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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→ "problem-box" -

♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→ "problem-box"
pb. - ♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→ problem-box
(¨` •.• ´¨) (¨` •.• ´¨)
`•.¸(¨` •.• ´¨)¸.•´
`•. ¸ .•´
S¡tE ApPrOvED bY :-
Write Your ProbLems Inn :- (Hindi, EngLisH, PuJaBi, Or MaRATHI)
And Will Be Solved In Few Hours...
Such as :-
1. Add ur site in :- Just- modified, Top-Sites,
2. Remove aur DeLETE ur profiLes or SitEs(On Req).
3. Transfer oLd profiLE in NEW proFiLE.
4. Repport agaiNst :- EviL, FakEs, SpaM oR aBusERs.
5. To ReMoVE aDuLt TaG Ect...
Do Not Write Same CoMMeNt If You WritEN iN Sum-Other's ProbLem-Box.
♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→ An angel on
ur babe neel pare
22.06.2014 15:42 PDT, zahid7893
please help how do i send gifts
31.01.2014 08:33 PST, rajsa170
hi plz delete my account permanantly i dont want to use it
23.08.2013 21:11 PDT, angel20
17.07.2013 20:01 PDT, Priya (visit my site)
why are my media files unavaible for sending to friends?
17.04.2013 14:17 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
how come i do not see anybody online cleary since yesterday,even on my friend list.
12.04.2013 08:54 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
how to learn english kindly guide me coz little english 1nly i know.
12.02.2013 22:03 PST, alex368
im frm nepal loking nice gf.4long time.
09.02.2013 03:19 PST, gyahendra.rana0
hi i hav sme problem my wife is not interested in sex wht shld i do.
08.02.2013 05:36 PST, ashish.7002
hi sexy u want my big10+ COCK @ph sex me my foking taem 35 TO 45 MINT
07.02.2013 09:20 PST, only reel no fake
i want gegalo job
07.02.2013 09:20 PST, only reel no fake
i want gegalo job
07.02.2013 09:18 PST, only reel no fake
Please remove adult tag on my site thank You.
06.02.2013 11:33 PST, ★download everything★
hi angels fine? iam ebsa send a laptop to me when possbile FUJIYTSU made by Germany then i share you my idea .my lap top is not fuctional please send for me .
01.02.2013 17:53 PST, asterisk*
im single
30.01.2013 01:28 PST, Ericster
how can i upload my own pictures in my file
25.01.2013 11:27 PST, Asaba
how can i upload pictures to my file
25.01.2013 11:17 PST, Asaba
i am dating a girl but the prob is dat we have not had sex what can i do
23.01.2013 13:56 PST, segun138
I ve dated my girl 4 ova 2 yrs bt i have nt had sex wit her neither have i kissed her bt d prbs nw is dat she dosnt give me attension wot am i gona do?
20.01.2013 14:05 PST, onyebuchi.emma.chukwu0
Friend...I have no girl friend...Send me some tips for set girls...Plz
19.01.2013 05:15 PST, saify.awan001
Dear frnd! I hve few grl frnds oly but they were did not talk with me! I want good grl frnd 4 chat in peperioty! So plz try 2 help me plz plz plz!
13.01.2013 09:45 PST, oly4grl
i want my visitors list back on my profile.
09.01.2013 09:16 PST, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
am a male from nigeria,i don't av any real sexual friend or money. Or way to make any am confussed. Pls help
01.01.2013 05:09 PST, chrisnote
my visitors list is missing on my profile n i want it back.A few days back whenever i went online my page showed the number of friends online n was easy for me to know who to chat or greet.please rearrange it for me.thank u.
28.12.2012 07:29 PST, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
I dont have any girl friend . I like to be a good friend to a decent and cute girl . So please give me one cute girl to be friend with me and to share my feelings
25.12.2012 15:54 PST, guruganesh0
i want to only chat with newage real girls
I have no girlfriend yet.please koi ek setting kara do.
10.12.2012 21:38 PST, suraj.das0
I have no girlfriend yet.please koi ek setting kara do.
10.12.2012 21:38 PST, suraj.das0
Please make my site to come in recently modified. thank you.
08.12.2012 18:27 PST, en ammavai kooti koduka ready
mujhe ek esi probalam hai jo koi solution nahi hai
03.12.2012 21:37 PST, mrohi
Need a sweet girl i am alone
03.12.2012 02:03 PST, sam80607
My Problem Is My Love. I Love My Classmate Ramya. She Is Beutiful Girl. But Her Marriage Fixed With Other Boy.
24.11.2012 01:27 PST, vamshi307
22.11.2012 06:10 PST, rockylovers
hi sandy,longtime.i need ur help pls,i want to be happy like other people
21.11.2012 10:15 PST, ccinddy
i ll change my penis is animal horse or donkey penis it is possible or not
20.11.2012 22:05 PST, dddd91
17.11.2012 22:15 PST, clemsjonet
pls add my site just modified
17.11.2012 00:51 PST, EARN MONEY
I want sex partner
16.11.2012 17:43 PST, Only.for.girls
i need a grl to fuck...can anyone help me
12.11.2012 11:43 PST, rahool33
girls chat with me sexy
08.11.2012 20:02 PST, kumar6663 c my blog girls comment
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06.11.2012 06:52 PST
girls can call me for chat 919464375982
30.10.2012 21:43 PDT, harry94643
Add in Top Sites Please!
30.10.2012 02:57 PDT, Gold Productions
We keep getting abused daily put few msg on our blog whould love 2 the bullies and spammers of our sites gone we sick of them all they steal our pics and make sites up about us its just one sad guy every time and the same guy with lots of sites
29.10.2012 08:34 PDT, shake ya bootie x x
pls help msg is not going to my frnds and can't recieve msg from their.
27.10.2012 02:22 PDT, Simran022
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27.10.2012 00:36 PDT, vinashaktools
i am unable to dispatch files n send or receive messages.please help restore them.thank u.
27.10.2012 00:25 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
i am unable to send or receive messages please help me.
26.10.2012 22:29 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
here are not honest girl.plz help me 2give real girl4longlive frindship.
25.10.2012 04:54 PDT, gyahendrarc
yesterday i had a site profile which showed me which friend is online,my area n mailbox but todax all gone n the old peperonity presentation is here.can u help solve this.
25.10.2012 04:26 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
i have adult add on my multimedia gallery n is affecting me when i send something to friends.please help remove them.
25.10.2012 04:17 PDT, narendra.teewaree.only.girls3
hartime sex ka boot svarr rata ha
13.10.2012 18:54 PDT, bapokabap1
I NeEd a sExy GF
13.10.2012 06:29 PDT, ablazing.boy0
sexy girl se baat karaye
07.10.2012 09:47 PDT, abcd731
hi i am roy i can't have girl friend just serch a girl friend in tamil nadu.
06.10.2012 09:39 PDT, roy214
Hi i want to be a sex freak a pornstar can u help pls, possess me with sex demons
05.10.2012 03:01 PDT, blackdick77
Hi i want to be a sex freak a pornstar can u help pls, possess me with sex demons
05.10.2012 03:01 PDT, blackdick77
hi sandy i am looking fr a good lyf partner pls show me some girls who use real id [age:18_19]
02.10.2012 19:50 PDT, arunprasad.d [Plz read my blog]
Hi sandy. I want to talk with friendly girls. Just share my feelings. My num 8883611966
02.10.2012 19:30 PDT, ~~~^^^Heart Break King^^^~~~
Remove my adult tag of my blog and please add it to just modified !!!
29.09.2012 19:26 PDT, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
sandy i want a hot girl r aunty to chat with me in nt .is there any body if there means snd their request to me
27.09.2012 02:45 PDT, sham77700
Helo m arun, contact me 9868716801
24.09.2012 23:50 PDT, akarun1980
my comnts box not showed in my profile.., how can i regain it..?
24.09.2012 06:48 PDT, «♣»Bristy«♦»Bilas«♣»
Sarching my dream love
20.09.2012 03:27 PDT, Rajkumar
Hey sandy,a began masterbathng xince awaz 14.av alwyz tried 2 avoid it bur its a task.advice me n wa 2 do.
18.09.2012 09:06 PDT, beaxt
Hi frnds,how are u?
16.09.2012 23:58 PDT, UNKNWN
Angels I love to chat wid real girls is der any add me
15.09.2012 04:24 PDT, rehan.shehzada99
Please i want to get my friend viji1230
09.09.2012 23:42 PDT, kandaswmy8
plz help me 2provide simpal girl 4my life.
09.09.2012 05:21 PDT, gyahendrarc
delete my id as early u can_thanks
05.09.2012 03:21 PDT, _EXIT_
Plz help me to remove adult warning tag from my site. I have deleted the page with adult content from my site!
28.08.2012 19:56 PDT, Asif iqbal
I am tired of being alone. I want a lady in my life. lots of love to give for the right one. can you help ?
25.08.2012 20:18 PDT, keiffers
iwant tamil sexy girl moboile number.
22.08.2012 10:36 PDT, see my hot blog
13.08.2012 09:49 PDT, jessi850
Hello Madam Angel, Kindly check this site and inform me why it is listed as an adult site..?? There's no single adult file at that site. My site is fresh. I'll be more than happy if you remove that damn adult tag from my site.
04.08.2012 06:08 PDT, ♫ ‎عχợřčịﻛţ ♪
Dear Angle I am Realy Sorry And I remove my all adult matirial so Plz plz Plz remove my site adult tag in
I want to do phonesex with any girl. But i cant find any girl to do this. Tell me what can i do?
Hey how u? I could be doin with an angel jst now ;) x
26.07.2012 06:04 PDT, johnhp
Get this site deleted. It has abusive content.
21.07.2012 18:15 PDT, Gold Productions
i'm sriram,i dnt have any girl frnd to talk nd chat ,helpme
21.07.2012 13:53 PDT, sriram678
21.07.2012 05:39 PDT, *NEW EROTIK SITE!
20.07.2012 04:59 PDT, Gold Productions
Please add in Most Hits!
20.07.2012 04:59 PDT, Gold Productions
Hello my sister! I request you please remove adult tag fro my site thank u
08.07.2012 23:19 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
Hello my sweet sister! I request you please remove adult tag fro my blog i have removed the adult picture from my blog. Please... I am watting for my solution
05.07.2012 00:40 PDT, ♥Shining STAR♥
hello moderator .. come to require the exclusion of a site that violates the rules serve to threaten and attack me. publishing pictures of me and smearing my image. I wish some provision be made so that we do not have future problems. If my request is not met I will have to resort to a federal agency from my country to enter a process more seriously. please help me. the address of this site aaa-aki awaiting a response
29.06.2012 21:28 PDT, † M ϟ
U re very hot nd nice
27.06.2012 02:03 PDT, yusy2
Muje jo chahi ye vo milta nahi
26.06.2012 13:05 PDT, sanju0028
What do u do to stay longer wen having sex
26.06.2012 03:11 PDT, eleojo
Can u help me to make her fall in luv
25.06.2012 01:53 PDT, priya.only.girls.lesbian.sex5
i m boy.i luv a grl she lke me but she s nt ready to marry me she s nt responding me but still i m with her in my heart
25.06.2012 01:52 PDT, priya.only.girls.lesbian.sex5
What do u do when u luv some 1 and they know it 2 but they still f**k wit some else but they come back an tell u i still luv u an i still want 2 b wit u.
24.06.2012 20:01 PDT, damnilikethat
Hi im from jaipur.plz c8 with me
24.06.2012 05:02 PDT, ajinkya sharan
Im sumon.I have a frnd named oishi.I love her.The link of the id is this id has been hacked an abuser named mehedi.The link of the profile of the hacker is this hacker said me that he wil give oishi's id back if l give him tk500.Plz punish the hacker and let us get the oishi's id back.Plz...Im waiting for ur help.Plz help us
23.06.2012 22:22 PDT, Don
Im having a problem with cash and at work i really need to transfer to a better wife told me that the child she was carrying was not mine.plz help
23.06.2012 22:03 PDT, latyshah
Im sumon.I have a frnd named oishi.Her nick is "projapoti mon" the link of the id is this id has been hacked by some abusers.Plz let us get the id back.Plz....
23.06.2012 20:52 PDT, Don
am corp member serving somewhere in nigeria and is being owned 4months allowance
23.06.2012 10:55 PDT, okwudili.simons0
am corp member serving somewhere in nigeria and is being owned 4months allowance
23.06.2012 10:53 PDT, okwudili.simons0
muje mere lund ka size badana hai batao kya karun
23.06.2012 09:41 PDT, arman.khan43
me eak esi ladki se pyar karta hu jise mene kabhi nahi dekha. or ham 5 se contintue h. wo kehti h ager hamari kismat me to eak bar milege. use mil sakta nahi hu chod sakta nahi hu. me kya karu.
23.06.2012 05:50 PDT, ling raj{Alp}
Nice name shim,im chinese...i hv a sick that no medicine can heal me,it can't kill me,but it pain me already 3year,i hv try in every hospital,can u help me by add my name in ur prayer...thankx angel...may god bless u...
23.06.2012 03:51 PDT, 『shinigami』
i want some money can u help
22.06.2012 22:03 PDT, vj91
i need money 2 further my education pls
22.06.2012 21:13 PDT, erobest30
22.06.2012 06:07 PDT, cool.guy
most imp that peperonity has to give more security to user... for decent people other wise....
Madam pls add just modified my site
22.06.2012 02:48 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
Madam pls add just modified my site
22.06.2012 02:48 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
i want one girl friend, so you help me, and i am unmarried.
21.06.2012 16:45 PDT, mahesh.wagh2
I can't upload or download on my china phone
21.06.2012 10:01 PDT, mac.solomon
I can't upload or dowmload on my china phone
21.06.2012 09:56 PDT, mac.solomon
Add my site in just modified
21.06.2012 09:48 PDT, CR7 Blue Gangster
My gl is bit elder 2 me, she cant leave her parentz, nd i cant take her 2 my hm wthout my parentz, nd i havnt compled my studies yet, nd now she iz facing matches 4 her future life... She has oposed many matches in past coz of me, nd now she want 2 say s
21.06.2012 07:49 PDT, naresh.angel
how do you stop receiving updates from this site on your email? the updates are too much and just cloud my mailbox.
16.06.2012 07:50 PDT, vonne91
I need a teenage girlfriend. I m 16.
15.06.2012 04:40 PDT, titanic3d
Add my blog to latest entries
12.06.2012 04:51 PDT, CR7 Blue Gangster
im loking god honesj and lovly girl4my lifefrind.plz help me.
11.06.2012 20:15 PDT, gyahendrarc
Hello friend, this following site still has adult tag since it the author of the site has removed the explicit pic 3 months before. Please visit this site again and remove the adult tag.
10.06.2012 13:52 PDT, Dipto
Please please add my site in Just modified!
09.06.2012 19:29 PDT, Gold Productions
i wrote in others problem box but were closed(respective site) so if this is available please remove adult tag
06.06.2012 06:51 PDT, AlexEnigma
27.05.2012 08:48 PDT, thanx pep
Remo adult tag my site
26.05.2012 23:34 PDT, thanx pep
There isnt any adult pic in my site, but pepe team has just added an adult tag. Plz remove it
25.05.2012 11:10 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
There isnt any adult pic in my blog, but pepe team has just added an adult tag. Plz remove it
25.05.2012 11:09 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
Pls add new and just modified
25.05.2012 11:06 PDT, ░Rαмєsн●Tнαkuя░
I want real sex with lady or girl ... Any where in india... Ok all expense are debited in my account ... I have personal account money .. Is 200000 to 500000
25.05.2012 06:19 PDT,
Please Remove Adult Tag from my Gamers Site!PLEASE!I hate stupid tag!
i would like to set my fonts, how do i do it?
21.05.2012 21:34 PDT, Jonmalo
15.05.2012 02:44 PDT, sunita˚²º¹²˚
please,,, Add my site in top sites,,, thanks for ur help before :)
11.05.2012 14:48 PDT, ★xΨ λιђαкіэм Ψx☆
Add My Blog As No #1 on The Best blog List.just Check it once.
10.05.2012 19:43 PDT, ☆☆SHOPNIL☆ SHAFI ☆ ☆
09.05.2012 03:50 PDT, prana3822
ihave no trufrind loking my lifefrind who love me and respect myfelling.
07.05.2012 19:25 PDT, gyahendrarc
I have a problem.want solution.
04.05.2012 21:02 PDT, [EX-CUSE ME] KHUDA HAFEZ FND
24.04.2012 12:05 PDT, sahiljan1
Please remove adult tag from site and Add my blog in Latest entries.
22.04.2012 09:26 PDT, prana3822
21.04.2012 03:06 PDT, CR7 Blue Gangster
20.04.2012 18:03 PDT, gajapathi20.ymail.in0
Please Add my blog in latest entries And remove Adult tag from site .Thanks!
18.04.2012 06:09 PDT, prana3822
09.04.2012 04:48 PDT, D.K.BØS$.ψ.σηє-¹
i send some pictures to for placement and mentioned my site but nothing happened
08.04.2012 20:23 PDT, leeuloop13
Maine yahan baht sari female ko msg kiya magr kisi ne bhi reply nahi kiya.
05.04.2012 19:53 PDT, Aatir
Yha koi b reply kyo ni krta muje :(
04.04.2012 14:41 PDT, wk
04.04.2012 12:45 PDT, *NEW EROTIK SITE!
hello friend. may i ask help in opening an i.d. of mine which i accidentally locked. i would appreciate it very much if you can help me open it. the locked pep id that needs to be unlocked is annakumm. thank u friend. inanna.
04.04.2012 12:15 PDT, free spirit
My dear Pls Remove The Adult Tag In My Site
04.04.2012 04:31 PDT, musнα4γου
Plz add my site to just modifaied
01.04.2012 23:51 PDT, Don
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Hello My Dear Friend Remove Adult Tag From My Site
30.03.2012 18:22 PDT, ░▒▓☺VASIM☺▓▒░
Please help me, why I can not login on profil mochamadsaein. I was very sad because almost three years to building this site help me pls why?? Error This user account is not available. You can return to the previous page with the back key.
28.03.2012 08:49 PDT, Se'in-dah
Please help me, why I can login on profil mochamadsaein. I was very sad because almost three years to building this site help me pls why?? Error This user account is not available. You can return to the previous page with the back key.
28.03.2012 08:48 PDT, Se'in-dah
i want a cute, smart and beutiful girlfrnd
28.03.2012 03:53 PDT, ashwani.awasthi0
i am single im not happy about it
26.03.2012 12:21 PDT, pennis210
Hello plz i need a sugar mummy 2 f**k am 23 yearz old plz contact me +23481982386
26.03.2012 10:07 PDT, oyahnow
Why girls lv is nt true i lvd a girl she lvd me to for4years but she leaved me she chosed another boy why
25.03.2012 10:35 PDT, reheman0
25.03.2012 04:52 PDT, prana3822
frnd latest entires my blog pls »
How to delete friends list and friendship offer list pls
18.03.2012 00:41 PDT, Telugu
I lik 2 creat site lik u...wht i can do...giv me solution plz...
14.03.2012 22:39 PDT, Romeo Juliet Romeo Juliet
Please remove adult tag from my site
11.03.2012 20:18 PDT, ॥SUSHI॥ HAPPY HOUSEWIFE
im confused,i dont know what got into me lately,i feel so lonely as if the whole world is against me.what i noticed is that im now im not intrested in relationships,i even thought that i was bisexual but no.what can ido
10.03.2012 14:04 PST, ellisa.masinga0
I knw ur indian ! is possible fr indiangirl be married by afrcan boy or luv s after money and color(same people)
09.03.2012 16:33 PST, romario37
Til moment i didnt ever get into loveaffair and my fear if get smone 2 luv me , hw can i knw she real lv me or not?
09.03.2012 16:26 PST, romario37
Add in Just modified pls
08.03.2012 19:51 PST, Gold Productions
08.03.2012 09:07 PST, CHUDDAKAD LUND
08.03.2012 03:51 PST, incest.friend.mujhe.achcha.l0
please add my site in just modefides. It is much batter then others.please please please...
08.03.2012 00:02 PST, ♥Shining STAR♥
please add my this site in just modefides. It is much batter then others. Plz plz plz
07.03.2012 23:56 PST, ♥Shining STAR♥
07.03.2012 15:49 PST, Sanya4U
Add may site justmodi fi ed plees plees
Mai ak ladki sai pyar karta hu
05.03.2012 05:20 PST, ajay.301604
Mam meri site per pics nahi dikh rahi hai sare words bhi black and white me aa rahe hai please problem kya hai mujhe samajhme nahi aaraha hai only words show hote hai pics aour media files nahi dikhte so please find out that problem
04.03.2012 00:52 PST, $@m€€r £oves If@.
I would like to delete all my site and start afresh.
03.03.2012 10:21 PST, Jonmalo
03.03.2012 07:19 PST, Simran rani
Please add in Just modyfied
03.03.2012 05:04 PST, Gold Productions
Hw can i delet my id permantaly sis . Plzz help me
02.03.2012 03:29 PST, CHILL*BINDASS••◄
Remove adult tag from
01.03.2012 04:57 PST, Dreamful Orko
Kisi ka blog delete kaise ho sakta h agr wo galat kar raha h kisi ke liye uske bare me kush likh kar
26.02.2012 09:47 PST, Allahabad boy
Want to delete my accoun please help me
26.02.2012 07:05 PST, aaaa
Want to delete my accoun please help me
26.02.2012 07:05 PST, aaaa
25.02.2012 11:08 PST, manmadhan35
Account delete kaise hota h, plz rply
24.02.2012 10:06 PST, vikas
23.02.2012 07:48 PST, ♥Shama♥
22.02.2012 22:01 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
problam is i want fuck 18plus what how to get it
22.02.2012 06:27 PST, mtv109
So do you talk to angels? i cant think of just one problem. So could you tell me what an Angel wants me to know?
21.02.2012 15:51 PST, brodychoose
Plz remove adult tag from .. There no rason for it
18.02.2012 07:17 PST, Hridoy
Meri ek bhi girl dost nahi hai.
18.02.2012 02:40 PST, pardeep1100
Hi Friend Please Help Me Remove Adult Tag
16.02.2012 17:58 PST, ░▒▓☺VASIM☺▓▒░
hello! play game and win money is very simple just register.
16.02.2012 00:15 PST, make_money
Plz i need a seriouse soulmate
15.02.2012 09:42 PST, Prince
Hi. Add my site to just modified list please. Thank you.
15.02.2012 04:03 PST, swastik
Please add my site to just modified. Thank you.
15.02.2012 03:01 PST, swastik
hi,am luking 4 a young nd beautiful girl.
14.02.2012 11:10 PST, keddo
Please Remove Adult Warning from my gaming site!It isnt adult site!Please,i waiting more then 7days!Check it and you will see! Please!
sanya problem is that i want friendship with you you are agree with me plz rply me now
13.02.2012 18:39 PST, rabia.kanwal.86928
I just recently lost my big sister laura to cancer. I have lost loved ones dear to me such as my daughter heather and my big brother john and numerouse friends and family . I find myself having such a hard time dealing with the loss of laura i think maybe because she suffered so till the end she died surrounded by all her loved ones in her home it was a very painful and long love angry diesease . . Cancer . . .and to see it take her like it did just tears me apart and her not being around it happened without warning and took over and there was nothing i could do to save her i just want her to ...
12.02.2012 21:53 PST, cathybatytx
hi i want girl to love in bangalore
11.02.2012 01:55 PST, bangaloreboy1
tum kahan ho?
10.02.2012 02:15 PST,  Rαмeez
09.02.2012 12:04 PST, Ameen
09.02.2012 12:03 PST, Ameen
Why don't you delete my account?? pls..delete my id.
08.02.2012 23:42 PST, Bye Bye
Add my site to just modified
08.02.2012 05:43 PST, Golden Star Ganesh
u are realy looking great
06.02.2012 22:28 PST, razman13
hi, Sanya. pls, delete my id.
06.02.2012 09:02 PST, WithU
hi .. plz could u remove adult tag in my site
06.02.2012 08:17 PST, Hridoy
06.02.2012 07:49 PST, Hi
u have aney problum i am ther in u r live aks* me
05.02.2012 21:26 PST, --==:ROcKY:NAvED:==--
Plz my old id user name photon007 give me block i humble request to u
05.02.2012 10:24 PST, ‎♥°°ŊєєŁ‏‎ →
Hi, my lover run away. Pls solve my Prblm.
05.02.2012 07:24 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Gd tumhari guidline sahi hai supriya
05.02.2012 04:07 PST, I want lucknow gril
Pls wnt who some who truly love u should behave 2 u as a lady
04.02.2012 14:29 PST, modesty1
04.02.2012 07:32 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
04.02.2012 07:31 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
Duddy, meri ek profile h jiske password bhul gya hu, me ushe open krna chahta hu, plz help me.
03.02.2012 11:26 PST, SAM loves ASM
dear sister. add my blog on top in most hits blog section. thanx in advance
03.02.2012 04:58 PST, Rain Drops
I have made a couple of beautiful sites.May i call you to suggest how these can be improved So that They myt be placed at nice english sites, with team sisy's place ? any idea mam?
03.02.2012 03:19 PST, islam invaded
Hlw dear plz plz plz add my site just modifed thank u.............
02.02.2012 19:39 PST, SpyKer Hridoy
02.02.2012 18:59 PST, Hi
pls remove adult tag pls add just modified
02.02.2012 18:58 PST, Hi
hello, please add my site to "just modified." thank you:-)
02.02.2012 08:12 PST, •âme fragile•
Hello sis plz reopen my old id i promise i never do any activity which hurt smbody if i did in past m sorry fr that plz give my id back that id imp. .to me plzzz sister
01.02.2012 21:38 PST, ‎♥°°ŊєєŁ‏‎ →
hello mem plz fast modified my site plz.....thankss
01.02.2012 18:00 PST, search best frnd
Hi Sanya sis. Every main chatroom of peperonity ( Flirtatious, Teenzone, Coffee Bar, Mobi Zone and International ) of the site gets overcrowded by many flooders these days especially in the evening (IST) . These flooders comes in fake IDs and disturbs other chatters. It becomes completely impossible to chat in the presence of these flooders. They does useless floods and abuses. Please do something to stop this so that all we decent chatters can chat there peacefully since we all are chatting there from many days. Plz do the needful. Thanks.
01.02.2012 09:38 PST, Damned Man
hello mem plz modified my site.
hello sister plz modified my site
dear remove adult tag from
01.02.2012 06:56 PST, ◊иΐkнΐL GσγαL♥
Hi , pls add my Blog in Most Hitz
31.01.2012 22:27 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
How 2 completely delete a site
31.01.2012 17:30 PST, RICKY HUNT
Remove my Id plz....
31.01.2012 06:11 PST, assameseboy
Many Helping Sites Write in Their Sites "SITE CLOSED". Users r Confused. Which Helping Site is Wrkng which nt. Please Revise "HELPING HAND" Page of "SANDYPEP". THNX
31.01.2012 05:22 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
HelloW... Kindly RemOve my blog from latest entry..... Thank yOu
Hi , add my site in just modify
30.01.2012 23:18 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Add my site to just modified
30.01.2012 17:48 PST, Golden Star Ganesh
I wil not come here Again..Delete my ID Plz..
30.01.2012 05:19 PST, Bye Bye
To remove adult tag etc
30.01.2012 05:11 PST, Priya
delete my id permanently plz
29.01.2012 22:19 PST, god bless u . Bye
Hello Sanya mam. I am introducinG u biGGest abuser in peperonity. See this messaGe from Repunzalo From: REPUNZALO ||Mr. Perfect||||PEP.HELPER|| Sent: 29.01.2012 13:00 IST Why mamu leaving pep,did your mom not suck your cock to ask me friendship -----Original Message----- From: Suraj Leaving Pepe Soon Sent: 29.01.2012 12:58 IST Subject:Hai repunzalo can we be friends here » Reply » Report a violation » Delete » Offer friendship » Ignore this User « Message list » Road Ultimate Speed Hunting @ just 99/- « - Free mobile videos, pics, blogs, chat, sites and f...
29.01.2012 01:48 PST, Nalina S.A
Please Remove (delete) my account.
28.01.2012 03:46 PST, Vijay
Hlw..dear, plz add my site just modified
28.01.2012 02:14 PST, SpyKer Hridoy
Add my site to just modified
28.01.2012 02:03 PST, fuck 0ff!
28.01.2012 00:32 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
Plz sister move my site from my following proflite to my other profile which link is plz do it as soon as posible.Im always greatful to u.
27.01.2012 23:48 PST, Don
hi my dear friend plz remove adult tag in my site
Mera mobile 2730ha jisme pahle u tuv chalta ta ab kaneksan fail batata h
27.01.2012 20:13 PST, Dyanandchaube
Pls add my Site in Just Modified
27.01.2012 18:05 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Hi Dear Friend Please Help Me Add My Site In Most Hits TopSite
27.01.2012 16:27 PST, ░▒▓☺VASIM☺▓▒░

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