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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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bangladeshi call girl address - bangladeshicallgirlphonenumber - Part 2

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18.07.2012 16:17 EDT, *NEW EROTIK SITE!
need a girlfriend.01767649242
16.07.2012 12:31 EDT, raju.ahamed670
hi im hot boy so i need sexxy girl only girls call me please 01811954988
15.07.2012 15:33 EDT, anny91
hi any hot girl hear
15.07.2012 15:28 EDT, anny91
Ami nisha.ami call gril 01753035143
15.07.2012 11:09 EDT, johnjoy0
Everyone call me for phnsex. rupa 01683590067
14.07.2012 11:30 EDT, johnjoy0
14.07.2012 04:42 EDT, raju.ahamed670
super fast and free
30.06.2012 15:33 EDT, munni79
+8801734905596 ,hi every body this number belongs to a hot bangladeshi call her and enjoy sex like me!so hot!
30.06.2012 10:07 EDT, fkx6
I am sarika,22 yrs old, i wanna sex with u
30.06.2012 10:03 EDT, fkx6
1st sms me 'i want sex with u' then i call u nt send me request
29.06.2012 05:38 EDT, bristy-007
29.06.2012 05:36 EDT, bristy-007
All grils real or phn sex er jönno amake miss call daw 01820404579
27.06.2012 21:32 EDT, johnjoy0
Realsex korte ctg'er soko sexy amake bara kore nie jete paren.01815522912, 01840536503.
27.06.2012 11:24 EDT, sohelarman
I am new member in this site. I wana make a playboy.plze call me any sexy no:01727039122
27.06.2012 03:26 EDT,
Call me fr phn/real sex 01676762388
19.06.2012 12:29 EDT, bristy-007
Tamann boshra
18.06.2012 15:41 EDT, showpon
My phone number 01834226970
16.06.2012 05:02 EDT, kazi.shuvo1
Hi guy, how are you
16.06.2012 04:54 EDT, kazi.shuvo1
Call me for friendship 01741283764
13.06.2012 10:44 EDT, love.kumar36
I want a girl friend. Any girl call me. My age 18+ 01684562374
06.06.2012 19:12 EDT, ayon-007
I want simple gf dnt want call girl
05.06.2012 10:38 EDT, varun
I want a real girlfriend. Only real girl call me. inter 2nd year uttara. 01684562374
05.06.2012 10:25 EDT, ayon-007
Call me fr sex 01676762388
05.06.2012 09:23 EDT, bristy-007
I like parokia Any woman call 01814854172
28.05.2012 14:26 EDT, n.dhali
my mind is very bad.i have many mony. My net sexy girls.i fuck do.please call call me-01752840999
27.05.2012 22:51 EDT, rased11
27.05.2012 03:19 EDT, sopno28
26.05.2012 13:56 EDT, sopno28
im a very sexy boy. i want a girl. please call me. my phone no: 01753476133
26.05.2012 03:20 EDT, turja4
i want a lovely girl friend. Call me +8801716728216
25.05.2012 15:47 EDT, sopno28
I want a girl . Call me uttara dhaka. 01684562374
24.05.2012 21:39 EDT, ayon-007
Call me 01684562374. Girlfriend is need. from Dhaka.
23.05.2012 23:21 EDT, ayon-007
21.05.2012 13:47 EDT, ricky.martyo0
01676547775 01937871477
18.05.2012 16:16 EDT, sade.rahman0
Call me aney girls of khulna for me at 9am-1am
18.05.2012 16:12 EDT, sade.rahman0
hi this is ovi.i want to girl for phone sex.01712368107
02.05.2012 09:43 EDT, ovi994
hi , i m rj saji0 pls girls call me 01744376882
02.05.2012 04:20 EDT, rj.saji0
hi i'm reaz.please girls call me for phone number 01937801211
25.04.2012 10:38 EDT, reaz77
12.04.2012 23:19 EDT, rudrokhan
01837258244 I want cal gril.plz 1st sms me.joto taka chaw ami dibo,toba amaka moga dita hoba.basy bosa sona gorom na kora amar kasa ay,mota sokto dhon ta kha,chos,aha,suk.ami dhaka,mirpur ase
09.04.2012 06:18 EDT, RJ Hridoy(lokki chala)
i want sex & suck (rafiq 01710507486)
01.04.2012 10:26 EDT, ismailhossain1983
Hi girls.are any1 wants me.just sms to 01922528495. never call.
30.03.2012 16:05 EDT,
Free F*ck 2 Yr Cell!
27.03.2012 14:28 EDT, *NEW EROTIK SITE!
01681984820 plz call me
27.03.2012 14:13 EDT, mili123456
Hello and good night! I invite you to visit my site Welcome! ╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯ GO!
23.03.2012 20:48 EDT, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
Hy,friends good look
23.03.2012 20:21 EDT, [Madhu]'('-')'
Helo girl i am a gentermen plese 00966581105331
21.03.2012 14:17 EDT, Kamal
Hy all grils ami redoy.ami ami sexy anti,gril.magi jaka pi taka 500 tka and chodbo?only sms.01557304971.than i cal thikan ta daw.ami dka,thake,oners 4th year,migi khine?pila khabo
20.03.2012 00:12 EDT, RJ Hridoy(lokki chala)
19.03.2012 14:52 EDT, nazmulalom1
Hey guyz. I m acash. I m bangladeshi but frm america. I need a sweet, cute, hot and a sexy beautiful partner for 1 year. Any demand will be fulfilled as lover.. Sms me on 01683597467.
19.03.2012 06:03 EDT, acash180
06.03.2012 01:34 EST, YESMIN~01718859109
Hi,frnds!Khuki er hsbnd robi nmbrta dore.or kase r akti nmbr thake 01676095454
05.03.2012 00:29 EST, prince156
Hi,ami ak magi k chudsilm or nam khuki tar mbl nmbr ta>01824129154
04.03.2012 11:32 EST, prince156
Pobitra Mandal,Panchkatia,Monirampur,Jessore. Mobile: 01746488779. I want sexy 10" penis and one hour fuck. no money.
02.03.2012 11:47 EST, A woman
Hi,amr gf amk dhuka dise.oke ami just kiss krte o ja krlo.amr gf k keu thik krte parbe.or mbl no.01676095454
27.02.2012 02:59 EST, prince156
24.02.2012 13:25 EST, ricky.martyo0
Kalo meye der valolage.voda chuse mal aut kore dibo.01767183290
24.02.2012 06:38 EST, noyn----
hi i am Rafi.i want a sweet girl friend. my contract no : 01684749045.
22.02.2012 07:12 EST, I have a sky of pain
Amar number add kar,banchod.ami chudbo.ami call girl hobo.sms like kori dis.01746488779
17.02.2012 11:00 EST, A woman
14.02.2012 01:41 EST, ronyjony75
10.02.2012 15:40 EST, sajib2012
Hi i am Popy, age 17, very sexy girl. Sexer boy are contact me....01925595915
09.02.2012 03:52 EST, Nishi
06.02.2012 14:15 EST, xxx2xxx0
hi girls i'm aian khan . i need sex partner 4 all sex. cont 0193133848 01670783256
06.02.2012 09:41 EST, aian143
ami ekjon probasir waife,nam poly(22).amar sami amar temon kono khoj nei na.tai baddho hoya amar dalaler number dilam.rtare shomvob na.sudho dne.khusi hoya zai deben,tai nibo. kono rate nai.number 01674255511
05.02.2012 00:23 EST, poly2012
kamon aco
30.01.2012 06:30 EST, ilove.sex0111
only sex
24.01.2012 05:54 EST, megi3
Hi...I m Nishi,age 17,very sexy. Per night 3000tk. Mobile 01925595915
22.01.2012 13:42 EST, Nishi
20.01.2012 14:43 EST,
please keau amar sate fuck korben ki? binimoyea ami take taka thibo call 01712613997 call me please now
16.01.2012 11:28 EST, fuck.boy21
ami biyea korsi but amar bou amake fuck korte dhay na.age ami take onek fuck korse.tai ami siddanto nise ami onek kharap hoyea jabo.valor kono dam nai.
16.01.2012 11:23 EST, fuck.boy21
I am a sexy boy.Pls call me 01813503578
13.01.2012 08:44 EST, feroz78
Ami jader maa, dadi, aunty der service disi, tora ei address e giya [038] no joke ta por. Ota amar lekha.
10.01.2012 22:37 EST, k ami?
Hi i sexy girl please call any boy
09.01.2012 05:05 EST, Lima 01733417851
hai boyz! i am shakila, i am 36 yearz old, i live in mob no is 01552600051 ,my husband is free to u,all!
06.01.2012 14:31 EST, ashik
Hai ami Naim....amr moner mto akjon Suvakangkhi ke chai....
04.01.2012 14:17 EST, naim.hossain00
I need a sexy girl pls. Contact me num.01813062470
01.01.2012 10:57 EST, khorshed2021
I want a girl,so that i can fuck her.
28.12.2011 15:47 EST, augro
27.12.2011 18:42 EST, lakman0
ami tuhin ami emon ekjon may bondhu chai j amar sukhe dukhe sobsomoy pashe thakbe jodi emon kono romoni thako tahole cont koro ei e mail a
22.12.2011 13:21 EST, kamal.hossain991
hi i m kamal from dhaka, I want a sexy girl for sex.pls
22.12.2011 11:33 EST, kamal.hossain991
plz,noked me. 01829683943
17.12.2011 23:31 EST, nayem43
Aunty fucker
17.12.2011 12:45 EST, prince156
Ami hotel call girl noi. i do not like to fuck with a signboard. i live in a rural society with a conservative number. i want sex partner,calls and sms. please add my phone numbers 01746488779(POBITRA MAGI) and 01740290348(BRISTI DANCER) to your above call girl phone list. anyhow i need sex partner,big cock,hard fuck otherwise i shall die.
21.11.2011 20:28 EST, A woman
Hlw im jisan i need nyc girl nd sex partner.... 01723418444 is nub plz call nyc girl
15.11.2011 16:04 EST, jisan.chy0
I need a hot sexy to doing sex at savar. Any 1 can give me some such number?
15.11.2011 06:53 EST, nuha43
Hi . only girl pls cont me . R u agree for sexpatner ? Pls cont me 01813366933
14.11.2011 13:54 EST, Immahmud
hi i am akash from cock is so big & i can continue sex 1 hour.for hard sex sexy girls only call me 01676735406
13.11.2011 08:29 EST, akash4645
Age¦15 taka 2000, age¦17 taka 1500 and age¦20 taka 1000 call me 01762985025
10.11.2011 07:00 EST, faruk.lover0
Hello sexy girl any girl call me and reacved 500 taka
10.11.2011 06:38 EST, faruk.lover0
hallo ladys good day n eid moarock.Those ladys r lookig 4 7"hard n big cock.welcom 2 them if they r above 50 too!My mob-01823418794
09.11.2011 01:08 EST, Uddinjalal
hi i want marrige women 4 fr,inj,nd fucking free of cust!
09.11.2011 00:29 EST, Uddinjalal
hi i m a man of 38. i m lookig 4 30 above lady 4 fr nd fucking.
09.11.2011 00:21 EST, Uddinjalal
Hi if u r in ctg pls contact with me. 01729577373_only girl
08.11.2011 23:32 EST, sexy boy
01.11.2011 03:12 EDT, prince156
Hi,sexy boys.i am swetty from demand 700 per night.cell 01834661065
29.10.2011 09:51 EDT, prince156
28.10.2011 17:30 EDT, monjur.ddx0
i need a sexy gf or partner..............plz call me nd hlp me 01675831756
27.10.2011 11:08 EDT, chandrashekhor
My name p.a mishra fone sex my no 8085063163
24.10.2011 22:25 EDT, *Premchand
My name p.a mishra fone sex my no 8085063163
24.10.2011 22:21 EDT, *Premchand
Hey , sex partner chai { top secret } maried hole valo !
23.10.2011 11:17 EDT, Frnds! Catch me, If U can!
Hey , sex partner chai { top secret } maried hole valo !
23.10.2011 11:16 EDT, Frnds! Catch me, If U can!
Onima 01682976888.rate 500tk
21.10.2011 23:23 EDT, prince156
Per night 500tk.plz 01682976888
19.10.2011 15:45 EDT, prince156
want sex partner,,,,contact phone number-01918163451
19.10.2011 06:02 EDT, shahed
Hi,ami sohali from gazipur.keu sx nia kotha bolte chaile amak call krte paro.016704936831.plz dnt dstrb me.rate 500tk
17.10.2011 03:56 EDT, prince156
Any sexygirl want 2 do real sex wth any condition pls msg me I am waiting 4 u
05.10.2011 17:56 EDT, iqbaluddin
Ami korbo na phone,debo na kaw k pone bcoz ami khub moja pai only dekhiye amar real Action lolsss! Arek joner 10inch lagiye bole kina 100% real.bla.
05.10.2011 17:36 EDT, MySleeping-Dick
05.10.2011 17:08 EDT, masud210
Any call gril call me am fuck full nite my no 09530715717 aman
05.10.2011 12:28 EDT, I LUV U
03.10.2011 14:28 EDT, Dusto sona™
Hi,evry1.i m sharmin.i want a boy who lv me.plz call me 01917347981.
01.10.2011 02:44 EDT, prince156
hi i am shoun.i want a good girl friend cal me 01681389802
01.10.2011 02:29 EDT, shounraj
Hi iam Razu I wanted for sexy girl please call me My Mobile no -01815777434 Contac for me Dhaka
28.09.2011 05:53 EDT, razu83
i m rema my cont num 01942202726 i m marrid i need sexy boy with sex me.pless call me
27.09.2011 10:15 EDT, some25
I want a cute girl.(my age 20)plz call me-01927854628,01843681018
24.09.2011 12:32 EDT, imran.yousuf.sishir
I want real lover i m moon 01673195051 pls say me ami boy
24.09.2011 12:20 EDT, moon.male0
I want a real grl,017630518281 rizon
24.09.2011 01:41 EDT, COOL.BOY
I want a sexy girl
20.09.2011 15:40 EDT, great.lucca0
01670869263. amar age 22 looking nice$ akjon valo escort sex partner cai.girl,women PLS call me.age until 35. joy
19.09.2011 19:36 EDT, jany19
Hi guys im NaHiD Form Feni can u help me 4 love kono bodro sundori may amak call dity paro abon amar facebook a request pataty paro 01674365129
16.09.2011 22:49 EDT, nahidbdfeni
Hi,i am Redoy from kishoregonj plz call 01915565923 i need a sexy giral
16.09.2011 19:07 EDT,
hi dis is tuhin. I m finding a nice young nd sexy girl. 01834235805 is mi mobile number. Any nice girl can call me.
14.09.2011 23:08 EDT, tuhin.khan4
i am lover boy.i want hotter sexy girl
13.09.2011 01:16 EDT,
iam lover.i want hotter sexy girl
13.09.2011 01:13 EDT,
Hi,i am joy from dhaka. I read in mbbs in a govt. medical college in 1st year. I want an educated girl frnd. If u r agree then can cal me. Plj send me msgs before call with giving ur biodata in the msgs. 01676127842
03.09.2011 07:00 EDT, joy226622joy
any girl call me any time ....i wiat 4 u.....i like sexy girl..?num;-01673470169
31.08.2011 16:39 EDT, skshorif
I like phone sex please any sexy girl call me.01812353618
23.08.2011 17:09 EDT, md-rohim
hi, i am pia, call girl. i am super sexy and new in line. wanna fuck, per shot 500 taka, call-01670080470, 01670080467,01914872847, burgane, fixed in 7am to 1 pm.
13.08.2011 16:28 EDT, pia17
Hey plz girls text me or call me...... sexy babes call me in 01930461864
08.08.2011 05:14 EDT, hotguy1997 FREE MOBILE DOWNLOADS
30.07.2011 13:40 EDT,
Ph 8107060028
30.07.2011 13:08 EDT, praveenlovewithjat0
o m G
15.07.2011 05:19 EDT, demondasinner
03.06.2011 15:09 EDT, pulok11
i am a hot sexy boy. i like sex with a nice girl. please call me any nice and smart girl. mob. 01917669055
21.05.2011 13:24 EDT, tipu60
I m a sexy girl.i m a very hot & sexy.i like to sex.pls call me +8801930817055.i m some.
17.05.2011 20:25 EDT, rony.syka0
hi,phn sex korbo..200 tk mob recharg kore dibo...01932241610
26.04.2011 12:43 EDT, komol
Ame akta sylhete sexe gril cai jar sata sex karta parbo
14.04.2011 06:09 EDT, md.shamim3
This is the number of call girl Dalal: 01912884422
21.03.2011 03:51 EDT, ©
Bangladesher bonder call kore berokto koro na!
16.09.2010 04:54 EDT, BD-WORLD.TK
11.09.2010 14:32 EDT, jeshan1a
ke tomra amar desher bon derke ato bejjoti koro amra bujina
06.08.2010 01:07 EDT, টিপু
i am biplob love me
04.08.2010 10:50 EDT, biplob400

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