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My Cousin Sister Home Alone -

My Cousin Sister Home Alone
brief - My Cousin Sister Home Alone
Hi there! waiting for an
interesting story.. i am not a
good story teller but still i will
try my best. as it is a really
happened one, i may be too
straight forward. but still i try to
add some spice an suspense in it
and make it long till you finish
petting your dick my cousin
sister. let’s call her privy.. she is
or was very hot even now she is
very hot. i couldn’t recognize her
when i saw her recently. All of it
started when i came back from
my work place to home. as a
part of my regular program i
paid a visit to my uncle’s home.
It was about 3pm and i pressed
the door bell to draw attention
from inside. I didn’t win for the
first time until i had to press it
so badly. there she comes.. i just
saw a moving shadow and i
realized that she saw me
outside. She came out to open
the door for me, hi bro! how are
u doing. when did u come back
from Cochin? how is your life.. at
Cochin.. all of them were really
unexpected questions and was
not at all usual.
Hi where is aunt and uncle? they
went for a wedding, and why
didn’t you go? no man, i had to
prepare for the coming exams.
okay.. so you are busy studying.
is it.. i asked. yup.. still she was
not asking me to sit or .. offering
me something to drink. hi what
happened to you.. u didn’t even
ask me take a seat oh sorry bro..
please be seated here… I am just
coming. as i know the nook and
corner of this house, i found the
latest fantasy magazine
protruding out of her books. I
didn’t waste any chance of
picking it up and start reading it.
It really made me horny as that
was an incest story depicted..
my dick changed its shape and
protruded out as if a tend is
made inside my dhoti. bro! what
are you reading.. eh! no nothing..
just a magazine i picked from
here. hi thanks for the drinks.
she was facing me and her face
was red and lips were shivering..
i took the glass by holding her
hands that was so soft to my
touch. it was a touch at the right
time on her hand made her
quivering. by then she also spot
my projection beneath, between
my legs.
I was little bit closer as we see
each other for a long time. that
was enough to feel each others
heat she was wearing a nighty
covering a pair of bra and panty.
i felt the protruding nipples on
my chest and her hands started
punishing my phallus as well. we
moved together to the couch
where our grandfather used to
lay down and sleep in every
afternoon. we didn’t know
when my tongue parted her lips
to taste her tongue as she
started sucking my tongue, i
pressed her well riped boobs to
make moans from her busy
She knew her nighty is already
fell on the floor as she stepped
on it. by then she removed my
dhoti to rest on the floor. I didn’t
waste time to undo her bra but
lifted it up to hold her pair of
jumping sheep in my hand, but
she remove it over her head.
they were the fabulous breasts i
saw until then. we didn’t talk
much as if we were longing to
do what we were doing she
pushed me back in the couch
and knelt in front my idol. it
started showing the red top out
of the pouch and my balls were
well hung.
She fondled slowly on my ball
sack and bend towards my
phallus slowly.. i was holding her
shoulder and feeling her tits on
my knees. she kissed here and
there near my dick and slowly
took it in her watery mouth and
started to suck slowly.. i felt she
is an expert in this.. or what? I
started massaging her head that
gave her extra pleasure while
sucking my dick. (you can also
try). her boobs again landed in
my hands for their squeezing .. i
pinched her nipples to ache her
and she bit me on my dick to
delay my cum.
She released my dick from her
mouth and stood up right in
front of me spreading her legs
apart. I haven’t seen her pussy
yet it is still covered in her
panty. she rubbed it on my face.
I made up my mind to suck it. i
slowly took her soft legs
through the panty and enjoyed
the stimulating smell of lust
from her slit. it was a real black
bush with a Jasmin odor
stimulating my nerves.. for an
urge to lick those labia majora
and minora.
She pushed her bust to my face
which didnt surprise me at all. i
sucked her pussy and took the
sticky liquid in my mouth.and
she started moaning.. and made
threads from her slit to my
mouth long. I was laying
backward on the couch and she
changed her position to side by
side and i faced her pussy to the
right so that she took one of her
legs over my head.. and she bent
herself down on my dick.. she
sucked me to come.. and she
drank my love potion to the last
I continued busy sucking her clit
and labias. my dick was still
ready for next round..she wiped
her mouth by her tongue and
give me kiss on my lips and
sucked them once again and she
pushed her tongue inside my
mouth and i felt the taste of my
own cum.. hi it was tasty..
though i did taste it before.
before i knew further she
herself seated on my lap keeping
straight my prick right inside her
wet box slowly and was for
There onwards she was moving
up and down like piston she hold
my shoulders firmly and i patted
her tits as and when it landed on
my open she collapse
on my chest and the fluid again
went outside mixed with hers.
she gave me long kiss and was
reluctant to move out of my
chest. we continued it till she got
married when ever we got a
chance to be alone.. she used to
come home for some doubt
clearing.. every time i cleared her
doubts in various positions and
styles. we enjoyed sex. Its not a
sin. Its a bliss if u find one
without any inhibitions.
Every lady longing for sex.. what
she wants is secrecy. Guys don’t
tell anybody about what u did
with a girl even if she is your
enemy. Ladies like secrecy. So
keep it next time if you see a
lady.. Say.. Hi! How are you! or
Can i Help you! if she say yes..
you won.. Just tell her what
makes you so beautiful or
attractive.. or pass a statement
that she is beautiful. if she say
thanks. ask her permission to
know it better…
You are won.. talk always
naughty stories to them
remember whenever you find
them alone. they like it.. They
specially all girls ladies.. like it. do
it.. you don’t want to eve tease
them. that is your frustration.
for everything there is a
beginning. once you did only
once, please don’t go after her as
a street dog. pick another one..
best of luck..thrishna.. next.. sex
with a pharmacist in the
pharmacy caught by her
brothers.. and know how did i
save my life by not running.
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