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* SEXY NEIGHBOUR * - adultstories

* * * * * * * * * * *


I am 20 years old and my name is Ajay. This happend 1 year back when i
was 19.There was this lady next door who just moved in. Her name was
Anju and was 25 yrs old. she had firm 36c boobs and a round tight ass.
Her hubby was in the merchant navy. So he used to go for 6 months on
shore. Everday i used to see her watering the plants when i jog in the
She looked amazing in the nighty. See used to give a sexy smile which
used to make my day. So her hubby left for the seas for 6 months.
After about a month she asked meto fix her computer as her windows had
crashed. So i went to her house. She had worn a sexy revealing saree.
I got a instant hard on. So i fixed her computer. She said she wanted
to surf the net. So i had a extra modem with me. I gave her my user
name and pasword and taught her how to surf and send mail to her
The next day i visited her again to see if everything was alright. Now
obviously she wont know much so she had not deleted the history files.
I went thru' it to find some porn sites , So i was sure that she was
missing her hubby. She came in to the room and asked "is everything
ok" i said it was fine.
So i thought of playing the fool with her. I went to the browser
propertiesand blocked the adult sites and told her to enjoy surfing
and left. The next day she called me. I knew what was the problem.
"Ajay is the comp alright" "it is perfectly fine Anju" she said " i
cant get in to some sites" so i said "i think u can except for adult
links" she was surprised to hear that.
"why cant i " she asked. I said "i can fix that too if u want" she
blushed and said " ya please do that" I fixed it and said that i had
to leave. She said "why dont u surf with me.
I stared at her and knew it was my day .I said "i think u have a
another problem "she asked what. I went near her and kissed her lips.
She responded by kisssing me back. She said "I was waiting so long
for this day". I said "It will be worth it", and started kissing her.
I lowered my right hand and held her left boob. She moaned
"ahhhhhhhhh". I unhooked her blouse to see her boobs
covered by her push up black bra .This site was better than seeing
her naked. I bit her tit gently thru' the bra and she loved it. She
started to take my shirt off, and then my pants. Oh it was feeling
so good. In a minute we both had ripped off each others clothes. We
both were naked and jumped in to the bed. She started to lick the head
of my dick. She
was a expert in that. She started to take it all in now and i could
feel her throat thru' my dick head.
Within 5 minutes i came in her mouth. She drank all of it. Then she
told "Wont u return the favour". I said "with pleasure", and i started
to lick her clit. she said "Ajay pleae dont stop ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ya
ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo"
she was moaning like there was no tommorow. I did that for about 10
minutes within which she had cum 3 times. Now my dick was ready for
Anju's cunt. She widened her legs and invited me. I took my 9 incher
and shoved it in.
She gave a light moan "uhhhhhhhhhhhh" then on it was no turning back.
I fucked her like a fuck machine. Kissing her lips and her neck while
fucking her. She held my ass so thight. She was enjoying every minute
of it. "Ajay o
my ya u r the best" dont stop do it harder harder faster deeper
ohhhhhhh yaaaaaa mmmmmmmm come on oh my,
u r better than my hubby, deeper deeper" Finally after about 10
minutes she said "ajay i am cummiiiiiing" I came in her a soon as she
came. We both collapsed. We were dead tired. Slept for half an hour
and lazed around.
I woke up to see that she was not there. I went out to see. She was in
the kitchen preparing tea. I could see the back part of
her. She was in a night gown which was tranparent and i could see her
sexy ass thru' it. I wanted to surprise her. I slowy went in. I was
already naked. Suddenly i held her and lifted her gown and shoved my
dick up her ass. she was surprised "ohhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm o ya" I
fucked her in the standing position holdig her boobs from behind and
kissing her neck.
Her ass was tight so within minutes i filled he ass with my load. She
told me that she loved it and would like more surprises.
I fucked her everyday after that.I also had a three some with Anju and
her friend Shilpa.

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