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||||DeVoTiOn|||| - B R O K E N HEART - brokenloveandheart

av - ||||DeVoTiOn|||| Animated
28.02.2011 18:44 EST

For love..
I would take much pain
Cancel my single rest
Not be in vain Give all my best

Thorn in my heart
is taken for granted
Just for you,
my time is not shortened
Every m0ve ..
I promise to be worthy
For the reason
I want you to be happy.

For love I would conquer fEar
Keep going
Shed my tears
Do anything....

Ghost of darkness
couldn't frightened me up
Even a hunted Quest,
I can make up
River of tears Is worth for you
All of this.....
'til we reach the altar to say

I D0!

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31.10.2013 04:49 EDT, raj.9048
V nice i like it and you
06.07.2012 07:33 EDT, @shok @:::::::::::::->()
i liket it n u
04.03.2012 15:41 EST, sunjo00
03.06.2011 09:30 EDT,
am heald inside ma heart.tank u
25.05.2011 01:54 EDT, discloser24
25.04.2011 08:11 EDT, Bella
Touching heart
14.04.2011 05:14 EDT, kalal4
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12.04.2011 11:36 EDT, ≈☆Fαηfαη.crea
Hi all ! , PlZ CheK My New BloG =>
06.04.2011 22:19 EDT, TheAbdoKiller
Wit a wife lyk tat...all of 1 wishes wld hv come true
25.03.2011 05:11 EDT, coaster1991
19.03.2011 06:41 EDT, tonia180
Wonderful I will disturb
15.03.2011 07:53 EDT, navee90
This is amazing i really appriciate it!
14.03.2011 19:00 EDT, kenji.trupa1
14.03.2011 12:14 EDT, dammy.square0
14.03.2011 12:14 EDT, dammy.square0
All men are lazy
13.03.2011 17:12 EDT, muhseenah
very nice m buddy
13.03.2011 14:07 EDT, Jee
You r right.
12.03.2011 09:35 EST, Chandra deep kumar patel
I Like It
11.03.2011 16:29 EST, Raj..........@
That was amzing it sims like u write from ur heart
11.03.2011 15:30 EST, wandalady
11.03.2011 09:46 EST, shariya
Love is an emotional explosion which can occur any logical reason.....
10.03.2011 13:59 EST, trizzy.1
Fantastic, u know u 're very creative
10.03.2011 03:49 EST, benjamin139
This is so touchin
09.03.2011 04:20 EST, Ladie bee
the pain is nt on the day of missing u... The pain is really when i live without u & with ur presence in my mind....
09.03.2011 00:43 EST, sexygirl19900
Thanks 4 rose
08.03.2011 11:48 EST, mansur37
Dats very thoughtful fo a human-bein,many pips dnt uslly say great thngs lyk dis,u impossd me.
08.03.2011 07:54 EST,
07.03.2011 12:23 EST, vicsrael
When you believe someone deeply, Misunderstanding arises , but dont feel for it , Because Some Misunderstandings are needed 4 good understanding. Its life secret ….
Wow amazing frd. . Am vote4 10pnt ur site. Am vte num is 14. Pls visit my site=>>>>
Luv is swt wen dealng wt a matured mind bt bitter wen otherwise.
07.03.2011 09:12 EST, terry2233
Just......absolutly nice.keep it up
07.03.2011 06:28 EST, lewty
Trust me ur more than creative trust me...
06.03.2011 07:55 EST, kuyia
€ach words can break my heart.
05.03.2011 09:01 EST, »»» love is soft «««
The words is very touching,,
05.03.2011 02:52 EST, Uwhyeee
I love a gir who never love me. I cry 4 her. She does not understand my feelings.
04.03.2011 09:23 EST, Biswajit
a lot of new animated wallpapers at and you are welcome! free download I wish you a nice day!
03.03.2011 15:50 EST, fαητοmεττε
wow...dt rocking wondr wt made u tnk bwt ol doz wrdz...lastly U ROCK
03.03.2011 12:45 EST, Shange.Phumlani
02.03.2011 11:50 EST, Hi
Mi kijana wa miaka 23,nilipendana na mrembo flani lakini badae sikudhani kama atanitenda.mi vile ningependa yani ningempata mwaminifu ntaisi tu rah.0717225469
02.03.2011 06:19 EST, subjif
Vry sometime u can do anythng 2 win d hrt f some1,bt no matter wat u do u cn't change their mind.
01.03.2011 05:08 EST, asil1
A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
28.02.2011 22:02 EST, Huzaif

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