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* SHIVA * - adultstories

* * * * * * * * * *


I am Shiva settled in Coimbatore with my wife and
child Here I am going to narrate about the parralel
sexual relationship I had been maintaining with my
neighbours wife-Jaya. Though I am married for the last
seven years and we are leading a happy life, I have
one personal complaint. My wife though highly educated
, do not allow me to have sex more than twice in a
week. I am in my early thirtees and is ready to have
sex twice a day. But due to a misguidance received
from her grand mother that too much sex in not good
for the family and for the health of the individual,
my wife allows me to have sex only twice a week. She
sleeps alongwith my child in a seperate bedroom and
comes to my room only on those days when we have sex.
So I have to satisfy myself doing the premarital type
of acts - masturbation while alone. Just opposite to
our flat, a small family moved in during last year.
Mr.Dorai - who purchased the flat was working as a
sales supervisor in a consumer goods manufacturing
company . His wife Jaya is a beautiful and sexy woman
in her late twenties.
They have a one year old girl named Shruti. Mr.Dorai
was the eldest son of his parrents and was shouldering
a lot of responsibilities. As such he didn't have much
time to pay for the happiness of his own family. He
used to go for work early in the morning and would
return around nine in the night . Jaya will wait for
him at our flat chatting with my wife whom she started
calling AKKA till his arrival or watching T.V. I was
very much fascinated with the beauty and sexy
appearence of Jaya . She had a milky white complexion
with two big breasts and round buttocks. Her cheeks
were very smooth and reddish. Her lips seemed thirsty
. I used to watch her when she indulged in talking
with my wife without their knowledge and admired her
beauty. But I didn't got the chance to open my heart
in front of her. I started masturbation thinking of
her beauty . I always dreamt of having sex with her
and was looking for a chance to reveal my desire to
There was a Kovil ( Temple ) near to our residence and
a grand festival was celeberated there every year . We
used to visit this temple during the festival every
year . That time Jaya also accomapanied us since her
husband was not interested in this. After having
Darshan of the Idol we were waiting to see the Car (or
Chariot or you call Ther in Tamil)with the idol being
pulled by devottees. There was a huge crowd in the
temple and we were standing in a corner of the
compound. As there was not enough lighting, our
children wanted to move nearer to the chariot to have
a close look at the proceedings. My wife also went
with them taking Jaya's daugter in her hands for a
close Darshan of the idol. As the rush was
uncontrollable , Me and Jaya were pushed to the back.
Jaya was jostled between me and the crowd. It was the
first time I was touching her body though
unintentionaly. Her smooth buttocks now pressed to my
front. As soon as her ass touched my cock, a ray of
electric current passed through my body. There was no
respite for the rush and Jaya was sandwitched between
me and the crowd. I slowly placed my hands on her
buttocks and pressed them slowly.
She couldn't react due to the rush . I placed my hands
in the naked portion between her blouse and saree. The
touch of her smooth body thrilled me. The inadequate
light in that area was conducive for my acts . I
slowly ran my hands over her belly and then touched
her big soft breasts . Oh ! what a nice feeling . I
was totally exited . I pressed her left breast under
the cover of her pallu . I couldn't understand what
could be her reaction to my advances . She was not in
a position to stop me because of the crowd. I bend my
face and kissed softly on her neck. The crowd would
have thought I am speaking something in her ears.
There was a jerk from her probably due to
horripilation. I exended my left hand and placed it
over her right breast and started squeezing it . I was
travelling through heaven then. I pressed my erected
cock more to her ass and due to the rush of the crowd
she was pressed more towards me . As Jaya was wearing
a saree I couldn't insert my cock any where inside
her. But I placed both my hands on her and pulled her
closer to me and brushed my cock all over her back
while squeezing her breasts alternately and giving
occational kisses on her neck .
I continued this till my wife and the children came to
our side. Though I had done an adventure , I was
unable to read the mind of Jaya . Was she allowing me
with full consent or was it her helpless situation
which allowed me do that? I wanted to confirm. The
next day I telephoned her for the first time from my
office. "Hello , it is me Shiva". "Hai ! It is really
a wonder that you remembered the telephone number of
we poor people" "Who said that you are poor? You have
a lot of wealth with you". "Then please tell me where
I have kept all these". "Just lift your cloth and have
a nice look at your body" "Is it ? You are not the
type of man as I thought about you". "Oh God! you too
have started thinking of me! I am blessed. My prayers
to the God have been accepted" "What you had been
praying" ? "To guide the sexy goddess of my neighbour
hood to pay attention to my desire about her" "You are
praising me too much . Why did you ring me" ? "I was a
little carried over yesterday. Do you have any hatread
against me" ? "Your actions were quite normal as any
body in such favourable conditions would have done
that. And I was happy that it was you only and not any
other strangers ".
"Thank you very much for your generosity. When you are
going to open the doors of your paradise for me" ?
"Are you so impatient ? Please wait. We will get a
chance soon". I was in the seventh heaven from that
day. From then on wards I telephoned her daily and the
topic of our conversions were sex oriented. She was
equally matching to my style of talks. Not before
long, she informed me one day that her husband will be
out of station for a day and she will be waiting for
me that night. That day after my wife and my child
retired for the day, I went to Jaya's flat and knocked
at the door slowly. She opened the door silently and
since the lights were swithed off, guided me to the
inner side holding my hands through the darkness. When
she switched the bed room lamp, I was stunned to see
her lush beauty. She was in the bridal make up wearing
a silk Majantha coloured Kancheepuram saree and
matching blouse .
She had braided her long hairs and adorned it with
jasmine flowers . There were jasmine flowers thrown
every where in the bed . She told me that she
considered it as her real first night with the consent
of her mind . What Dorai got was her dead body. She
knelt down and touched my feet. I was very much moved
by her actions. I hugged her tightly and made her sit
adjoining me in the bed .The sweet smell of jasmine
flowers and talcome powder was exiting. I kissed hard
on her soft lips and continued kissing all over her
cheeks . She too reciprocated equally. I sucked her
lips and inserted my toung into her mouth . Our toungs
met and started tickling each other . We drank the
juice in each other's toung. Then I ran my lips over
her shapy neck and continued kissing all over the
naked portion above her blouse. I pulled her saree
pallu. Her milky white soft breasts were struggling to
get out. I obliged them by opening the blouse hooks .
The cleavage was looking like a tight pussy due to her
tight black bra . I unhooked the bra and both the
melons jumped out . The nipples were hard then . I
started squeezing one breast while tasting the nipple
of the other with my toung. She held my head close to
her breast . I undid her saree and untied the knot of
her petticoat and pulled it down .
She looked very sexy in her pink coloured panty. I was
impatient to have a glimpse of her paradise and pulled
her panty down. She was maintaining her pussy well and
had shaven all the pubic hairs. Her pussy walls were
as smooth as a glass. I made her lay on her back and
started kissing on her pussy endlessly. I inserted my
toung in it and started sucking the juice. Then I went
for her clitoris and sucked it too .OOOOOOOOOOOOoh !
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh ! She moaned with great pleasure.
The honey inside seemed very tasty . Then I lifted her
ass and inserted my toung as deep as possible inside
her ass hole . I didn't know when she made me naked
and she had started fondling my erected cock then.
Then I layed on my back and went in between her thighs
to suck her pussy. She too turned to 69 position and
took my rod in her juicy mouth and started sucking
like an ice-cream cone. Both of us drank each others
juices. Then She layed on her back and asked me to
come over her . Her soft body was quite exiting . She
held my cock and guided into her wet pussy. It went
till it reached the last . I started my synchronised
movements holding her close to my body , sucking her
nipples and kissing every where. I could feel her
orgasm a number of times. Finally I cummed heavily
into her pussy and layed on her till her contracted
pussy pushed my cock out. Both of us were tired but
was not ready to stop .
Hence after a while , I was aroused again and made her
to sit in doggie style and inserted my cock into her
ass hole . She had some problems to accomodate my
erected cock in her small ass hole . But when I
entered fully both of us enjoyed the fuck of the day .
After that we layed there completely naked in the bed.
I was totally exhausted then . Jaya had specially
prepared sweet Payasam (milk pudding) for me and both
of us drank it fully from the same jug while jaya was
sitting on my lap fully naked. All these time her
daughter was sleeping without any care in the world in
a craddle. I was interested to spend the full night
there. But Jaya advised me that if we are caught, then
it could be our first and last night . As such I had
to return reluctantly . Before parting , We once again
were locked in a tight embrase and long kiss. We are
continuing our relation still . Now Dorai used to go
out of station freqently as he has taken up the agency
of some products in order to accumulate more money.
Neither my wife nor Dorai has the slightest of doubts
about us . Now according to Jaya I have more value in
her heart than Dorai who do not pay any attention to
her feelings . I am satisfying all her requirements
-financially and Physically. My next aim is to present
a healthy son to her after Shruti completes three years.

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