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♥•·.¸¸.·Report→ Black-Mailr's & Abuser's -

♥•·.¸¸.·Report→ Black-Mailr's & Abuser's
тнє вєsт нєLριηG sιтє ιη ρєρєяσηιту Fσя υ
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♥•·.¸¸.·Sάйγά→ HeLp¡Ng
One more sweetie .......From: Real Friend Sent: 02.02.2012 09:01 PST Go...if u can then block my id.don't wastemy time.buddy
Here is one more..........From: Real Friend Sent: 02.02.2012 09:05 PST Time to sex,where is ur her
Huni here is more ...........From: Real Friend Sent: 02.02.2012 08:53 PST Really?am i a women?hehehe....blody dog.ur dog,ur wife is cat.ur mother is sexy....oom
Huni its me mama I have over 10 abusing message from this abuser. From: Real Friend Sent: 02.02.2012 08:13 PST Hey greece bull dog and bitch,do ur work.when i disturb u?ur sexy wife first disturb me busterd.control her blody mosquito
sis pls help me...this guy has asked for my phn number n when i sd m nt giving he has threat me dat he gna block my id n gv my id link in fb s a call grl u cn read his pm... From: şαgαя мαlнστяα Sent: 01.02.2012 16:23 CET Fake id ko me bhi dost nhi banata, link tumhra ab facebook per dalunga. -----Original Message----- this dog has been a gud frnd to me just cos i dnt wna gv him my number nw hes doin this n accusing m a guy n doin adult chat....he has used sandy, musayel, vishal n tarun name saying thy ol r his frnds n vil do wht al he wnts...pls help me ...hope u vil do justice......
01.02.2012 10:49 EST, •♥• and Are just abusing me with out reason. REPUNZALO SAYING I AM HELPER I WILL SOLB. Your problem send me password. As all we know maithly is fake and saying just go mom fucker. ITS MY REQUEST TO BLOCK THIS 2 PEOPLE
29.01.2012 04:26 EST, Nalina S.A
Agar sach me helping hand ho aur peperonity ke logo ko jhus dekhna chahte ho ap log to plzzzz plzzzz ban lagaie jo abuser gai unpe In dono link pe jaie
26.01.2012 01:59 EST, §-kumar-rahul-§
Dearest the following are highly edited message from in their blog these two should have their account blocked they edited myy messages to them sandy knows me an that iam not this kinda woman to send this type of crap so talk with sandy an kick them out they are sick perverted porn queens mr,madman<- Sent: 24.01.2012 18:51 GMT what do yo mean ,,now" you were straight by now, dont feel offended but i'm homophobe you dike! -----Original Message----- From: tina.lara1 Sent: 24.01.2012 20:48 EET Subject: Only girls now im lesbian » Write comment » More comments 9 Comments: From: mr,madman<- Sent: 25.01.2012 07:14 GMT take my advice, go hide, me and a hole bunch of people are startinga new era of holocaust just for homosexuals, by the way i'm not racist,i'm ethnical discriminative, i don't judge humans by the race, i judge them by their ethn... mr,madman<- Sent: 24.01.2012 19:10 GMT I HOPE ALL OF YOU HOMOSEXUALS WORK TO DEATH IN THE NATZI CAMPS, BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY AND A TERRIFYING ABOMINATION UPON THE UNIVERSE -----Original Message----- From: tina.lara1 Sent: 24.01.2012 21:02 EET Subject: It ok i know who u are retard From: mr,madman<- Sent: 24.01.2012 19:05 GMT i'm not retard, i'm a very racist bastard, but i'm normal AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!! -----Original wanna hear more,??? butt-fucker, dickdetective, penis patrol, intestinal investigator, butt barbarian, penis pogo jumper,fagott, queen of the queer, -----Original Message----- From: tina.lara1 Sent: 24.01.2012 20:54
The following are highly edited. Message found in blog an they should lose their accounts. An be lock out of know me an so does sandy I never send messages of this nature so please cancell their accounts see following message on next page thanks your mama........
Dear admin need to draw attention to these abuser(s) and ban all the I/Ps of & my blog may be visited for the abuses that i have been receiving for years at it may be noted that i request to ban the IPs if possible ! with all the best regards
25.01.2012 10:47 EST, fire baby (out of the den)
Its fyn if the abusive ids r dltd but what if they creat a new id and abuse ? are the peperonity serious when it comes to granting a conducive environment for the gentle users who are being abused, humiliated daily ? Cnt the I/Ps be banned or made public ? now i have an impression that while in pep either you abuse without fear of geting your id dltd or if you are here for your sites then pay the price by being abused by the fake users !
24.01.2012 11:41 EST, fire baby (out of the den)
1st you should to go the site chatrooms coffe zone and flirtarios zone.. And pick the abusers... You know all abuser are present there
24.01.2012 11:14 EST, §-kumar-rahul-§
HelloW I wOuld like too intrOduce a big fake ID that is Keerthan nOw using femail ID and giving fake zero vOtes to other blog holders this is his blog plz check his blog he always give zero vOtes so plz block this ID
The abuse continues all day have received over 10 nasty mils from this child. From: gemma.atkinson Sent: 23.01.2012 15:20 PST Made my point all rest of your msg will bon my blog 2morrow u dont fool anyonenot even my pet rat bye bye dont waist your breath my frend will b on your case 2 morrow
Dearest daughter see................From: tina.lara1 Sent: 22.01.2012 12:15 PST Police your a fuckingtwisted freak gemma will sort u big time she we gave pep lots time 2 fuck u lot of so we got out side help cant wait 4 them 2 fuck uup once and 4 all sandy had 2 many chances on hear gem going 2 send her all your msgs so have i think i blockd u your wrong they all on hard drive asshole
Sanya mama here just recived more messages from these abusers in nusbands mail ......From: tina.lara1 Sent: 22.01.2012 09:12 PST Mr&mrs hahagahaha lmfao u sad buntch of cunts put that on ya bros blog -----Original Message----- From: Mr.A & Mrs.K Ki$€b@k@£i$ "£Ov€fOr€v€r" Sent: 22.01.2012 03:18 GMT Subject: Comment in gemma9
Dearest received this abuse fron this unknown abuser she is underage. User with porn on her sites I need you to stop this abuser please message me not my hubby ........Your the biggest trouble maker on pep ihave team of lawyers and frends of facebook cyber bullie team waiting 4 your coments 2 apear on our site y do u try 2 use fake sites as u say your brother u abuse ppl it about time sandygot rid of you once and 4 all ive let coment on sandys geustbook i am waiting 4 awnser from her u are just a cyber bullie and beleve me i am not i will and i am going 2 take this mater further so dont threat...
Please sanya not message me talk with my woife here is more from this child abuser.......From: gemma.atkinson Sent: 21.01.2012 17:46 PST Thank you so mutch 4 msg now team can trace you and bye the way im 26 and i am doing what i sayi wamt u arested 4 cyber abuseing my frend send the police i want u 2 your a twisted freak i aint no baby thank you now i have link 2 send 2 facebook team thank you we will b intoutch gemma.atkinson find me on facebook.comu on my account bye -----Original Message----- From: Mr.A & Mrs.K Ki$€b@k@£i$ "£Ov€fOr€v€r" Sent: 22.01.2012 01:36 GMT Subject: Last warning to yo...
Sanya this unknown user sending abusing messages to us she claims frndship with tina lara1 who wher cancelled by sandy for child porn these two have polkice record for child porn movies confirmed to me. Please talk with my wife ..tasos....From: gemma.atkinson Sent: 21.01.2012 17:52 PST Your a fool tinas been waiting a year4 that crap what u said i am the real thing try do me 4 underage u know nothing about me but beleve me u are going 2 i dont care about pep im hear 4 ppl like you welcome 2the real world greece hahahaga i know where you are u are full of rubbish bet mr wolf b next i do hopeso ...
Dear this profile of the child abuser she claims frndshp with tina lara1 they were kicked out by sandy over 1 year.ago these two porn users an have police records with metro police in london for making children porn movies........take action pleasegemma.atkinson Gemma. Atkinson ( female , 16 ) London, United Kingdom Last login: today
My girl friend left me alone;-( so pls pray for me for we ll get together soon.
18.01.2012 09:48 EST, hotmuthu90
Hellow... Plz block this user who always threating me in the name of Helper and this time he told me that he wil hack toO :- Message From: ▒ॐ.CHAITI.ॐ™▒→||γσu cαn"тsєємє|| Sent: 16.01.2012 21:19 CET Dam hai to mera site block karky dika open chaleng karraha hu Aur sanya gril ho ya boy ho mujy koi laena dena nahi vo meri sister banchuki hai bas -----Original Message----- From:ÐĬÞŬ∕∕∕TĦЄ∕∕∕∕Ħ℮ŁŁ∕∕∕∕βσץ™ Sent: 16.01.2012 22:24 IST Subject: Hmmm ! Bye » Reply » Report a violation » Delete » Offer friendship » Ignore this User « Message list
HelloW... Plz block this Hacker cum Abuser who always used to thrits me:- From: ▒ॐ.CHAITI.ॐ™▒→||γσu cαn"тsєємє|| Sent: 16.01.2012 21:19 CET Dam hai to mera site block karky dika open chaleng karraha hu Aur sanya gril ho ya boy ho mujy koi laena dena nahi vo meri sister banchuki hai bas -----Original Message----- From:ÐĬÞŬ∕∕∕TĦЄ∕∕∕∕Ħ℮ŁŁ∕∕∕∕βσץ™ Sent: 16.01.2012 22:24 IST Subject:
My mac pro just finiished running security program detection of fault in voting program it possible to to use fake ID an vote more then one time possible to stack votes .!!!! I owe you an apology for not being more careful... This glitch never exsisted a year ago.. Sorry for yelling at you.....
Still constantly being abusd by a site and it the source of all our abuse even the main souce got coment on this blog msg me and i hint you the site or i will take it further even against pep i want these sites gone once and 4 ever make pep a great place x tina
07.01.2012 20:27 EST, tina.lara1
07.01.2012 11:59 EST, Littleboy 4u
I can confirm that Tina and Lara are being bullied. The site admin should delete and block ppl that use other users pics and sites. Its disgraceful
06.01.2012 08:03 EST, .Bonkaz
We are being constantly bullied and he is copying and useing our pictures what can we do 2 stop the abuse please reply x tina & lara x
06.01.2012 07:33 EST, tina.lara1
fuck this guy "sharmadmarriad" he is creating a lot of disturbance to me and my friends also he use abusive words
05.01.2012 23:52 EST, gudia
HelloW Dear Sanya... Plz Delete this abuser's ID... And take sOme effective stage frOm that kind of abuse and fake users like naccessary of E-mail ID... However just look at this abuse user and his cOmment in Sandy's GB===> Rakesh khuria ek namard hai sala chaka 6 is ki biwi mere sath bhaag gai hai ye to namak haram hai sala rakesh khuria teri behan ki gand me lal mirchi dal ke me chodu ga sorunga na me tere bap b sale pata nahi kitne hoge sala randi ka lund madarchod shemale ye dekho real rakesh khudia ka photo mere blok me hai ye sab dhayan laga kar deko http://rakesh.khudia.shemale.pepe...
Hellow madam. This users blackmail me. She/he have ma cell nmber and orznl picture . This user owner of . She/he wants money from me.
16.12.2011 11:44 EST, Rain Drops
Hi Sanya... Plz Delete this abusive as well as fake Id who is mis-using RakesH BrO'S name.... As sOoN as pOsible
06.12.2011 08:45 EST, •♥•
Dear sis i caught a fake porn site which iz created by peperonity's top abuser guy damned lolz. .so i requested 2 u delet that site as soon as posible sis I will be thankful of yourz sis. T.c
30.11.2011 11:06 EST, "AtuL"
Nan oru sexy boy. Enaku sex na china vayasula erunthae pidikum. Enga oru ponnum enkooda sex chat pana matranga. Naan rompa nala paiyan. Epdiyavathu enaku oru nalla alagaana pona parthu sex chat pana anupunga. Seekirama anupunga epo naan thaniya than erukaen. En mood kuraiyurathukula oru pona anupunga. Thanking u.
28.11.2011 23:58 EST, romeo.nellai00(F4E)
Mobizone la daily sanda poduranga. Avanungala adakanum.
27.11.2011 01:56 EST, romeo.nellai00(F4E)
why peperonity block my best friend account
22.11.2011 21:48 EST, Saba Abbasi
Black Metal & Death Metal.
20.11.2011 05:40 EST, INFALLIBLE
HellO... These are the abuse user whO have been written bad cOmments just loOks== 1) hi written = Yeh main site per kia Gando0o key pics lagaye hain.aur blog main b Gand0o0 hai 19.11.2011 12:56 CET, DJ-Кhawas Jatt » Message to DJ-Кhawas Jatt and next 2) he written== Hijday tu bhe madarchod .Jeet ko panay ko bhanchod mastana ma.bahen chuda sakta hai.sala.anita. Ko chod raha tha.suneel ke bahan.aryan ke ma ko chodtahai bay.gandu tu bhe ma chuda 18.11.2011 20:15 CET, Madarchod.mastana » Message to M...
Please make your text an links to be in greater contrast to black backround this page difficult to read... Thank you
VerY GoOd infOrmatiOn... 4 the users who are suffering with this kinds of fake and abuse users.... It shOuld be eradicated... Hmmm....Thanx Sanya..

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