta aesa na
kro hm maa beta hayn.kisi ko
pta chl gya to bohat bura ho ga
or aesa kahin nahin hota k ayk
bayta apni maa k sath sex kry.
to main ny phir say kaha noman
phir kuoon apni ami ko fuck krta
hay phir wo chup ho gyeen.
main ny un kay mamoon ko
hath main pkraa or mooun main
daal diay wo aahista say aahhhh
aahhh ke awaazien nikalny lgeen
lakin resist b kr rhi theen.main
nay un k boobs chooosnay k
baad un ka mooun deewar ke
traf kr dia…
Shower say paanie abhi bhi aa
raha tha geela hony ke wjah say
mujy or bhi mzaa aa raha tha
main ny apna lun un kay ass
hole say takraa dia…or bohat zor
lgaya or mera lun un ke ass hole
main chla gya kuoon k ayk tang
ooper hony ke wjah say un ka
hole zra open ho gya or pani
lgny say seedha chip krta huwa
andr chla gya phir main aagy
peech dhika lgany lga. or pich
pich ke aawazayn aanay lg
gyeen or meri ami keh rhi theen
oh umar plz bahir nikalooo
bohat pain ho raha hay. main ny
un ke ass peechy ko nikalny ko
kaha un ny isi trhan kia or khray
khray aagy ko jhuk gyen or
main ny un k baaal pkr liay or
aagy peechy apna lun un ke ass
hole main ghoomany lga. wo
chilaa rhieen theen oh umar kya
kr rhy ho bohat dard ho raha
Mom: ahhhh ohhhh iiiii….plz
umar aahista aahhhh oh plz be
gentle baytay, uffffffff bohat
kmmeeny ho umar. ahhhhhhh
Main bohat tayzai say dhakay
maar raha tha jis say pichak
pichak ke awaz phyl rhi thi. main
ny un k baal pkr k un ko peechy
kia or un ky mooun may apni
zuban daal k ass-hole b fuk ke or
french kiss bhi krta raha. bohat
acha lg raha tha .ami bohat tayzi
say cheekh rhieen theen or phir
kehny lgieen abi meri ass hole
say apna lun nikalo plz wrna
main tum say nahin krwaoon ge.
main ny kaha 2 mint or ami plz
to wo bolien nahin yaar umar
nikalo mujy aesa lg raha hay k
meri gaand phtt jaye ge to main
ny ayk zooor ka dhka mara jis
say un ke cheekh nikal gyeee or
wo bolienn oh meray bayty kya
kr dia tum ny.or mujy zor
Say pkr k apny sath lga lia mera
poora lun un ke gand main tha
or main un k sath chipkaa huwa
tha.wo bolien umar meray bayty
dhkay na lgaoon aesay he andr
poora lun rehny do.main ayk
mint aesay he khraa raha or hm
kiss krtay rhy phir meri ami
bolien umar ab bs kro mujy jany
do.lakin main ny apna lun nahin
nikala or phir say dhkay marna
shuru kr dia un ke ass hole main
to wo phir say cheekhny lgieen
umar na kroo na…
Ahhhhh oiiii ah ah ah ah pichak
pichak ke awazoon k sath. phir
main ny un ko kaha main ab aap
ke pussy main lun daloon ga to
wo nahin maanie or gusay main
kaha tum meray bayty ho pagal.
tum ko main ny apni phudie say
payda kia hay or ab tum usi
main lun dalna chahtay ho to
main ny kaha wrna main aap
kay ass hole say lun nahin
nikaloon ga or isi k sath dhkay
marna shuru kr dia to wo kehny
lgieen theek hai theek hay kr lo
aagy say b.
Phir main ny apna lun peechy
say nikal k un ko seedha kia or
khray khray un ke pussy main
daal sia…main bta nahin skta k
kitna mza aaya un ke gram gram
phudie main apna lun daal k wo
meray sath lipat gyeaan or main
ny un ko ooper utha lia or ooper
neechay krny lga …wo meri
gardan pr bite krny lgeen or
ajeeb awazayn nikalny lgeen…
main isi trhaan un ke pussy fuck
krta raha or finally apna cum un
k andr chorny lga to wo bolin plz
umar andr nahin cum nikalna
wrna sb ult ho jaye ga lakin
main ny ayk na suniee or sb cum
andr he nikaal dia or hm dono
bed py geely he aa k late gyeay.
Mujy bohat mzaa aaya tha or
mujy yeah sb dream lg raha
tha…main itna excited tha k
dobara ami ko uthaya or
ghoorie bna k un ke pussy jo k
cum say chipchipi or geelie or
dheelie ho gyee the us main
dobara lun ghoomany lga to ami
bolien uffff abi tk tum khalie
nahin ho sky. or phir next 5
mins tk dobara fuk kr k un main
phir say cum nikal dia. phir hm
wahin pry rhy main un k mamy
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