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.: Problem BoX :. -

.: Problem BoX :.
Write down only PEPERONITY related PROBLEMS/questions.
#Pls don't submit your site problem if you already submitted your problem in any other 'users help user' in this category site.
# Pls submit ur report on 'REPORT SITE' page, not on 'problem box'.
My Site has only 4 Pages & One G Book page. In 4 Pages only 2 r wd external Links. Than Hw my Site has Too Much External Links. See one
08.02.2012 09:05 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Add my site to just modified
08.02.2012 08:47 EST, Golden Star Ganesh
Hi , from last One Month I write to all New & Old Helpers Even to Sandy also To Add My Site in Just Modify & Every time I Informed that My Prblm Sent to Moderation Team. Bt Still My Prblm Didnt Solved. So It Is Request To u "PLEASE DELETE MY ACCNT". Thnx
08.02.2012 06:58 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Hi. I want to remove warning tag from my site. Pls help. Thanks in advance...
08.02.2012 05:23 EST, ]]_Mr.Attitude_[['rulz
Hlw sir , This site add site of the week thank u.........!
07.02.2012 12:28 EST, SpyKer Hridoy
Sir, there are a lot of flooders and abusers in chat room of we can't chat there properly. They make a lot of fake id's and abuse there. Sir please make your security system strong. Its a request from all of us chatters of your site. Thanx a lot.
07.02.2012 08:43 EST, ʟᴏᴀᴅɪɴɢ...
Sir help see wolfgang made new profile after pepe team delete his ID and now slanderme that me distrub kathy with nasty massages ,olala ..always bring my name for his cheapo gossip. I think wolfie havesick minded ,always want SPREAD ISSUETO RUMOR WAR in pep with slander cheapo , I havent enemy ,dont searchingpopularity as formality and others as victim ,remind it ! 06.02.2012 18:31 PST, √ ђσмεsταy
06.02.2012 22:31 EST, Wolfgang
Sir here my proof ...The great abuser WOLFGANG’s id has been deleted by pep team. ERNIE sis associated us to report against him & we hv becum successful. Thanks Erine sis 
06.02.2012 22:27 EST, Wolfgang
Sir.... I do not you an I try to mind my own business many months ago this sks fellow was cancelled by my sista kathy for lying he stalked her for over a month with nasty messages to her husband an her... So I made a blog about him now this oild big nose ernie who fancies herself as queen if pep stuck her nose in my business an helped sks get my site cancelled I left a comment in asking these two to leave me alone an now this hag fills sandy's gb with her hate again
06.02.2012 22:19 EST, Wolfgang
Dada, pls add my Site in Just Modify & Search-Directory
06.02.2012 19:26 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Please Brother Add My Site In Top List, Thanks
06.02.2012 10:22 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Dada please add this site in top site.;jsessionid=CE7B34C93CA4BAAF2D3E8FB21A437372.cdb02
Hlw dear this site just modified thank u......!!
05.02.2012 12:16 EST, SpyKer Hridoy
Dear.......She is nutz.......From: ♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→AnangeL on help™ Sent: 05.02.2012 00:35 PST :p :p :p (^,^) i knw u r sandy sisy. Heheu cant f0ol me hunni -----Original Message----- From: Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r” Sent: 05.02.2012 14:00 IST Subject: You lost your mind............From: ♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→An angeL on help™ Sent: 05.02.2012 00:24 PST Huh. I knw who u are, and which is ur orignal id. Nd i too knw why you creatd this acc huni. I knw mss frilingsdroft is you. Sent: 05.02.2012 00:35 PST -----Original Message-----
I wnt chat
04.02.2012 14:31 EST, desireheart
sorry spelling mistake, mr.romel
04.02.2012 14:18 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░

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