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Fucked My Three Bhabi At Once -

Fucked My Three Bhabi At Once
hot babe - Fucked My Three Bhabi At Once
Hi my name is Rajesh I’m 24 years old with a seven inch dick any girl or aunties wants to be fucked please send me a mail at Now let me start with the story, this is about how i fucked my three bhabi’s. This happened few days back, my cousin was interested in doing mcx trading but he didn’t had the laptop so I gave him mine for few days till he buys one for himself, but i forgot to delete my personal stuff. But that was not a problem as he was a guy and every guy watches porn.

So one day i went to his house just for a visit he was not at home so i started chatting with Shweta bhabi who has figure of 36c 28 34…then she said even she wants to learn how to use laptop. I said ok and just taught her basic stuff and while using laptop she bent a bit and that time I could see her cleavage and her black lacy bra straps. I was getting horny so i thought to release the pressure in wash room. So I went to wash room and started masturbating suddenly I heard noises like ahhh ohhh fuck me hard etc….

I realized that Shweta has opened my personal stuff.. So I ran quickly towards her and I saw her watching that and she said I don’t know how it started, I was feeling embarrassed and while I coming out of wash room I forgot to zip up so my dick was in semi erect position hanging out of my pants, she saw that too….I was embarrassed again…..but I looked her and she was lustfully looking at my cock…so I zipped it in….she looked at me and said why are u sweating dear….I said nothing…

She said don’t worry its normal and I won’t tell anybody if u tell me what were u doing in wash room…I stayed mum…then after a silence I told her that I was masturbating…..she said I knew it…then she asked and were u fantasizing about me…I said yes…she said boldly would u like to fulfill your fantasy…I stayed mum and then I nodded….she started kissing me desperately…..I also started enjoying her…I was fondling with her boobs and ass with clothes on.

Then she unzipped my pants and took out my cock and started sucking it..she is a very good sucker…that’s the best blow job I had in my life….then she stood up and I removed her t shirt and she was standing in very sexy black lacy bra in front of me and her jeans….than I removed her jeans too and she was wearing a black g string…. I started licking her and suddenly I saw Preeti and Neha(my other bhabi’s) were standing near the door and looking at us….I quickly put my dick in my pants…they looked at us and said what were u guys doing….we stayed mum…then

Neha Preeti came near my ear and said why didn’t u guys invited us for it….I was shocked listening to it…then she removed my pants and started sucking my dick and Neha started licking my balls and the mean time Shweta removed there dresses…and Neha wasn’t wearing any bra but she was wearing a white sheer panty….and her boobs were conical not that gr8 though…Preeti was wearing a red color d cup bra which was almost transparent and I could see her cunt and nipples…

Then I removed Shweta’s bra straps with my teeth…and lowered her panties with my teeth..
Then all of us got naked and all three of them lied next to each other with their widen legs…and they said it’s your turn now….so I inserted fingers in Neha and Preetis cunt and my tongue in Shweta’s cunt…..after a while all of them got wet…

So they asked me too fuck them…I started fucking Neha….Neha turned in to doggy style and said fuck me…I fucked her for 7 minute she was moaning like anything….then again started sucking my cock so it cud be ready for others in the meanwhile Shweta and Preeti were enjoying each other’s tongue in position 69…

After her I gave a boob fuck first to Shweta and then I widened her legs and starting inserting my dick in her tight pussy….while fucking her she started to abuse me…she said fuck me u dick head and she was moaning at the top of her voice…in the mean time Neha was licking Preeti all over..Suddenly Shweta squirted…
Now it was Preeti’s turn, she turned her back for doggy style….I started to put my dick in her pussy but she caught my dick and said no baby I’m the eldest one….fuck me in ass… I was amazed to see that slutty bhabi…I started humping hard…she then said please take your dick out of my ass I didn’t realize that it would hurt this much but I resisted and kept humping…

After that we dressed up each other….but before going I was horny again so I pulled Shweta again as she was the most beautiful among them….she said no but I resisted and tear her t shirt she started resisting hard but not hard enough….I held her from the her hair and started banging her mouth on my dick, she opened her mouth and started sucking my dick once it was hard rock….I unzipped her jeans and removed it…

I didn’t bother to remove her panties but tear it from the pussy area and then I inserted my dick in her pussy and my hand were on her boobs over her ba…then I tear her black lacy bra as well…kept on fucking her and she kept on resisting…. Then after five minutes both of us had an orgasm… I said to her that did u enjoy the sex twice…she said once I enjoyed and once u raped me…I said I know but that time I enjoyed the most….

And now u guys will keep on fucking me whenever and wherever I want as I have made a tape out of our session…she was shocked …she then just wore her jeans as other clothes were already tear apart….she said fuck me whenever u want but don’t show the tape to anyone…I said deal..
it's awasome dude
10.01.2013 05:54 EST, devillover
26.10.2012 16:00 EDT, Chandu
Madarchod why do'nt you sex whith your own sister if not send her to me
14.09.2012 08:58 EDT, pinku.rai0
15.08.2012 14:44 EDT, $. . .SIDD. . . .ð
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Hey great story can u give ur sweata bhabi's no. To me
23.05.2012 07:14 EDT, rawatrocks
hai, dude. it was awesome story. would u help to hav sex with one ur bhabi's.
16.10.2011 02:14 EDT, Tamil paiyan
Horny story i wanna fuck neha babhi canvu arrange her for me
12.10.2011 06:53 EDT, tanvilovesu
06.08.2011 04:33 EDT, speedo55
03.08.2011 10:11 EDT, sneha115
fuck me too
12.05.2011 23:40 EDT, darling70
14.03.2011 05:34 EDT, fbhack
this lady is more powerful so she takes 3 lands.can i try it?
28.01.2011 06:46 EST, sameer109

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