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SEXY BHABHI - adultstories

* * * * * * * *

bhabhi story

I am the youngest in my family. I have three elder sisters and two
elder brothers. When I was in 7th Std my first brother got married
and brought a beautiful bhabhi in my house named Neena. That time she
was 18yrs and me just a kid and nothing knows about sex. So, I never
feel shame to walk inside the house in my underwear or some time
never care about taking a bath in open air near a water tap. Some
times my bhabhi drying my hair with a towel. She was so sweet for
me. She was educated and some times clearing doubts of my lessons.
But time was passing – I was growing by mind and by body. I remember
when I was in 10th I got some kind of sex knowledge from my class
mates. Some of them bringing sex books and some times sex photos. It
created some doubts in my mind and also a nice feeling when I see sex
photos. It was time of changes. Many times my bhabi and sisters ask
my assistance to hook their bra from her back. I never feel anything.
But slowly it feels nice. When ever they call me to hook their bra I
took maximum time to fix it. I will try to peep their boobs from side
(always they face their back to me) I tried to touch their bare back
and feel the softness. My god –It was a great feeling. I was more
anxious to see naked boobs of my bhabhi or sisters but so shy &
afraid to face them when such feelings comes to my mind. But I never
loose a chance to get glimpse of their naked body. bhabhi always wear
sari inside house and I can see her beautiful naval spot and upper
side of boobs when she bend and clean floor. I didn't tell you about
her body shape-ok- she is very beautiful with long black hair, her
eyes is extra big and the most beautiful size is her thick lips. It
is quite cute to eat. And below her boos(that time I dint know the
size-will inform you later when the story moves on) but medium built
and straight. I feel that it is struggling to come out from her tight
blouse. Slim waist and back two water melons. It was a wonderful seen
the dancing of two melons inside her sari when she walks. Many
holidays when I was sleeping in my room and she comes and clean my
room. Such days I will get a good view of her bulging boobs from
upper side of her blouse and shaped thighs when she tie her sari
just above knee. Some times I will act like I am in deep sleep and
enjoy the site. I felt the groin in my underwear and I start to press
it with my bed. It was a nice feeling and I started masterbate first
time in my life.

In one of my Plus-two classes Rajesh brought a condom(that time I
don't know what is condom) to class room and we all are anxious to
know what is it. He himself explained what is the use of that. He
found it from cup-board of his brother's room. I also checked room of
my brother where my brother and bhabhi sleeping but found nothing.
One day my friend Rajesh asked me I ever taste urine of any girl ? I
said "no" He laugh and said " thum budhu hai yaar. Moka milne par
meh thume dikhadoongi ki kya cheej hai ladies ka urine" Then he
said about the smell of vagina. He promised me he will bring panty
of her sister and I can also enjoy the smell of it. He also said
many times he tasted urine of our mathematics teacher Meena. Miss.
Meena is a cousin sister of Rajesh and occationally she is visiting
his house. She was so beautiful and sexy and all of us enjoy her
naval through sari and her sharp shaped boobs bulged below pallu all
the day. Then I tried to get panty of my sisters or my bhabhi to
feel the smell. It was so easy for me. My Sisters taking bath in in a
bathroom at ground floor and bhabhi and me in same bath room in first
floor. Until Rajesh explained me about the great smell of panties, I
never noticed the panties some times kept in a basket inside bath
room for washing. But now I started behind panties of bhabhi or
sisters. The same day evening I entered in bathroom to take a bath
and locked. With shivering hands and mind I put my hands inside the
basket where dirty cloths kept for washing. Wow!!! there was one
pant of my brother, shirt, underwear and banian also sari of my
bhabhi, underskirt, bluse, panties and two bra. I smell the sari
first. Yes. Something attractive. After that I put it back and took
the panties. My hands was shivering that time. First time I am
touching panty of my bhabi, that is also with a dirty thought in
mind. Slowly I smell it. Wow it is really great. My pennies start to
grow in my underwear. I removed it and freed my pennies to grow. I
open that fully cotton panties and watched carefully. It was wet in
the area where bhabhi's vagina rests. And that area was rough than
balance area of the panty and color also little different. Slowly I
brought it to my nose. Wow !!!!!! I can't explain the smell and
feeling of me and at the same time my pennies grown to his full
length. I never expected such an erotic smell from panties. I
smell it hard and hard. I licked that part and I taste some thing I
canot explain dear readers. I put all that part in my mouth and
tasted like an Ice candy. Took bhabhie's underskirt from basket and
smell. That was also great. I wore her panty (it was so soft and
loose for me) and I wore her under skirt also. I took her brassire
from basket and wore. Put the hook also. I hold my full length
pennies and start to masterbate. I never cum such a huge quantity of
sperm before. Around two minute it's took to stop the jerking.
Bhabhi's skirt and panty completely spread with my sperm. I afraid
but suddenly got an Idea. I took my dresses also with those dresses
and kept in a bucket and filled water and soap powder. Some times I
am doing that to help my pyare pyari bhabi. But before doing it I
carefully removed all my sperm from her skirt and panty. From that
days I love to smell and taste panties of bhabhi and sisters.
Panties of sisters in a toilet at ground floor. So, rarely I was
getting that (some times nobody in house ) The smell of Bhabhi's
panties attracted me more than smell of sisters. It was really

Slowly I started to peep when bhabhi changing her dresses, through
key hole when taking bath and rarely getting her upper thigh view
when she is in deep sleep in her bed room. But afraid to go and
touch the body. The great thing was, hearing her pissing sound from
toilet. I never miss to go and stand near door when she enter and
closed the door of toiled. Some days when she come out after pissing
I will also go to bath room for pissing and I can find bhabhi's
pissing spot on floor but washed with water. I tried many times to
get the raw piss from floor. I thought, ` if bhabhis panties taste
like this, how it will be if I get a chance to taste her pussy. It
was routine in my daily life to masterbate with thoughts of bhabhi
and eating wet parts of her panties. One day I found even a blood
spot on her panty and I understood she was in her monthly period on
that particular day. Such days she will go more times to piss. I
was eager to see her period blood. I tried to catch the used
napkins but I never succeed.

This is the first phase of my true story. After my plus2 I got
admission for Engineering and go to bangalore. Bangalore life will
explain in a different story. Now I am in Kerala working as an
Engineer in a private firm.

My wife is working in government service and living around 400 km far
from my working place. I will visit her once in a month. My above
said Neena Bhabhi's 10yr boy studying in a boarding school near to my
company. Brother is in gulf and every two months bhabhi comes to
visit her son at school. My company provided me a house and car.
Every time she will reach around 5 pm at railway station and stay
with me that night (in different rooms) next day we both will go to
school and come back by evening. But there is no train to her house
by evening so she will stay again one day with me. One or two visits
gone normally. When ever I saw her my old desire will comes to my
mind-to taste her pussy or to taste her panty. Even after marriage
and fucking experience this desire never moved from mind. I still
love my bhabhi more than any women around. Now she is more beautiful
than before. Her boobs and swinging butts still killing me and I get
harden in my underwear when ever I see her. She always wear
georgette plain sarees and from back I can see the lining of her
panties when she bend. It was really a good sight. I don't know she
knows about my desire or not. Suddenly it happened one day before
That day she came in a blue georgette sari and matching blouse. We
reached in my house at 6 o'clock evening. She was sitting in front
side just next to me when I was driving. I was trying to touch and
feel her thighs when changing gear. That day we decided to go out for
our dinner. We went to a nice restaurant with dim lights. She looks
more sexy in dim lights. We talk different topics, about his boy's
study, Husbands work in gulf, my job and about my wife. Finally she
asks me "you can understand now how difficult to stay alone even
after marriage. She never talks to me like that before. I ask her "
why bhabhi, you miss your hubby very much"? She just smile. We
finish our dinner and came to house. We sat to see television. It
was a program about sex scandal. A group of men took a school girl
and kept under custody for one month and daily many times utilized
her. She was sitting just beside me and watching. Suddenly she said "
better she die( that sex scandal 17 yr girl) What will do with her
body again" I laugh and said- why she is so young she can manage many
people. Suddenly she got little bit angry and said, you all males
thinking like this and such peoples are doing these dirty things.
Suddenly our topic changed to sex. I asked " why bhabhi. Why it is
dirty. Sex is not dirty" She said " sex is not dirty but women are
not like men. Men can do what ever they want and they will enjoy-
they never think how their partner will enjoy it. But women can't
enjoy such sex. They can enjoy sex when they are mentally and
physically ready for it". I was also getting aroused with such talks
with my dream girl. I continued " bhabhi, you know according to a
recent study 50% of married couples are not enjoying their sex life.
Actually we are not getting sex education. She agreed with me. "
Yes, you are true I know many couples are not satisfied with their
sex partner" I tried to utilize the topic. I asked " Bhabhi-are you
satisfied with my brother?" She just smile and looked at me and
slowly ask " why you want to know that ? how is your sex life?"
Actually I was not so happy with my sex life. I like oral sex very
much and my wife doesn't. I said-"bhabhi, may I tell you the truth
or hide the reality?" she said "no- you tell me the truth. Then I
said " I am not 100% happy with my sex life" I saw a wonder and
question in my bhabhi's eyes when I said this. But she didn't ask me
anything. But she looked into the wall and said herself "every one
should accept their life as it is. No one to hear or no one to solve.
Suddenly she woke up from the seat and said, I am going to sleep. You
don't want to sleep?" I asked, why so hurry we can sit and talk
this full night. As a reply she just laugh and said – you really
naughty, when sex come to our subject you have to continue it.
Right? " She didn't wait for my reply and turned and show me bye bye
in a fashion show style and went. I heard she open the toilet door in
her room and closed. Suddenly the old memories comes to my mind and
I ran to her room. Yes, she was not there, she is inside toilet-I
moved to toilet door and peep inside through key hole. But instead of
any sight I heard pissing sound. That really aroused me and my
pennis start to grow. I came back and slept on her bed. I heard the
water sound from inside and I was imagine `she is washing her soft,
pink vagina' I was really in a mood lick her vagina and taste her
urine from its natural source.

She open the and saw me in her bed. " why you didn't go to you room
until now" I can understand she never expect me there in her bed. She
continued " go man, I have to change and sleep. We have to wake up
early" But I didn't move from my position and act like I am
sleeping. She came and sit on bed near to me and again said " wake
up raj. It already late" I again unmoved. Then she playfully catch my
ear and tried to pull me. Suddenly I moved my head to her lap and
said " I like to sleep in your lap today" She was really surprised
by my act because I never do such naughty things with her in my life.
Surprisingly she ask me " what happened to you Raj?" actually I was
also in wonder I slept on her lap. But it was a out come of my love
towards my bhabhi. There was silent for one-two minutes, then she put
her hand on my hairs and start to play with it. My mind was
saying `I am sleeping in lap of some one whom I deeply love" after
few minutes of silence, she again told me to wake up and go to bed.
But I refused like a child, I don't want to go to my bed I will sleep
here today" she was really surprised and asked" what are you talking
Raj, you are not a child now. A married and responsible man. How you
will sleep with me?" I asked, why what is wrong if I sleep in this
room today?" Actually when I am sleeping in her lap, I was enjoying
aroma of her body. My face was inches away from her vagina. That
thought brought more power to my pennies. I was really enjoying my
laying position. But she was not aware about my position and she
again forced me to move and go to my bed. But again and again I
refused and in the same position I hold her with my two hands. Now
she came to know that I really aroused and some changed in my
behavior. She tried to wake up and forced me to loose my hands which
hold her waste. But she failed. Now her face changed and told
me"raj, don't do such naughty thing. I am your baby. Not your wife to
hold me like. If you such naughty things with me I never comes to
your house again" That was not tolerable for me, I took my hands
from her waste and moved from her lap. Sit next to her and without
looking at her face I said " I know you don't know how much I love
you. From my child hood I am loving you and you never tried to
understand it. Ok, I don't want to disturb any one I am leaving. I
got up from her bed and turned. Suddenly she hold my hand and I
didn't try to turn and see her. Then she asked me "are you angry
with me?" I kept silent. She pulled me slowly and I forced to sit
next to her again. She hold my one hand and kept it in her lap and
slowly massaged and after a while she said "Ok, if you love me that
much, you can sleep here today-only for one day. But one condition "
never tell your friends or wife that you slept today in same bed
where your bhabi slept" I took her hands in my hands and hold it with
my two hands and said "promise, I never inform anyone about this" she
agreed and said, then go put off the light. You will sleep this end
and I will sleep that end. She show me even the place where we have
to sleep. I asked" Bhabhi, I can stay out you can change your dress.
She was in same dress in which dress we go for dinner. But it was
nice to hear her reply. She said " first time I cam going to sleep in
same room with my married devar. So, I will will sleep with same
dress. It was nice to hear such talks by my bhabhi. long waiting, I
am going to share bed of my bhahi. Actually as a crooked man, there
was some planning in my mind to force her for a sex deal. I was
moving through my plans.

I closed the light and lay one end of bed and bhabhi on other end.
There was a dim light inside, We can see each other. It was a double
bed and nice pillows and bed sheet. After few minutes she call me,
and asked " how you feel now- are you comfortable?" I said, not
really, but manageable. Surprisingly asked, why not?" I said, "
because I am sharing bed of my beautiful, sexy bhabhi" "
"sexy?" she asked.
Yes bhabhi, you are so sexy. She laughs and said " you are really
naughty today"
Then after a break she again said, " you know raj, when me and your
bhai fight each other we will sleep like this-in both end of beds" I
suddenly asked "bhabhi, otherwise you both sleep above each other"
she call me in a naughty voice, raaaaajjjjj………and took her pillow and
throw to me. In dim light I catch the pillow but not returned. I
put that pillow hugging with my chest. "return it back raj" she asks
her pillow but I didn't return. Again and again she asks. Then on
knee she came near to me and pulled her pillow from me. I hold it so
tight. She failed and with angry go back and slept. I call her, "
bhabhi, are you angry? She didn't reply. I asked again and again.
Afterwards I moved to her and placed her pillow on her body and laid
there, but not touching her. She was in angry and didn't take the
pillow. It was quite silent for few minutes. After that, I put my
hand on her nose (but not touched her) and said-`bhabhi, you are
alive. I thought you finished" I got reply for that " why you want a
younger bhabi for you?"
Who said my present bhabhi is old. She is young, as I told you
before, sexy, healthy, Is my brother mad to go behind any others?"
She took the pillow and placed then asked, who said you to come here,
go and sleep that end" I said, " no bhabhi, atleast I will get the
smell of my bhabhi" she asked, "raj, what happened to you today, you
are in a different mood" I laid by side and placed my right hand on
her stomach. There was her sari so, I didn't feel the bare body of my
bhahi, she pushed back my hand and said " I don't want such behavior
from you" without moving my hand from her stomach, I said, I am
sleeping with my bhabhi, and I know no one in this world loving their
bhabhi how I love my bhabhi. She stop pushing my hand and placed her
left hand on my hand and said. " Raj, there is a limit in each
relation ship and we should keep the distance always.

Our talks moving to serious talks and I said, I don't believe in
such manners. I love my bhabhi, and in future also, I will love my
bhabhi. You know bhabhi, when I was a teenage boy, I was peeping you
with naughty eyes and dream to bring a wife like you. Even some times
I jealous with my bhai who get a wife like you" She was silent. I
continued, atleast today allow me to show you my love bhbhi. "But
Raj…….." She was trying to say something but before continue her
word, I pulled her to me with full force and she came close to me.
She tried to push me back. But I used more force to hug her and keep
between my hands and chest then I said " bhabhi, please don't worry
and don't be angry with me. I never disturbed you in the past or I
never disturb you in the future, atleast you allow me to hug and
sleep with you today. I will not to anything with you which you don't
like. But please……… Before completing my word she start to say, "but
raj this is totally wrong, me, your bhabhi and many years elder than
you. It is totally wrong. You are married, how can you face your
wife? How can I face her?" I said "tell me if you don't love me.
Do'nt tell me excuses. I know how to face my wife and how to face
this society. I don't know anything. Only know that I love you too
too too much from years" She was inside my hands like a soft pillow
and I can feel her hot breaths on my face. She kept silent for few
minutes and my mind was saying to utilize that chance. Now both of us
sleeping side by side and face to face. I can smell from her hair the
shampoo which she used and I enjoyed her breaths coming to my face.
I moved my hands slowly on her hair first and she didn't say any
thing. I shake her slowly and asked, why you are silent,…..angry with
me? Again she kept silence. I moved a little bit further towards her
and now our bodies too close and I can feel her boobs hitting on my
chest. Wow, finally I got that boobs on my chest. I was so happy and
I moved my hands from her hair to her back. I can feel the strap and
hook of her bra which she wore inside her blouse. I moved my
hands towards and now it can feel her bare waist between sari and
blouse. When I reached there, she pushed me and tried to escape from
me and said "no-no raj, it should not be happen, leave me. please. It
should not be happen. In this process she failed and now she laying
on her back. I was not so kind to leave my dream girl in half way.
Now my hand is on her naval and I can feel her wide naval pit. She
was still trying to escape and I used my force to keep her with me in
same position. I said, please bhabhi, I promise, I never tell any one
about this night. Just allow me to feel your body. Please. She again
tried to negotiate " Raj, me your bhabhi. It should not be happen." I
said, " I agreed you are my bhabhi, but you are my dream girl also
from many years" She just call me "Raj………………….." and with both hands
she hug me closely.

I really surprised and I kissed her forehead. She came face to face
again and we hug each other very tightly. She said, I know you are
not in a position to leave me. how ever you want, you love your
bhabhi today" it was a green signal for me and I kissed her
forehead, eyes, nose, and finally lips softly then forcefully. With
my surprise, she allow me to suck her thick lips and open her mouth
and allow my tongue to go inside. Our tongues was fighting with each
other and I asked her mouth completely. It was really nice we shared
saliva and the same time our hands were moving back of each other.
Now she is sleeping on her back and I was above her body. I was in
a different world and after five minutes of French kissing and
tasting of mouth I come down to her neck and kissed on that beautiful
neck. Then moved to her ear lobs and smoothly bite her ear lobs.
Smell of her hair was totally erotic. And I put my face inside her
hair for some time and by continues kisses I came down and I reached
to her boobs. I start with smooth kisses on it and I pressed my face
completely on it. It was so soft to feel. I tried to locate her
nipples through her blouse and succeeded. I bite it slowly.

Now she comes to heavier breaths and her breasts moving up and down
fast. She is getting aroused. It is almost one year my brother left
to his work place-gulf and she is in starvation. Her blouse wet with
my mouth and I was proceeding to her naval. Slowly I reached to her
naval pit and I lick there for about 5 minutes and she was moving her
head here and there. Now I crossed the naval pit and moved down wards
to her folds of sari. With teeth I open the folds and I found the
nara of her underskirt there. With teeth itself I untied it, left it
there and moved downwards. I was enjoying aroma of her body and a
special perfume smell from her sari. I was in seventh heaven. I feel
it is only a dream not a reality. My readers you can imagine when a
man getting her dream girl after around 15yrs of waiting. I was in a
mood to eat my sexy bhabi inch by inch, by moved very softly. I
reached to her pussy area but above sari. I feel an erotic smell
there and my pennies comes to his original length and strength when I
reached to her pussy area and smell there. I bite her inner thighs
through sari and moved further. She was also totally aroused and
making sssszz-ssszzzzz-shzzzeeee-noise. That noise also aroused me.
I reached to her toe. I kissed each finger and licked. Around 5
minutes I kissed and licked her toe and start to move up-words. In a
few seconds I reached to her lips again and start French kissing. I
noted that, this time she inserted her tounge inside my mouth and she
bite my lips also. It was painful but manageable. I accept her
pleasure in same mood. We kissed again for 5 minutes and I again
started to move towards because I was little bit hurry to find out my
dream girl's treasure inside her blouse. I pressed with my face
again on her boobs and I brought my hands together to the hooks of
her blouse. I removed the pallu of her sari disturbing me and in
hurry start to open her blouse. The same time Bhabhi inserted her
fingers of both hands inside my hair as she is searching something
inside my hair. I felt she is really enjoying my moves. I open her
blouse and she hold her both hands straight to remove her blouse. I
found a black bra there stop me again to find out her treasure. I
bite her boobs slowly and she started to moan. Without moving my
mouth from her breasts I put both my hands below her body and
searched the hook of her black cotton bra. She bent a little to
insert my hands below her body. As an experienced husband I
succeeded in removing hook and she again straight her hands to remove
the bra completely . Now bhabhi's bottom is naked completely. First
time I saw my Bhabhi's naked boobs. It was a wonderful seen. It was
not so big, but more than average. Her aerola was 2" dia and thick
black nipples. My wife's breast was 34 and compare to her size my
bhabi's breast is 38 (I guess so) there was no time to waste I
started liking and sucking the entire treasure one by one. Bhahbi
was in fire and she was moaning loudly. I understood she is out of
control from the pressure she is giving in my hair with her fingers.
It was so tasty my readers, I thought in my all life I will keep this
mangos in my mouth. But how? There was so many parts of her body to
be explore. After ten minutes of licking, sucking, queezing, I moved
again down words where her most valuable treasure kept. But on the
way I didn't forget to lick her naval pit once again. I filled her
love pit with my saliva and licked. Then moved towards down and I
hold her sari and underskirt from both side and pulled down words.
But it was not moving. She understood that I am struggling, she
brought up her hips a little and I removed both her sari and skirt
thorough her marble like thighs and toes. Oh shit, there was a red
cotton panties inside. I kissed her vagina above her panties and
found her panties completely wet. And the smell was amazing. I
licked her vagina through her panties and tasted the same which I
taste years ago in our toilet when I first tasted her panties. I
was in hurry and I pulled her panties down with my teeth. She help to
remove it through toe.
Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally I got the original treasure. Her thighs were shining even in
dim light and I found her vagina area with dark bush. Yes, it was
thick forest. I guess she didn't shave her vagina atleast for two
months. It was really thick. I start with her toe again but in few
minutes I reached to her inner thighs and bite without giving a pain
to her. She was moving like a fish without water. And I moved
further to her vagina covered with thick pubic hairs. My friends,
I was in seventh heaven. I thought that I was dreaming. But it was a
reality. I was kissing and enjoying the aroma of my bhabhi's
vagina/pussy. I start with soft kisses and after words I divided
her thick pubic hair with my fingers and I found her sweet & thick
vagina lips. It was really a show piece. I tried to catch it in my on
palm. I failed. It was really a mound. A love mound. I parted it
and kissed. She started to moan loudly call my names szzeeeee………
zzzeeee….Raaaaaaaj………Raaaaaj. I really enjoyed her loud moans and
started to lick her pussy. It was really good to taste. I never get
such taste from any women I involved sex with. It was completely wet
and I taste the liquid salty. Still I was in my lungi and banian and
my pennies was paining inside. I find out her clitoris and it was one
inch exactly. She started moaning and calling me again.

I inserted my tounge inside her vagina and started fucking with my
tounge. It continued and I was not in a position to leave it. But
she was not in a position stay long. She arched like a arrow and call
my name loudly. Ohhhhhooooooo….zeeeee. Raaaaaajjjjjjjjjjjj……………..
It was her first climax with her devar. I didn't stop my tounge
fuck and I continued. I got her pussy juice and I drank it again
and again. It was realy oozing from and I never see in my sex life
any women discharging such quantity of pussy juice. It was so tasty
and I didn't waste even a single drop. Ha……Maja aaagaya. After a
few minutes she again came to her second and third climax and this
time she requested me to stop my tongue fuck. My tongue was also
paining and I stop for a while. The same time she pulled me to
upwords and reminded me I am in my dresses still. I told her " that
is not my duty to remove my dresses. You have to remove. Without any
hesitation she pulled my banian and slowly removed my lungi. Now me
ina white underwear and she is completely nude. I asked her
permission to put the light on. But she refused and said " no-
no,never do that" I agreed.

There was no time to waste. I start with French kiss again and moving
my tongue away I asked her, did you taste your pussy from my tounge?
Without shame she said "umm" again we locked with tongue and after
words I moved to her boobs again. Now she open her thighs widely and
my thighs entered between her thighs. My cock was hitting on her
pussy exactly. When I was playing with her boobs, she moved her hands
from my back to my waste and started to remove my underwear. In few
seconds she removed it and throw it. Now both of us in totally
nude. I continued my play with her boobs and the same time I
pressed her cock with her widely open vagina. I can feel her wet
vagina with my pole. After few minutes with my surprise, I saw she
is holding my cock in her hand and trying to insert it in her pussy.
I was also in a mood to fuck her hard. As I was tasting her body from
one hour. My pole was so thick and her vagina was tight. It was
not entering properly. After a few minutes try only the head go
inside. And I told her to relax a little. Then slowly I start
moving. Little by little it entered in my dream girls pussy. But it
was so tight and I moved slowly. I don't want to hurt her at any
cost. In a few minutes I got the original speed and from her moan I
understood she is also enjoying the fuck. It was my dream from
years and I am fucking now my bhabhi. Mother of a school boy and
wife of my brother. I fuck her hard and hard, squeez her breasts
inserted my tongue to her mouth and kissed. all same time. It
continued for 10 minutes and a big load of sperm started to rise in
my pennies. She was moaning and calling me and the same time her
fingers scratching my back . I was in a different world and I again
few more minutes, I asked her " bhabhi, is it a safe period for you"
she said "yes, yes, don't worry, you carry on…….." she was also
nearing to her climax and she hold me so tightly. I brought her legs
to my both shoulders and fuck her really hard. This time she said
me " Raj….I am coming………….." and she explored. And I speed up my
engine and fuck her really hard. I though I will damage her vagina by
my hits and I came…………………came……..came…..came…………Yes, I sprayed all my
sperms to my bhabhi's vagina and and I continued my fucking for 2-3
minutes again and laid on her body, keeping my face between her two
boobs. It was my first fuck with my Bhabi-only first fuck. There is
a lot of time still in this night. I will explain to you later. In
this January only….Please wait to know what is our next movement………..

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