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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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.: Problem BoX :.
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# Pls submit ur report on 'REPORT SITE' page, not on 'problem box'.
My Site has only 4 Pages & One G Book page. In 4 Pages only 2 r wd external Links. Than Hw my Site has Too Much External Links. See one
08.02.2012 09:05 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Add my site to just modified
08.02.2012 08:47 EST, Golden Star Ganesh
Hi , from last One Month I write to all New & Old Helpers Even to Sandy also To Add My Site in Just Modify & Every time I Informed that My Prblm Sent to Moderation Team. Bt Still My Prblm Didnt Solved. So It Is Request To u "PLEASE DELETE MY ACCNT". Thnx
08.02.2012 06:58 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Hi. I want to remove warning tag from my site. Pls help. Thanks in advance...
08.02.2012 05:23 EST, ]]_Mr.Attitude_[['rulz
Hlw sir , This site add site of the week thank u.........!
07.02.2012 12:28 EST, SpyKer Hridoy
Sir, there are a lot of flooders and abusers in chat room of we can't chat there properly. They make a lot of fake id's and abuse there. Sir please make your security system strong. Its a request from all of us chatters of your site. Thanx a lot.
Sir help see wolfgang made new profile after pepe team delete his ID and now slanderme that me distrub kathy with nasty massages ,olala ..always bring my name for his cheapo gossip. I think wolfie havesick minded ,always want SPREAD ISSUETO RUMOR WAR in pep with slander cheapo , I havent enemy ,dont searchingpopularity as formality and others as victim ,remind it ! 06.02.2012 18:31 PST, √ ђσмεsταy
06.02.2012 22:31 EST, Wolfgang
Sir here my proof ...The great abuser WOLFGANG’s id has been deleted by pep team. ERNIE sis associated us to report against him & we hv becum successful. Thanks Erine sis 
06.02.2012 22:27 EST, Wolfgang
Sir.... I do not you an I try to mind my own business many months ago this sks fellow was cancelled by my sista kathy for lying he stalked her for over a month with nasty messages to her husband an her... So I made a blog about him now this oild big nose ernie who fancies herself as queen if pep stuck her nose in my business an helped sks get my site cancelled I left a comment in asking these two to leave me alone an now this hag fills sandy's gb with her hate again
06.02.2012 22:19 EST, Wolfgang
Dada, pls add my Site in Just Modify & Search-Directory
06.02.2012 19:26 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Please Brother Add My Site In Top List, Thanks
06.02.2012 10:22 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Dada please add this site in top site.;jsessionid=CE7B34C93CA4BAAF2D3E8FB21A437372.cdb02
Hlw dear this site just modified thank u......!!
05.02.2012 12:16 EST, SpyKer Hridoy
Dear.......She is nutz.......From: ♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→AnangeL on help™ Sent: 05.02.2012 00:35 PST :p :p :p (^,^) i knw u r sandy sisy. Heheu cant f0ol me hunni -----Original Message----- From: Mrs K & Mr A Ki$€b@k@£i$ “£0v€f0r€v€r” Sent: 05.02.2012 14:00 IST Subject: You lost your mind............From: ♥•·.¸¸.·Sanya→An angeL on help™ Sent: 05.02.2012 00:24 PST Huh. I knw who u are, and which is ur orignal id. Nd i too knw why you creatd this acc huni. I knw mss frilingsdroft is you. Sent: 05.02.2012 00:35 PST -----Original Message-----
I wnt chat
04.02.2012 14:31 EST, desireheart
sorry spelling mistake, mr.romel
04.02.2012 14:18 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
dear mr.roman remove this fake helping site this users always ask new users to give her their pasword. and actually thsi user is a boy. his real name is keerthan. keerthan's 2 helping sites were deleted and now he make again by fake id.
04.02.2012 14:17 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
what should i write in the guestbook?
04.02.2012 14:13 EST, damo19710
Please delete this account please visit the blog ,the owner just abuser ,thanks from before
04.02.2012 04:44 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
kindy add this site to just modified
04.02.2012 03:41 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
Kindly add my blog to latest entry, mOst hitz , best mObile section and in search engine also as it was before... Thank yOu... Have a nice day.. Enjoy
Plz add my top site on Just Modified plz
03.02.2012 23:28 EST, Monica
Dada, Pls add my Blog in Top List & Most Hitz
03.02.2012 10:41 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
Romel Bhai , Pls add my site in Just Modify Section
03.02.2012 10:40 EST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
plz remove adult warning tag frm ma site & blog . my site and ma blog as soon as posible plz
03.02.2012 09:02 EST, ☞ JץɐאԎ ☜
Sir. Please add my blog on top in most hits blog section. thanx in advance
03.02.2012 08:24 EST, Rain Drops
hi friend plz plz remove worning tag in my site i removed adult site in my home page and page but chek now
My account has been blocked without any reason, kindly re-open it my username is ''sunildagdi'' so kindly help me to unblock it thanks sunil dagdi from
28.01.2012 06:27 EST, Sunil Dagdi
plz help me
28.01.2012 04:55 EST, gautam.jaiswal00
email adress kese banta hai
28.01.2012 04:53 EST, gautam.jaiswal00
hi friend plz remove warning tag my site and not adult my site chek now
23.01.2012 23:04 EST, help24
14.01.2012 19:31 EST, GOOD BOY
I upload some pics of mine but they didnt appear in my site,why is that?
08.01.2012 09:23 EST, Misfitz
30.12.2011 09:56 EST, Logout
20.12.2011 01:25 EST, Mazeed khan
17.12.2011 10:06 EST, kalapahar
Where i can find nude pics of koel, srabonti
17.12.2011 10:04 EST, kalapahar
My site does not show in updated site even when i just update all. And my picture never shows up in newest pic
16.12.2011 06:33 EST, Willow the Whisp
It is my blog it writes error when i want to update it?
16.12.2011 06:30 EST, Willow the Whisp
i want to delete my id
07.12.2011 10:17 EST, Pukhraj
How do iadd a name to my site example i want to add angelsheart to the existing one. How z it done
03.12.2011 01:57 EST, Angil58
Sir i want makes two blogs please help me
27.11.2011 22:54 EST, ♠ Thanks God ♠
Brother mera pahle wala account kisi ne hake kar liye hai plz usse delete kar de user name sureshkumar16 email
27.11.2011 22:53 EST, ♠ Thanks God ♠
My phone wont upload pics to put on my site n i dont have computer how do i get them on contact thank you
14.11.2011 11:04 EST, mr.sexyken
sir my preivious account has been hacked ay somebody that is kavita.dhiman0 plz help me or i will die
13.11.2011 12:06 EST, meenu
Please add "Latest entries"
05.11.2011 10:52 EDT, Suja!!visit blog!!
Please add 'just modify' pls. Tnx.
Pls removed adult tag my friend site
please enter! =====>>>>
01.11.2011 01:12 EDT, make_money
Hi Dear Friend Please Help Me Remove Adult Tag
01.11.2011 00:47 EDT, ░▒▓☺VASIM☺▓▒░
Hello peperonity team member. I come to ask you for the warning of explicit content on my site about music be removed as soon as possible. I'm being prejudiced as to the number of visitors thanks to this situation. I guarantee that the image inappropried has been withdrawn completely site. I await a formal response from you, or the direct solution of the problem. Thank you in advance.
31.10.2011 00:49 EDT, † M ϟ
Remove the alert of explicity contents from this site.
31.10.2011 00:48 EDT, † M ϟ
Sir, i think, peperonity is a best place for chating. I also want to thank all peperonity team members and helping members for giving their so useful support/help for us. but sir, one helping hand with profile is abusing me badling, he using bad words for me and my family. i don't know y he is doing this? sir please take a fast step toward this otherwise he will use his power to another user. sir, this is the time for ur judgement, i hav many hopes with u..
19.10.2011 10:16 EDT, Bhootnath
11.10.2011 00:11 EDT,
Add my site in google plz sir
09.10.2011 11:32 EDT, anandkumar
please add my site in just modify zone, Thank you
05.10.2011 10:56 EDT, Bhootnath
I want to remove adult warning. Please help me.
04.10.2011 12:02 EDT, blueSky
my site is not appearing in just modified plz add it to just modified sites thanx
03.10.2011 03:43 EDT, wardan786
add my in 'just modifield' list
02.10.2011 08:34 EDT,
Add my site in 'just modifield'
02.10.2011 08:32 EDT,
my site having adult warning please check it again and remove the adult warning
27.09.2011 10:14 EDT, wardan786
my site has declared adult site but it has no porn picture on it ?
25.09.2011 11:02 EDT, FLIGHTS OF FANCY
hey, my id has been deleted by ์ ☼đέέράk²¹░ fям-şυρρσяτ-нέŁρ™ , he is using his id for hacking, plz help me and return my id, my username is aakash99xii and email id is
25.09.2011 03:51 EDT, blah.blah.blah0
25.09.2011 00:08 EDT, "¤C.B.I¤"
Why was gay lez catagory deleted?it is a problem.straight ppl get mad wen i visit u blame them.stupid choice to delete category.many problems now exist.
22.09.2011 23:15 EDT,
vANAKKAM. My site is nonadult site. Please remove adult warning msg. Please..
21.09.2011 04:39 EDT, GOKUL
please add my site to Just Modified
14.09.2011 23:31 EDT, BMON
Error This user account is not available. You can return to the previous page with the back key. (likha a rha hai user id hai tarun.rajput00 ok email hai ok jaladi kuch karo yar plz
12.09.2011 13:32 EDT, tarun.kc
I m Kumar. I and other tamil people would like to see in tamil. If u help 2 us. We will be vry happy thanx
10.09.2011 09:59 EDT, Kumar
me kisi vi rum me enter nai ho parha hu kese karu pahle to yesanai hua tha
06.09.2011 06:19 EDT, tarun.rajput00
Hi sir. Please remove ADULT TAG from my site . I have deleted the picture immediately because which the adult site was given to my site. Now please remove adult tag. Thank you.
05.09.2011 01:23 EDT, swastik
Plz is dier no drama group here?.. and se people no de join?.. or u no de allow.
02.09.2011 06:30 EDT, adekunle60
please take my site in just modified in english version
02.09.2011 06:21 EDT, Bhootnath
I can't find my site in Just Modified. Please solve it.
24.08.2011 14:50 EDT, BMON
Hi sandy my id is blocked plz open this id
19.08.2011 20:38 EDT, »DHEERAJ↑
17.08.2011 11:24 EDT, MARRIED LADY
Looking for amateur sites that have grannies poseing. Can you help
12.08.2011 08:40 EDT, drwho1
06.08.2011 11:00 EDT, Я$R™ ρlαηet inc.
Hi.. I added my site in Self Help & Information group.. But it was not their.. Plz add my site, to Self Help & Information category
27.07.2011 13:18 EDT, ║♥║PradeePstar111║♥║
Plz.. Add my Site in TOP SITES list. I'm updating Internet Tricks, Pc&Mobile Tricks &other services.. So plz add my site, in TOP SITES list
26.07.2011 11:06 EDT, ║♥║PradeePstar111║♥║
how can i delet my account permanently?? plz tell me da way.
someone making my fake using nacked photos...
Plz.. add my site, to TOP SITES & MOST HITS category
23.07.2011 02:56 EDT, ║♥║PradeePstar111║♥║
line separator/break does not work in my blogs' text entry. but it's ok to my site. what should do?
17.07.2011 09:21 EDT, specialist
line separator/break does not work in my blogs' text entry. but it's ok to my site. what should do?
17.07.2011 09:20 EDT, specialist
remove or logout v.somwaru site now
15.07.2011 13:41 EDT, b.l
logout v.somwaru now
15.07.2011 13:38 EDT, b.l
Add my site at The top of the topsite List plz..
10.07.2011 03:41 EDT, ★True Friends Are Welcome★
06.07.2011 16:13 EDT, »DHEERAJ↑
help me 2 mak butiful site and make it famous
27.06.2011 14:01 EDT, srushti
27.06.2011 11:41 EDT, »DHEERAJ↑
Helo frnd i want to remove my older site(suckhard4020) pls if u can
27.06.2011 02:24 EDT, Narayanx0101
I just want my Site out of adult Zone!
20.06.2011 01:57 EDT, Chysky
Please add my site to just modified.
09.06.2011 01:19 EDT, laxmikanta1
 . . . . . . . . wap site mobile (no sex) mobile site wap (clich live show here thank) 
31.05.2011 01:57 EDT,
Your helping member Sahana is a fake user. Read this article at You should ban his profile.
31.05.2011 01:48 EDT, love-birds-romantic
Pls help me quckly.and block her ip adres .who creat my fake id.
Some fake user creat my fake ids so pls block her ip adress .i hope ur quckly soluction my problem. R u know who is creat my fake ids .coz i m sended many pm . Thanks
Some fake user creat my fake ids so pls block her ip adress .i hope ur quckly soluction my problem. R u know who is creat my fake ids .coz i m sended many pm . Thanks
please remove adult warning tag from my site
29.05.2011 00:10 EDT, ♥Sexy Aunty ♥
plz add my site in just engine.
27.05.2011 04:49 EDT, TAMiM | Admin Busy |
Plz remove adult warning from my site. I remove all adults contant from my site.
17.05.2011 10:37 EDT, Raj.Tanwar
17.05.2011 07:00 EDT, (exit)
i dont know wy pics on peperonity doesn't work pls help me :) thanks
16.05.2011 10:17 EDT, bihotmen
16.05.2011 00:01 EDT, (exit)
hi romel i need your help please remove warning at my site i ve delete a pic 4 adult thanks repli me
11.05.2011 09:57 EDT, ★download everything★
Dear sir moderation team memebar waht is this helping hand membar is faq id creted what is this sir pls help me sub- my fake id created by helping member anita soni. Pls take action. That is anita,soni id There are fake id/site running in pep aboupep I know all id creating by only anita soni added my real photo, only anita and vishal know my real photo in pep. This time vishal is my good frnd and good helping member in pep. But anita is not my f...
How to delete the profile permanently ?
05.05.2011 03:30 EDT, Tinkoo♥
Important wapmasters are responsible for the content shown on their sites. There are two ways peperoni can act: 1. guestbook commentaries withadult text will not be deleted and the site gets an adult warning! 2. we delete the entries and no warning tag will be added Now decide: Which way do you prefer?? Best regards Sandy 03.05.2011 16:39 IST, Sandy » Message to Sandy Hai PEPERONITY user's, There is one important news to all. PEPERONITY team decided to put adult tag, those contains adult Texts like (SEX, XXX, NUDE, BLUE VIDEO, BLUE MOVIE, 18+,...
04.05.2011 09:48 EDT, Rakesh khudia
Me apni site pe video uplode karnahi pata .please help me.
02.05.2011 05:08 EDT, Onlygood2
How can i find red and green button in my site.
24.04.2011 06:57 EDT, lovelykusum
No email notifications this morning! This is serious. What on earth is going on with the functionality of this site?
24.04.2011 02:34 EDT, Dave K
Pls pehle 3 bar complain dechuka hun.abhi phir wohi baat bolone padraha he.ek hi problem .me mera or friends stithi kya he nehi malum padta.on line or me poto nehi dikaideta or green and red boton bhi nehi dikai deta he.ap help karnese me chatting karpaunga. pls help me .
23.04.2011 23:49 EDT, Onlygood2
Questiön: why i can't download pics n video? Why not pics at my site? Why not display profile signal? .... GET all ANSWAR at . Best regards
23.04.2011 14:07 EDT, Rakesh khudia
Sir!! Dts! My same problem,... .plzzzz sir! Smethin do? plzz sir quick. . . . how cn see red n green buttons m nt undstd anithing plzz sir solve dis problem quick plzzz. . .
23.04.2011 12:15 EDT, (DAnzzzer)jone
I can't see green and red light side of my and friends profile.than i can't see friends staus is online or not.please help me than i start my chatting.
23.04.2011 10:56 EDT, Onlygood2
I can't see green and red light side of my and friends profile.than i can't see friends staus is online or not.please help me
23.04.2011 06:17 EDT, Onlygood2
Hi pls help me. I can't see red or green botton in side of my profile and i cant see he is on line or not. Please help me
22.04.2011 10:32 EDT, Onlygood2
My name arup kumar prusty have a big problem.problem is i can't see my profile and friends staus(weather the user is online or not)in the side of friends profile..i can't see green or red light of my profile and visit my site and you see and solf my problem.pls help me.
22.04.2011 04:59 EDT, Onlygood2
Where are the online/offline buttons?
22.04.2011 04:25 EDT, Dave K
How do i get red and green button in my site. Pl help me
22.04.2011 04:02 EDT, lovelykusum
hi romal my peperonity site dosnt work proparly.pls help me.
21.04.2011 08:13 EDT, (A$HI$H20)me hu na
My name is arup kumar prusty.i have a problem image is not visiable.any site i dont see image.i dont see friends are on line or off line.(l dont see green or red )please help me. Than i do my chatting.
21.04.2011 07:46 EDT, Onlygood2
my name is prashant lunkad i have problem that any images are not visiable on any site it is says offline or overloading problem help me http://prashant.lunkad.bollywood.nude.actress.images.peperonit...
21.04.2011 06:07 EDT, prashant.lunkad
How do i find colour in my site
21.04.2011 06:02 EDT, lovelykusum
My site is twistedencountes an I.m having problems MMS.n my pics. I cant download directly to my phone either. The MMS code has been set to my phone. What gives. I can send my pics to other sites but not here. Can you help me straighten this problem out. And I do want to sent my pics to my email then forward. Thats not fun to me because of all the steps involved. Please help me make peperonity phone friendly. Thanks.
11.04.2011 18:47 EDT, twistedencounters
Plc help me upload yesterday mail
11.04.2011 15:35 EDT, kapila.w.rajapakse2
hello, my name is Krishnan Ghavaria. I made a site with this name years ago. Now I have forgotton all details abt it but the site still exists. I want to delete this site as soon as possible... Please help. If you can you delete it..
09.04.2011 14:23 EDT, krish6192
My frist site is nishu.jaan10 is not login
09.04.2011 08:37 EDT, nishu.jaan100
I am using nokia 2323 classic i cant able to upload files from today morning what can i do can you plz help me
06.04.2011 22:27 EDT, Tinkoo♥
Hello bheya, mere paas nokia 3110c mobile hai usme music player nahi chal raha hai.
03.04.2011 12:42 EDT, RAJ
Bollywood sex
30.03.2011 00:45 EDT,
Rakesh khudia have problem about pep team membrs's blindness. Visit about pep's blindness' in rakesh khudia's blog thanks in advance
Mera blog pepernity ke sare blogs me sabase jyada hits hote huye bi blog section ki 'most hits' list me kafi neeche h. Plz mera blog top me add kiziye. Thanx in advance.
w butuh alat vacum+obat bwt ngedein n mmprpanjang kontol w...klo ada mz k Email w...
27.03.2011 11:54 EDT, bisexual
add my site in just modified plz rply me
I fuck my hot aunty. How i can.
25.03.2011 14:26 EDT, parmar.jatin0
25.03.2011 13:03 EDT, ☼♥♠Cнυℓвυℓ♠♥☼
add page in page
25.03.2011 09:45 EDT, §2_Mãi.Mãi.Yêu.Em_§2
10.03.2011 06:29 EST, manish219
dear , this site is only one in peperonity so pls add in top site
08.03.2011 21:45 EST, Anamika
Delete this isa abuse id. Fast chak than delete this id , and sites and blog ,
Lagta hai meri faq id rakesh seema our nvn bana rahe hai jo ye mit rahi hai to jalan ho rahi hai our ye bar bar rakesh our seema mujpar iljam lagate hai ki mai dusro ki faq id banata hu our faq vot karta hu ye sarasar muje badnam karne ka inka tarika hai na to maine abi tak kisi ke nam se faq id banai hai our na faq vot kiya hai ho na to ip chek kar sakte ho team our ye kud faq id banate hai our muje badnam karte hai
Pls chepe my site nd add it aditional picks
02.03.2011 07:25 EST, sabrina
I want to see my site as top site pls cheqe my site
02.03.2011 07:24 EST, sabrina
02.03.2011 07:23 EST, sabrina
Pls add my site top list & most hits pls pls pls >>>
02.03.2011 00:27 EST, ✟◐Wap✪King◑✟
1 week ago my blog got highest votes with 10 p0ints bt it didnt b da blog of week.wats da prob?
25.02.2011 11:28 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
add my site in just modiefied
25.02.2011 10:26 EST, IQBAL
Ad dis in just modified plz
23.02.2011 09:32 EST, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
Plz ad my site in top sites
23.02.2011 09:31 EST, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
Hi frnd romel. .plz add my blog sam.luv.naz in latest entry . .plz
Add my site just modified plz
15.02.2011 08:49 EST, Trisha_visit my hot site
Sir my another profile was rufusacts1. When i entered my password. It says wrong password from 4th feb 2011. Somebody hacked me n delete all my sites n content. Please give it back.
12.02.2011 13:36 EST, umesh250
plz remove d adult warning tag shown b4 entrng my site as now it contains no explicit conten-plz do dis favour as soon as possible-Thnx!
11.02.2011 00:55 EST, λℓØηε
Plz remove adult tag from I don't know why peperonity gave adult tag cos I didn't upload any adult file.
09.02.2011 13:21 EST, Hridoy
Plz remove adult tag frm my site cause there is no bad pic in my site
08.02.2011 13:49 EST, Kabir
please remove adult tag from my site
08.02.2011 00:57 EST, Я$R™ ρlαηet inc.
Hi frds if u want to get rs_99 daily and register and 99 free a/c balance
06.02.2011 11:24 EST, •°°•DILEEP•°°•
somebody hacked my another site n changed the password and delete all my sites also. how can i get my password back. My user name is rufusacts1. Please send it my e-mail address which i given at the time of registering. .... Pls..
04.02.2011 01:31 EST, RUFAZ
Plz remove adult warrnings.Plz,plz
01.02.2011 11:15 EST, Happyamar
My boob size is small
30.01.2011 16:42 EST, sopna.only.girl0
Hai this is a pandey. One med boy abusing me without reason. He is sent me many vauglr poem by msg. Delet his profile help me. He is creat lot of fake i.d. Thank u.
29.01.2011 20:42 EST, pandey19
hi. This is majbuddin. M engineering student. 4m time 2 time m giving my suggestions 2 pepe. Nw today i.e 29th jan 2011, peperonity is not responding in usual way. Online status is not being updated..check it out..n remove it fast.
28.01.2011 23:46 EST, Sukhoi1
I use a blackberry and can't view any pics or vids,all have crosses on them
27.01.2011 15:26 EST, donkeycock
Plz help to remove adult tag from my site. I have removed the adult image and page.
26.01.2011 04:05 EST, SMILE
plz act and let my site be free from adult wrning ! thanks, regards !
25.01.2011 09:05 EST, fire baby (out of the den)
Remove explit content warning frm my site please. . .if u do that that would be very nice.thank u :)
24.01.2011 03:36 EST, ♪Ж•Δ°jίηυ°Δ•Ж♪
Dear friend, i have a site named I added a jpg named 'bikini show'. Now pepe team taged as adult site. I have deleted the jpg image from my site but stil the site contain adult warning tag. Plz help me to remove the adult tag. Thank u.
22.01.2011 08:46 EST, SMILE
I want to delete my msgs by marking them. Plz install that system.
17.01.2011 05:38 EST, ~*~ Lover ~*~
Pls remove adult tag from my site.
17.01.2011 04:32 EST, Aβ παнιм(OFF) NOW NKHAN
Sir please add my site in just modify
16.01.2011 13:40 EST, Love your neighbor
16.01.2011 12:59 EST, b.a.r.gunarathne0
Please add my all page in visitors search result....
15.01.2011 07:50 EST, ♠♠S.NASRUDEEN♠♠
Please add my page in visitors search result.....
15.01.2011 07:50 EST, ♠♠S.NASRUDEEN♠♠
Hello Big Bro, Please Remove My Blog Blog From Adult-Tag, Because There Is Nothing adult Word/thing, Please Help Me, I am in big trouble, aal my frnds r canceling their frndship, Help Me taking me as ur younger bro.
15.01.2011 06:56 EST, Bhootnath
Why I cant create a site?
14.01.2011 14:48 EST, Dimi1
Please add my site in most hit
Plz remove the adult warning from my site because no any adult contain in my site........ thanks
12.01.2011 03:42 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Plz remove the adult warning..thankx
11.01.2011 11:06 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Mere site se adult warning hta de kyunki mere site mein koi adult containt nahi hai aur mere site ko just modify mein add kar de please help me...thanx
09.01.2011 13:56 EST, YOU CAN WIN
please mere site ko just modify mein add kar de...thankx
08.01.2011 14:35 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Mere site se adult warning hata de.
08.01.2011 14:33 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Please sir mere site adult warning remove kar de mere site koi adult
08.01.2011 14:32 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Please sir mere site adult warning remove kar de mere site koi adult
08.01.2011 14:32 EST, YOU CAN WIN
My site deleted by peperonity... The peperonity didnt gave any warnings. I want to retrive my site... Please give me back... I will edit the unwanted things... Please give me back my site ... Please..
07.01.2011 09:22 EST, ♥sαнαηα♥
Sir mere site se adult warning hata de,mere site me koi adult content nahi hai.
07.01.2011 07:11 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Please my site add to just modify.....thanks
06.01.2011 02:50 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Please my site add to just modify.....thanks
06.01.2011 02:50 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Please sir mere site se adult tag hata de
05.01.2011 07:02 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Mere site mein koi adult content nahi hai isliye mere site se adult cantinue hata de.
04.01.2011 13:33 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Mere site ko just modify mein add kyun nahi kar rahe hain jankari de....thanks
04.01.2011 13:24 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Main apne site me special character se decorate karna chahta hu, please help me
Dear frnd. Pepernity is now rool lees. Tel me that hw reachd a blog in " blog of the week " list. When this week voting closed, then i saw that has only few vote with 4.00 avrz. Now i think pepernty rools r fail. Plz ans me.
Please mere site ko most hit ya top ten me shamil kare.....thanks
31.12.2010 08:02 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Plz remove old site and blog from site/blog of the week' list. The entrd in 2nd week and the blog entrd in 3rd week. Plz chenz here new blog and site on men site homepage. And giv chance other site and blog for 1 week.
30.12.2010 12:43 EST, Pinky!(free soul)
NOTICE:- why nt updated new site and blog for site and blog of the week .? Here cntinue sowing site for 2 week. And a blog entrd in 3rd month cntinue. Plz remove old site and blog from pepernity home page and inform me. Thanx.
30.12.2010 04:12 EST, Rakesh khudia
mare site per koi adult content nahi hai pls adult warning hata da pls ya
25.12.2010 09:46 EST, fairoze
Hai friend add this site just modified from
24.12.2010 11:44 EST, fairoze
Mere site par koi adult content nahi hai.please adult warning hata de,
24.12.2010 08:28 EST, YOU CAN WIN
Why nt chenzd blog of the week. It is wrong. Plz remove oldr blog and update new blog for blog of the week.
Hi frnd i hve a prob. Pls told me that i hve a creat my own chatrom. Pls help me as soon as posible.
21.12.2010 13:06 EST, Akshay ( c my site first plz)
I delete adult my site is free from warning.please tell me

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