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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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Post SUGGESTION 2 develope PEP -

Post SUGGESTION 2 develope PEP
suggestion box - Post SUGGESTION 2 develope PEP
Do YOUR creative mind have any good suggestion to make this community BEAUTIFUL then now? To make it better then ever? If then feel free to write your suggestion here, I beleive pep team will surely listen your words if Your suggestion is good enough.
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hi sir i'm having multiple accounts i cant manage all these so please delete this account.thank u..
18.08.2014 08:55 PDT, yaru ammava okkanum
You should add option of free recharge can be given after answering questions of a quiz..plz..add it..plz..plz
29.12.2013 06:33 PST, Aalok Rock
ami gay friends bondu chai jar dhon ta ami chosbo call 01981758930
13.03.2013 04:27 PDT, jamalhossainjoy3
can you delete my ID permanently,than delete it.or send my procedure to delete this ID permanently and all its related info.
17.02.2013 04:37 PST, ..
At a time who visit my can show?
01.01.2013 20:18 PST, JohnPATNA(real friendship)
At a time who visit my can show?
01.01.2013 20:17 PST, JohnPATNA(real friendship)
I woud like pepe to reduce d amount dey take in order to attract members
15.08.2012 05:46 PDT, Ocupy space (vote 4 my blog)
17.07.2012 07:53 PDT, B☹SS_¼
17.07.2012 07:52 PDT, B☹SS_¼
17.07.2012 07:51 PDT, B☹SS_¼
17.07.2012 07:51 PDT, B☹SS_¼
07.02.2012 05:48 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
21.04.2011 14:20 PDT, PRINCE SOLO
Hi, why don't peperonity aply a new method of uploading files like in other site direct url method?
20.02.2011 21:53 PST, Old Iz Gold Suman © 2014
I am a sisterfucker. I have two sisters age 20 and 23. They do phonesex and even sex in gud payements. For details message me in my profile
22.08.2010 03:47 PDT, samba900.kshitij9z
Peperonity shall have branches
09.08.2010 12:10 PDT, stuffmedia
I simply would like to say to peperonity team that inside peperonity there must be news that will be updated every day by peperonity team,the news will be able to be revealed if news editor visits any peperonity site and interview the owner of that particular site about his or her situation,that will get everyone updated inside peperonity industy,this will help alot to many of us,lets start and see were it take us.
17.07.2010 12:01 PDT, stuffmedia
In the home page showing friends online status on the top. But it was not in the 'My Area' section. And also how to upload sis files in the site.
16.07.2010 00:03 PDT, kalicharan
How can i upload sis file???
23.03.2010 02:28 PDT, sIkU7 the l.m.majawap is welcomes u to entertainment world.plz go there write ur comment or submit ur site in the guestbook.wapmasters free advertising , join now for mega wapmasters chain.
09.02.2010 17:07 PST, logeshpepo
Dr romel plz convey my msg to pep team , pep old homepage is very gud bt now it looks so bad so plz again use old homepage
28.01.2010 09:10 PST, ☞ JץɐאԎ ☜
I noticed dat In Most Hits section one particular site is placed 4m last 2 weeks. If peperonity is unable to update that section. It is batter, remove it 4m homepage. Please convey my msg. To peperonity. Thanks
28.01.2010 08:32 PST, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
Any signs that site will have more place for uploading files in the near future?
14.01.2010 23:12 PST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
How to download files to my site from my 102400kb memory
12.01.2010 18:00 PST, jatin
Peperonity is the best and a part of my life.I feel that in the homepage there is a seperate section for cool pics and cool vids.I really feel that there should be a seperate section for cool mp3 also.Plz add it would of great help to thousands of users.
16.12.2009 00:43 PST, [^¿₪ÄřM@@ņ₪¿^]
Hi, your peperonity is really good. But creating a site is nothing but a time pass for users. Its nothing gain for users but loss in concentration exams and waste of time. I suggest peperonity to develope a new scheme where a site creator can earn money for click ads. You can help the site owners give little profit out of their site as they work really hard for sites its profit for both of us. I have lots of sponsors in india who wants to invest in peperonity but whom should i contact. I also suggest site owners to add html facility to sites. Thank you
05.12.2009 11:51 PST, Azfar Ahmed (Only Friendly Chat)
There has a lot of author, who are cheating with peperonity visitors by publishing fake title. But they haven't those contents. For the reason the position of peperonity is reducing day by day. Its very shocking matter to me and those people who want goodness of So i can suggest that moderation team should have to close those sites which sites are publishing fake title.
14.11.2009 07:17 PST, I'm On(visit my site)
i think peperonity must increace thire upload 2MB to 4MB.
27.10.2009 03:53 PDT, rajitha2me
I Think PEP should increase its upload files limits 4m 2mb to 10mb. Bcoz we are creating web site.
26.10.2009 23:51 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
hi mr romel,i was tinking dat y dnt u make downlodable peperonity jst lyk mxit,mig33,bluepulse 2go etc,so dat it cn b affordable 2 chat on peperonity.da internet is expensive diz dayz,so making a downlodable file wil cut expensises 4 ppl hu cnt afford da internet.tnx,wuld lyk 2 hear 4rm u soon.4rm joker
24.10.2009 18:03 PDT, Joker
Peperonity should improve chatrooms by using emoticons or moving emoticons. This can make a huge change to the community
08.10.2009 00:46 PDT, Vampire GraN™
1st, hooray to pepe for allowing freedom of sexual expression. 2nd, i wish there was a way to seperate links on pages with a line of text, would that ever be possible?
05.10.2009 11:35 PDT, ŁøΠ٤Γд√٤Π³
Pep should wear the style of facebook!here site creating is very easy but making friendship or after connect with them is very difficult! Sex sites should be removed! Islamic or religion sites should be site of the week to impact the character of young generation! U know building character is necessary from young age! Some people use porn photo at their site to notice may be pep to become site of the week! This tendency should be checked!
Please stop bad files on this website like sex and all stop this b4 u get no mercy on day of judgment
29.09.2009 11:48 PDT, I love u rabia:-)
Could peperonity add smilies in chat it would be more fun :-)
24.09.2009 10:53 PDT, andrew logan
Pepe team! Tell me why u atech adult tag directly? I sugest u first warn site owner if he not delete porn pic then u atech adult tag na! Thing abut in my site not a porn pic site.. By mistek upalod wrng pic.. Firt u warn me na.. I will delete as soon as! Plz remove my adult tag.. Do it fast i lost my +500 visit in 3hour.. Y u take 4hour 4 remove plz remove plz plz plz plz thnx
12.09.2009 04:33 PDT, -=|:: LOVER BOY ::|=-
Please make a coloums for birthday
Many sites says you are laving paperonity now,good buisness baby
27.08.2009 20:11 PDT, abhijittttpal
Good work though. But you should be able to view the list of the people who viewed ones site!
25.08.2009 06:21 PDT, lizzle
Why we can't upload a file more than 2mb. we r creating a site. this is not fair. plz increase it 2mb to 10mb. THANKS
21.08.2009 00:01 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
Why we can't upload a file more than 2mb. we r creating a site. this is not fair. plz increase it 2mb to 10mb. THANKS
21.08.2009 00:01 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
UPDATE EDITOR'S PICKS! How hard can it be??? Have u just got all tha sites on SHUFFLE?
28.07.2009 11:04 PDT, necro666
Pep u must display recent visitors of page thanks.
17.07.2009 12:34 PDT, KONAN
I must say i comend ur efort of creative idea. I like peperonity. Please i will sugest that latest world news should be on peperonity. Thanks
01.07.2009 14:47 PDT, dominic.s.egwuda
Peperonity should be needed site of the day.
18.06.2009 11:52 PDT, SOUMIK
Peperonity should give us the chance to setup an avatar to every user.
18.06.2009 01:45 PDT, Samak
Peperonity should do a subpage"blog of the week"
17.06.2009 10:55 PDT, AlexEnigma
peperonity should make streaming service of the video, which the users upload videos
15.06.2009 01:05 PDT, nazim uddin
Pep. Should increase uploading size for files... Sometimes our files are bigger than 2mb and its very dispointing that we can't upload our fav. Files to the sites... But great thanks to peperonity who gives us to make our own sites without any cost and too much interfarence...
06.06.2009 07:05 PDT, ¤Sameer Arora¤ 919896124587
We want to use html code and google adsence in out site.All other sites are giving this opportunity.So why should Peperonity will remain idle without doing this?
06.06.2009 06:38 PDT, Wapmaster
Pep should include the Editors Pics/Top Sites Page With Picture preview besides, Most Hits and Site Of The Week
05.06.2009 08:07 PDT, | Ník |
How 'bout sending a message to more than 1 friend in a one click (4m mobile). . . And pls verify e-mail system, so new user must verify email first, and i think this may reducing spam...
04.06.2009 05:18 PDT, Seven7
I've posted my problem b4 1 day. But it isn't solved. Wake up pep!
01.06.2009 21:44 PDT, Sid
Get Recharge code generator for all network n all states 100% working.?? just Register aT visit my site and and
31.05.2009 08:09 PDT, Download @ http://VinodWap.CoM
Hi frnd.- Plz. Visit my site . Thanks 4 that
03.05.2009 05:07 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
Please visit this site all download are free, so don't forget to bookmark.
23.04.2009 03:25 PDT, Ω®RANU®Ω
Dear friend my site not shawn in " Just modified " . What can i do ? Plz help me.
20.04.2009 01:24 PDT, Games Lover
Romel, please take me to top sites. i want get more visitors and more friends.. only U can help me.. ^^v. thanks alot Romel..
11.04.2009 10:17 PDT, *nankz__outsiders
Most of the comments in last 60 comments are really important. I dont think I have much more suggestions to give. I would just like to say that, Peperonity now have become one of the biggest wapsite manufacturer. It should be much professional than what it is! The moderation team should be increased. There are many sites in peperonity which really deserve to be at the top, but it is not getting response. I am not saying this bcoz, my site is not published anywhere. I am happy with what i have done. But everybody's good work should be appreciated. I personally think, most of the sites in site o...
10.04.2009 15:05 PDT, .::.SCORPION.::.
This site not shown in the just modified page..
09.04.2009 16:50 PDT, ♥sαнαηα♥
Please start Sub-page facility as soon as possible.Check this site,this site allows us to create Sub page.It is better than peperonity in Site Management.If Peperonity will start Sub page facility, no site can be competitor of Peperonity.I hope that Peperonity team will accede to my request.An early reply is earnestly requested.Thanks & Regards.
05.04.2009 08:00 PDT, мдsтí4èvëя
I Have 3 suggestions for peperonity. 1)Add games and app zone in peperonity 2)Allow users to make custom colour for whole site 3)Allow users to use different colur in same text
30.03.2009 11:17 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
I Have 3 suggestions for peperonity. 1)Add games and app zone in peperonity 2)Allow users to make custom colour for whole site 3)Allow users to use different colur in same text
30.03.2009 11:16 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
I Have 3 suggestions for peperonity. 1)Add games and app zone in peperonity 2)Allow users to make custom colour for whole site 3)Allow users to use different colur in same text
30.03.2009 11:16 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
I Have 3 suggestions for peperonity. 1)Add games and app zone in peperonity 2)Allow users to make custom colour for whole site 3)Allow users to use different colur in same text
30.03.2009 11:16 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
I Have 3 suggestions for peperonity. 1)Add games and app zone in peperonity 2)Allow users to make custom colour for whole site 3)Allow users to use different colur in same text
30.03.2009 11:15 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
Dear Team, plz. Update ur system.
Hello peperonity team, my site has no any external links & have so many materials to download. Then why my site is not showing on just modified page. I've informed moderation team many times. But they didnt or couldn't solve. So Please check my site & solve the problem. My site address is
Dear Team kindly develope your system of just modified or toplist. Many new good sites are not showing . But they has no external link yet. May be your system manual. Plz make it auto. Why don't showing normaly ? Check your data and program. Hope all the best . Thanks.
Hi, plz. allow some adult content in peperonity
27.03.2009 22:00 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
Hi, plz. allow some adult content in peperonity
27.03.2009 22:00 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
A simple Incentive 2 keep using pep!
26.03.2009 05:44 PDT, necro666
hi Sir Rommel why till now i couldnt see my all pix ? thank u
19.03.2009 20:02 PDT, мдsтí4èvëя
We want how many users online in our site.
18.03.2009 18:01 PDT, Antivirus
Me again... More competitions available. My site was in most hits, site of week, in this moment i have 3 sites in editor picks... What next? More..more... Dont let peperonity to become boring
17.03.2009 09:27 PDT, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
Peperonity should add mobile games with scoreboard and rewards for top players (add site to home page...etc). Pls tell this idea to pep team.
17.03.2009 07:28 PDT, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
My suggestions is :- Change Colour/Style Of Peperonity Home Page Every Week/Every Months
12.03.2009 20:43 PDT, ®|TAPASH|®
I have 3suggestions but dunno if any are possible. 1.) New styles of separators. 2.) White text when links are black. 3.) Add moderators with minimal tools to help in harassment cases in chat or pm. Ty very much
10.03.2009 10:25 PDT, ŁøΠ٤Γд√٤Π
When deleting content in our pages such as up Pictures for example, we can only delete one of the time. It takes to much time, It would have been great if we could sett a x mark on those files we Want to delete. And with one click, it's deleted. All of the one we Want to delete.
08.03.2009 06:55 PDT, Spell< >Devil
more sites in most hits
07.03.2009 07:51 PST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
Why don't peperonity strict from create an id. I saw a lot of users haven't original email-ID. Peperonity must strict to those who create a peperonity ID, must check that given email is original or illegal. Thanks.
25.02.2009 22:51 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
Gud morning. Now, when i can se who is online, i need a space in "my profile" to put there my favorite friends. It takes too much time, to browse friends list.
27.01.2009 20:28 PST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
Why someones site cant be site of week more than once....but can be at the same tame site of week and most hits..
22.01.2009 01:20 PST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
1> would like to have master site and slave site which will help me while adding sub pages. 2> Increase the font size of peperonity in pc version . Thank You
21.01.2009 15:44 PST, jay sean
I didn't find anything on faq even on 'terms and condition' which tell us using of 'change language' is forbidden. Afterall, Moderator of other language not allows english site to enter on their language using this facilities :-( . Either Make this 'Change Language' workable else remove this WORKLESS option.
10.01.2009 08:02 PST, || ROMEL 4m Ask.Help ||
I can understand PEPERONI live on add. But it not mean PEPERONI force us to view such add. I want to use the old homepage (interface) of PEPERONITY permanently, Give this facility. YAHOO is much popular then PEPERONITY. They also upgrade their home screen, but they also allow user to use OLD screen (INTERFACE). They never force any user to use New SCREEN. Yes, PEPERONI technical team add a facility called 'switch to old homepage' but that is only for show. . . I was amazed to see such poor facility. The old homepage only works when u click that. But new homepage is back again as usual.PLS tel...
08.01.2009 08:09 PST, || ROMEL 4m Ask.Help ||
The number on the home page of this site that's supposed to be the number of people who have visited your sites is in actual fact the number of times that one of your videos or pictures has been downloaded. One person downloading forty pictures puts the number up by forty and not just one. It's even possible that just getting the images on the screen increases the number and the visitor to the site wouldn't even have to actually download them. Please make this clear on the home page by changing the wording to 'Your pictures/videos have been downloaded (or perhaps viewed) # amount of times'. It...
30.12.2008 14:32 PST, Cohort
Tha lack of interaction between peperoni and tha users is TERRIBLE... and dats putting it mildly! They need 2 step they'r game up! WHY DO WE NEED HELP SITES? (no disrespect) And why don't they recognize NEW sites? Tha relationship between pep & user is 0!
24.12.2008 07:17 PST, necro666
i hate peperonity reopen this site and u remove my site from ur page solution by peperonity page...its my warning
24.12.2008 06:23 PST, Cairo Talwar
i hate peperonity reopen this site and u remove my site from ur page solution by peperonity page...its my warning
24.12.2008 06:23 PST, Cairo Talwar
i hate peperonity reopen this site and u remove my site from ur page solution by peperonity page...its my warning
24.12.2008 06:23 PST, Cairo Talwar
reopen my this site
23.12.2008 23:11 PST, Cairo Talwar
I've sent sandypep two msgs and put one here for pep to give members the option to block and unblock members. help prevent abusive msgsin inbox and to give encrptioned passwords for members for security. I want an answer from the team . this is stupid to get no reply whn requested!! enuf abuse from members!! have lost frds cos it!! act now pls.
19.12.2008 15:35 PST, {super}sweetie
Moderation didn't care when someone clone a site. . . User start taking its advantage. As a result team member's site is clone by an user. Many good user have already left PEPERONITY as the moderation fail to give security to the user of their site. if they silence like this way may be someday someone brign a clone copy of PEPERONITY!
i hate most hits area.... peperonity all members allready know why?
11.12.2008 00:17 PST, Cairo Talwar
How to add more site in most hits not only for Animated Love site, 2. Give penalty for User who is he is using fakes profile likes author of animatedworld and bla bla...
22.11.2008 16:01 PST, bahtiar_rifai
Acceptin or rejecting of friendship should available in the message.
18.11.2008 05:55 PST, мдsтí4èvëя
Yeah, i think you are right. it's useless.
17.11.2008 13:06 PST, Windsor Recsmaster™
moderation doesnt consider this page ....
15.11.2008 17:45 PST, Advaita Mehta
Hi, Romel, Im agree with my friend from Indonesia too, will be increase peperonity member in Indonesia..... Just 4 indo language, 2nd If i think Pepe Mobile version is too big per page.... I love old version thx
15.11.2008 01:50 PST, bahtiar_rifai
Hi again Romel, peperonity in Indonesia is the biggest communites for wappers. Take a look at , , and , it have a lot of members who can share something, from the far west of indonesia till the far ist of indonesia. So, it should be nice, if indonesia language is added in Language Menu. I surely can help peperonity to be translated. Thanx 4 your attention.
13.11.2008 03:03 PST, Windsor Recsmaster™
I want to say that peperonity team plz add bangla language because 12 language now peperonity team have bangla language user not less then other language user last my request plz do it for increase peperonity member and also help user
09.11.2008 09:56 PST, (goodboy_shahid)
hey pepe, i luv u so much ,but if i compare to competitors , u r behind ! and i know u can push them back .pls come out of sleep !
Its almost noon. . . Dear pep team wake up from sleep and don't be idle like always you do, work hard . . . . This is the best suggestion which can turn pep into paradise. Heaven or Hell, its your decision.
05.11.2008 20:28 PST, λm¡t jasωal
I think a online counter . .with visitor details (like- handset model,ip, browser and the time period of being online) will help users and visitors much. .and it will be more interesting if we get use of seperate colour for text words. .Thank u . .
05.11.2008 05:07 PST, FunzCafe.Com
Every day in the morning 'recently modified' get stuck for more then hour. Do pep team look on this matter?
04.11.2008 19:42 PST, Song lover
the option to change the color of letters
04.11.2008 18:59 PST, Walterpaiva
to show Who has visited my site
04.11.2008 18:54 PST, Walterpaiva
To tell the truth? Mobile version of peperonity looks terrible. Please, make it more attractive. Thank you. Oh, also add function 'the ignore/ban list' or something so we could protect ourselves from unwanted and nasty users in pms! Thank you.
for my opinion, much better now the homepage coz we have 2 choices to use, new homepage and the old one..
Hi. Well, i dont like the graphic. The sites on PC views result so compressed ! I have worked in xHTML. They can make much more for our ,and their sites. Kisses =) Nadine
It would be nice if the text (font) was bigger when viewed on a computer, it is very small lol :)
04.11.2008 01:51 PST, Vąmpįr؏♥☠
there should b edit option in mailbox
03.11.2008 22:48 PST, Prince
I think space for uploading should be increased and all the other links like COOL PICS,COOL VIDEOS, SHUD BE REMOVED
03.11.2008 22:01 PST, sнaяквoy
Who is the respected team member who really works hard to find empty LINKED base site for 'EDITORS PICK'? I feel proude to see such empty link site on 'EDITORS PICK'. pls visit and take a look the best blank link based site ie. which is now on 'EDITORS PICK'. I think my site is much better then that site. I mailed to add my site there, but no reply from PEPERONITY... i wish i could suicide before visiting such worse quality site on 'EDITORS PICK'.
03.11.2008 21:10 PST, PEPHELP by MELA or NABILA
Well. I think, 1).please change the icon colour on the homepage of peperonity. It shows yellowish. 2).make an icon for 'HELP' on homepage. Lot of users ready to help the new users. At the same time, the icon must help a lot. Thanks. Your friend forever. SUBBULAXMI
03.11.2008 20:20 PST, subbulaxmi-i'm back
Most of da people use mobile/cell phone 2 explore PEPERONITY. I don't understand why PEPERONITY team spending their valuable time on MAKING NEW BRAND WEB PAGE ! I appreciate 'CHANGE IS GOOD' but obviously not ignoring the important WORK. Dear Pep team pls don't waste ur precious time on MAKING BRAND WEBPAGE! Kindly Waste ur time to stop trick master, we the user will be HAPPY then.
03.11.2008 20:14 PST, SHAHRIAR HOSSAIN
When some1 visit a block site a template message comes on display. It shows the following text-'the site is not available. the CONTENT did not comply with our terms of use and conditions.' Do PEP team block site only seeing/analysising CONTENT? I think some time site name also become a cause. Example: dis site is blocked by pep, The site was empty then which CONTENT breaks the terms? So, I think pep team should change the template message like this-"the site is not available. the SITE did not comply with our terms of use and conditions."
03.11.2008 19:13 PST, || ROMEL 4m Ask.Help ||
the upload space for Mp3 should be atleast 2.5mb
03.11.2008 17:55 PST, Dipesh
A problem is associated with Peperonity that we can not upload SIS files.So,please allow us to upload Symbian files.
03.11.2008 16:51 PST, мдsтí4èvëя
Some Sites not comes on recent regularly but they come on 'most hits' regularly by using tricks. I mail pep telling about this, but no reply. It seems they want to support thE TRICK MASTERS silently. So shame! To develop PEPERONIT brand new WEB PAGE is not necessary, What is necessary is to stop those tricks.
03.11.2008 10:38 PST, SHAHRIAR HOSSAIN
I regulary check "editor pick", but i am very disapointed. Who pick this sites? The most of them deserve to ae there...but, any one else check this? You are welcome to visit editor pick site, Is this a joke?
03.11.2008 06:33 PST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)

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