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* SISTER'S STORY * - adultstories

* * * * * * * * * *


My name is Naren, staying in medium sized town in the
Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, and doing my PG in
accountancy subject of commerce in a local college.
Few days back I read a nice story on incest sex on
this site. That story ? Sonal My Behna? inspired me a
lot and I can say that compelled me to seduce my
younger sister to lead our first sexual encounter and
now we are enjoying sex with thorough consent of each
other's. Now let me describe here how I seduce my real
sister..... My sister's named Punam, doing her
B.Sc.2nd yr in local college. She is like an average
college girl. We used to talk on almost all the
subjects freely at home. My father is the headmaster
of the local school and mother is a teacher in girls?
high school. My elder sister is married and settled in
Pune. Our paternal grandmother is staying with us.
She is partly immobile with feeble eyesight. Normally
we are alone in afternoon at home, except few times
she goes to her tuitions. And remain busy with our own
works and granny usually sits in her room near the
verandah. Until reading that incredible story ?Sonal
My Behna?, I never thought about sex with my sister.
However, I really like the views of that author about
incest sex for reasons like that it avoids AIDS and
STDs possibilities and allows you an in-house
entertainment too. Friends you will not believe but
before this incident I never had a sexual encounter in
my real life. I was so unlucky guy until my 22 that
had never seen a naked girl or women in my real life,
so the matter of fucking doesn't arise! All the things
what I was doing was masturbating, chasing or flirting
the girls, erotic chat on adult sites, seeing blue
films etc. ? Even after knowing the fact that the so
called ?girl? chatting across me is not a girl in
reality but is a Naughty Tom like me having a fucking
stick and is idly sitting like me in the cafe nearby
his college and passing his leisure time! However,
there was no other alternative of entertainment in
small towns like ours.
After reading that story I started thinking of fucking
my sister and finally decided to seduce her. I was not
getting clue how to approach her. Although we were
talking on almost all the subjects in our leisure
times but I never thought in this intension before.
Normally we used to talk freely on our friends, their
affairs how they ( friends )search for privacy to meet
each other's lovers?, for that how they bunk tuitions,
lectures etc etc....We were free in discussing films
and film stars their affairs but soon I found this was
not sufficient to seduce her! One day my father asked
me to accompany my sister to our district HQ, so as to
get her home guard cadet certificate from the office
of District Sports Officer. As I was searching for
chance, I immediately nodded. On a safer side father
advise us to travel by bus instead of a motorbike. It
was Thursday, after taking lunch we left the house. As
there are frequent buses going to that place, we got
the bus soon. We were sitting nearby in the bus on a
two-sitter bench. Punam sat on the window sit and I
was on aisle seat. It was approx 1-hour distance. As
my intensions were clear, I intentionally sat close to
her touching my thighs to her thighs, arms to her arms
and like that. While chatting I was getting more
closer to her as if I can't heard her conversation in
the noise of bus. Due to closeness, my penis was
getting partly erected and bulge was clearly visible
from my pants.
I was sure she also observed that change in my
behavior and obviously in my pants! - But she did not
showed anything like that on her face. Taking liberty,
I clapped on her thighs for few times and also on the
pretext of reading fortune, I fondled her hand too. By
my moves, she was getting nervous and shy but she was
quiet all the while. After our journey, we reached to
D.S.O. office at 11 noon sharply for certificate. As
usual the sarkari babu told us to collect the
certificate by 5 in evening as the DSO was on the tour
and will return by 3 PM after that he will sign the
certificate and we can get it. Now how to pass the
time until evening was our task so we planned to go
for morning movie of 12 to 3. I referred the local
newspaper and we decided to go to ?Razz?, although
previously it was saw by both of us with our
respective friend circle. The theatre was nearby so we
could reach easily to DSO office after movie. We went
to theatre, got the tickets, and sat inside the
theatre. Being morning show and movie was no more
remained new by now, so there was no rush to show
except the strayed audience. In balcony, hardly 100
spectators was present out which 90 were the couples
of lovers and balance may be strayed viewers.
We sat in the last row so many couples were sat in
front of us. It was obvious that all were lovers and
were reached here to get the privacy. After some time
the lights were made off and the movie started. As the
lovers around were no more interested in movie, they
started their work. Presuming us as a couple of lovers
like them, they were least bothered about our presence
nearby. Exactly in front of us one couple was sitting.
We were observing them, first he started with kissing
her. He was smooching her for almost 20 minutes, and
by closing her eyes she was enjoying the kiss. Punam
was disturbed to see those lovers. She was shying and
getting more nervous. I was sure that now she would
said to leave the movie in between but amazingly she
didn't said any word like that and was carefully
observing what was going on nearby. After some time,
the nearby lovers fulfilled their thirst of kissing
were moving ahead. They were becoming shameless. The
lover sitting in front of us has inserted his hand in
the kameez of his fiancée and started rudely rubbing
her breasts. He was least bothered about us like we
are seeing them presuming we are there for the same
work! She was now leaned down her legs below the front
seat and laid her head on the hands of chair and his
both the hands were inside her kameez caressing her
breasts wildly. In a short while she started moaning.
I saw -like me- punam was also watching the same
movie! My penis got erected but I could not do
anything as I was sitting with my sister. Now the
lovers were moving one step ahead. He put her hand on
his erection and down the zip of his pant. She had
drawn her palm inside his pant and started probing his
tool. As we were sitting on uppermost step chairs in
the last row, we could easily see their complete drama
from our place. After fondling his tool for sometime
she could not controlled herself as he was fondling
her breasts and was arousing her badly, so finally she
pulled out his tool outside his pants. Oh what a seen
that was! His black coloured monster was now in her
hand. It was getting larger in the outside air! Soon
it becomes fully erected due to her gentle massaging.
Now she leans over him and started masturbating his
tool. Punam was carefully watching their drama like
me. In a minute or two-he chummed forcefully on her
face and her face was full with his load on her
chicks. The humid air inside the theatre was getting
hotter and we could easily feel the whiff of some
aroma inside the hall. She ate some of his cum and
rest cleaned with her hanky and put that hanky
carefully in her purse. Next she loosened knot of her
shalwar and put his hand inside her shalwar. From his
actions, it was clear that he was fingering her
vagina. By imagining the scene of their finger fucking
I could not control myself and was about to cum inside
my pants.
Although the treasure of sex was sitting next to me
but I could not make a move because she was my sister
and I was her brother! I know both were ignited from
inside but could not do anything. What I could do was
that I put my left hand on her right hand and that is
too on the arm of seat and I could feel that was hot,
and was shivering, I was quietly watching her
reaction. However, she did not make any move as I was
expecting and watching the in front love making
couples like a statue. After some time of finger
fucking of his fiancée's pussy he removed his fingers
and was licking those fingers. I was sure that he was
eating her cum that was sticking to his fingers. She
was sitting in a manner that he could easily scratch
her lava. By the time, all the surrounding was filled
with some pungent odour probably that was emitting
from their body parts like choot and Lund! After
fulfilling their desires they neatened their clothes
and leave the theatre.
By the interval almost three forth of theatre were
vacated so we decided not to watch the movie further
and left the theatre after intervals. In the outside
circumstances, I observed Punam was somewhat disturbed
so I changed the topic of movie and we went to nearby
restaurant for refreshment. Now she was getting normal
but shy and was avoiding in meeting the eyes with me
like previously. Then I took her to DSO office and we
collected her certificate. In evening we got return
bus at around 6.30 PM. Sitting arrangement was like
morning. But this time I got some more courage for the
reason that it was darkness inside the bus and the
afternoon scene was witnessed by both of us. So this
time I could not control myself. I directly put my
left-hand palm over her right thigh in the darkness
and waiting for her replies. She did not replied. So I
started caressing with my fingers on her thighs but
she was seeing outside the windows as if nothing has
happened. I could not built more courage than that
within me so I could not go beyond that, as I was not
sure about her extreme reaction if something goes
wrong. By the time, our small journey was over and my
entire efforts went futile. From next day onwards I
was searching for more opportunities to seduce her.
Now she was became an angel of my dream. Although she
is a medium girl of wheatish complexion long hair up
to hips good body curves.....featuring something like
Shilpa Shetty....and is really beautiful, I mean it.
Now when she came to my room as usual for chatting
about our college gathering, youth festival, friends &
profs (I believe, that's the only topic on which I can
debate with my sister!) I use to stare at her
(particularly at her breasts) in the manner that she
should take note of my intentions. I was eager to show
her that I was magnetized by her physically maturity,
her magnetic eyes, magical smile, her makeup and
costumes carved her novel picture in my heart. Since
recent past I also noticed her boobs are bubbling to
new heights and were erecting my penis. There onwards
I use to search every occasion of talking to my sister
lonely. Although I was not sure whether we both had
mutual attraction but I observed that we both us are
glancing each other time to time. It was my duty to
drop her to the college every morning on my bike. I
observed many times her hand touches to my penis,
earlier I was overlooking this ...

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