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Sex with Anu in Hyderabad -

Sex with Anu in Hyderabad
ria - Sex with Anu in Hyderabad Sex Newest pictures Man Woman
It’s a true story that happened
with me in 2005 when I went to
Hyderabad for a seminar for 2
days. I was then unmarried and
quite inexperienced in love
making.. sex was all about wham
bang and then off to sleep..then I
couldn’t figure much difference
between a sex and masturbation.
I had a few quick sessions with
my fiance but it was just trying to
complete the job without being
caught. Although Anu is her short
name she also came to the same
institute for training, she was
there in the institute for last 3
days. She came from vellore. She
was married and had 2 children. I
didn’t ask her age but I figure out
she must be around 33-35 years,
she was about 60 kgs and plump
with large assets. I first met her in
the breakfast room it was too
crowded and I took a seat
opposite her and said Hi to start a
conversation. We chatted for
some time briefly stating our
personal lives. I lied to her that I
am married and my wife is
We again met over lunch and we
briefly talked about the seminar
and her course. She also enquired
about my wife and I called up my
fiance just to back up my lie. We
agreed that in the evening we
would go together to Charminar
area but some pearls and bangles
and have biryani as dinner. When
we met in the evening there were
two more people who joined us
and first we had a long walk,
where I and Anu was often
touching each other. We reached
the shopping area and after some
while we were on our own. Our
other friends decided to go to
some other place and we agreed
to meet in a certain restaurant.
We went to some bangle shop
were she bought bangles for her
daughter and for herself. I also
bought bangles for my fiance. We
then went to a pearl shop where
she helped me purchase a necklace
for my girl friend. I also gifted a
single pearl to her, which was in
fact a very cheap gift. When
coming out of the shop the step
was quite high and she held my
hand. Even after coming down
the step, I didn’t release her soft
hand, I hold on to them and gave
a slight press and enjoyed holding
her hand. When we came near the
restaurant she asked will you
release my hand now??? We
smiled. I was sitting by her in the
restaurant; often our thighs
touched and would send shivers
to my boner..
Its kind of too much when you
are a starving bachelor. We
returned to our hostel and went
into each other rooms. She called
me on the intercom and requested
a night walk..I readily agreed and
we had a long walk where again
in some or other pretext I
touched her softness. Sometime
holding her hand, sometime
touching her back, all the while
my boner was struggling to be
freed. We returned to our room
and I tried to masturbate thinking
of her but suddenly the phone
rang. It was her voice..she said
she is not feeling sleepy and
would like to talk with me..We
talked for a long time it might be
around 1.00 am. I asked can I
come to her room and we can
continue with the talk.. by the
time we already had some horny
talk and some discussion about
our married life. We didn’t say
that we are kind of unhappy with
our existing marriage but we
enjoyed each other company. I
sneaked into her room; she was
short about 5’, a little plump but
soft n supple. She was wearing a
maxi. We sat on a sofa and she
had her head on my lap.
I touched and massaged her body
and we talked. Then I slowly lifted
her maxi, she was wearing
petticoat under it which I pushed
that upward and massaged her
soft, rounded and plump thighs.
She had dark and smooth
complexion with no hairs on her
skin, she had an intoxicating
suppleness. It was kind of too
much for a starving bachelor.. I
was just too eager to fuck her
and discharge my load. I removed
her maxi, she was in her petticoat
and bra, she had large breast.. We
proceeded to the bed, it was a
small single bed so there was not
much possibility left for doing
any kind of show, and moreover I
was too eager for a fuck rather
than any other show. I removed
off my T-shirt and my trouser; I
hurriedly opened the knot of her
petticoat and down it went. She
didn’t have any panty. She had a
big vagina, in the dark room I
don’t know how it looked but it
was shaved. I wanted to kiss n
lick the vagina as I had read n
watched in many movies, she also
smelled sweet, but she didn’t
allow me to lick her..
I contended with kissing the inner
thighs and massaged her
softness. I touched the inner folds
of her vagina; it was soo wet and
hot that my fingers just slipped
inside. She had big rounded
buttock and I kneaded them to
my heart’s content. I sucked,
smooched and mauled her supple
and large breast, she had big
breast with large areola, which I
sucked and realised that she had
big stiff hard nipples. Ohh the
whole feel of her was driving me
crazy. When I kissed the back ear
lobes it sent shivers down her. I
rubbed my hands on her back and
felt the smoothness down to the
softness of her breast. I removed
off my remaining dress and
entered her. I hoped she would
have given me a blow job but
nothing as such happened. She
touched my tool and guided it
inside her large pussy, it slipped
inside the wet softness in a slurp,
releasing a low moan from her
voice. She didn’t say that my tool
is larger and bigger than her
hubby or it’s so tight in her pussy
that she can’t take
It just slipped in and the best
thing of fucking her was her loud
voice. She mumbled something in
Tamil which seemed so poetic and
erotic to listen although I couldn’t
understand it, she spoked to me
rubbed her fingers on my hair and
my back. She kind of loved me as I
was everything that mattered. I
was too inexperienced to
reciprocate, I surely feel today
that one has to be married to
make love; otherwise it’s just a
fuck. I must have pumped her for
10 minutes but I couldn’t figure
out whether she had any
orgasm..neither did I cared. I had
mine orgasm, a big one ..I lifted
the plump little woman clinging to
her and pumped my semen inside
Ohh I forgot to mention that she
had mentioned me earlier that
there is no risk of pregnancy as
she had her operation after 2 kids.
We talked for a while and I
thought that I could have another
round of fuck, this one more
fulfilling but my tool didn’t
erected within minutes as I had
read and watched. I retreated to
my room after giving very deep
wet kisses. I gave her my V.card
but she never contacted me. I
tried to contact her by using the
pieces of information she had
provided but couldn’t succeed
maybe I didn’t give much try. I am
married for 2 years and today my
wife is expecting..I remember the
lie and now I need someone to
make it out.
I would like to have married
woman..sorry I don’t find girls
much interesting. I still feel it was
a short experience lasting 1.5 hrs
but it’s the best sexual pleasure
that I ever had in my life. It is
permanently itched in my
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16.12.2012 03:16 EST, pandaa

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