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ANITA BHABI - adultstories

* * * * * * * * * * *


this vivek from Calcutta and I will be relating to you
all my sexual experiences with my next-door neighbour.
I live in an apartment with my parents. I am the only
child of my parents. my next door neighbour is a small
family just like ours consisting of 3. Anita aunty (my
neighbour) is a lady in her mid 30's . she inst
exactly beautiful but she has a fair complexion, two
huge boobs and a pair wide ass. A perfect body to be
fucked by me. I never eyed anita aunty from that
perspective. I respected her a lot. She used to
regularly come to my house and chat with my mother.
My increase in sexual attraction towards her wasn't
sudden but a gradual culmination over years. As years
passed by I started liking her and this "like" slowly
developed into intense love for her. Now whenever she
used to come my house I would sit near her and peep
into her cleavage. I noticed a peculiar thing about
her that she never wore a bra. This used to arouse me
a lot and I desperately wanted to fuck her. I couldn't
approach her directly because I feared that if she
disapproved of my love she would tell it to my parents
and then my parents would beat the hell out of me.
Hence I had to think of ways to induce her into having
sex with me. Till then I restricted myself to fucking
her only in my dream of fucking her came
true when I least expected it to happen. It was Friday
evening and I was alone in my house. my parents had
gone out to attend a marriage party. I had come back
from the tuition center and I was desperate to
So I quickly unlocked my house and without bothering
to lock it from inside I removed all my clothes and
started to masturbate. After continuously rubbing my
Lund for 5 minutes, I turned around saw anita aunty
standing at the gate, watching me with wide open eyes
and at that very moment my cum came out. It spilled
all over my leg and Lund. I was embarrassed to see her
watching me. Then anita aunty suddenly gave me a
wicked smile and coming near to me she bent down and
licked all of the cum that had spilled on my leg and
lund. I was completely dumbstruck to see her do that.
Then she stood up and told "aise kimti cheez ko yun
waiste mat karo vivek, ise kisi aurat ke chut mein
She then pulled my lund towards her with her hands and
grabbing me by that waist proceeded to kiss me. For a
moment I thought that I was a women and she a man who
wanted to fuck me. Then suddenly some one knocked at
the door. Anita aunty quickly moved away and I dressed
myself. She went out of my house. I was elated and was
sure of the fact that I was soon going to give her a
good fuck. The next day at about 11 in the afternoon
she called me in her house. At that time she was alone
in the house.i entered her house and she locked it
from inside. She smiled at me and we hugged each
other. Without wasting much time we proceeded towards
the bedroom and locked each other in it. Then anita
aunty said "yahan hum ek dusre ko jitna chahe , jaise
chahe waise chod sakte hain vivek. Agle 5-6 ghante
humein koi pareshan nahin karega. Tumhare uncle shyam
tuk ayenge aur mera beta apne dostoan ke ghar gaya
hai." So the stage was set for us to vent our sexual
desires. First we gave each other a kiss on the lips,
smelling and getting a feel each of each others body.
But hang in it wasn't a normal Indian kiss, it was an
erotic and voluptuous like the way hero-heroine kiss
each other in Hollywood movies.Then I removed her
saree and started to press her lovely boobs. Meanwhile
aunty tore open my shirt and pulled down my trousers.
throwing her on the bed, I tore open her blouse and
started to kiss her sexy white boobs. After sucking
them for about 5 minutes I loosened her petticoat and
it fell down. Her cunt was clearly visible and it had
a lot of hairs. I removed my underwear and throwing my
body over hers I started to press her boobs boobs with
both my hands. I pressed them as hard as I could and
my sexy aunty groaned "aur jor se dabao vivek, barsoan
se tumhare uncle ne mujhe nahin choda hai. Aaj meri
sari bhookh mita do." Well for the next half hour I
kissed her all over her body, from her forehead to her
toe. She was loving every moment of it. then for the
decisive moment. I thrusted my 6 inch lund into her
cunt. I pushed it into my aunty' cunt and mo ved it
up&down until I blasted my cum into it.
It gave my a feeling of exhaustion and as I was about
to take it out my aunty groaned"ise abhi ander hi
rakho vivek, mujhe bahut maza a raha hai. Jab tak mein
na kahon tum ise upper niche karte raho. Well I
continued to fuck her and took out my lund only after
I had cumed about 4 aunty loved every moment
of it and all this while she said "tumhara lund kafi
tight aur bada hai vivek. Tumhare uncle ka lund to
barsoan pedle hii dhela ho gaya tha. Ab tumhara
tandarust lund paker mein bahut kush hun" We spent the
next few hours exploring utmost limit of physical love
and kissing each other all over the body and at every
odd angle. I licked her ass juice and each and every
part of her much wanted jism. My aunt too
occassionally took my lund into her mouth and licked.
We moved from one end of the bed to the other all
during the bed and only a small blanket on our body.
After four hours of detailed and intensive fucking, I
slept on her naked body. And this episode came to an
end at 4 in the evening .
From that day onwards I fuck my lovely anita aunty
everyday. Ithas now become a necessity for both of us
. on days that we don't get an opportunity to fuck
each other we feel quite incomplete. I am the secret
husband of anita and this will remain till the end of
my life. I and anita aunty have decided continue our
relationship for ever. I am now 19 and anita aunty 39
but I feel that she is as sexy and beautiful as ever.
I find her more attractive then most of the the young
girls living in my area. Our relationship is 3 years
old and with the new year approaching my aunty wants
to have around 650 rods from me in that year. It is a
difficulty target to achieve but I and anita will try
our best to achieve it.

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