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15.03.2011 17:59 PDT

Why love if losing hurts so much?

I have no answers anymore;
only the life I have lived.
The pain now is part of the happiness then.

Where there is love there is pain

Memories are wonderful to make,
but sometimes painful to remember
depending on what they are.

Life is pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic.

I think all the boys that write the screaming stuff would write the best love songs...

Because they have the most to hide.
The guys that are in the most pain are usually the ones with the biggest hearts.

Love doesn't cause pain.
People do.

Its hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of,
you just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last...

Some don’t even start...

Laugh when you want to cry and smile when you want to frown.
Knowing I can’t have you is the thing that hurts the most.

The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief
- But the pain of grief Is only a shadow
When compared with the pain Of never risking love.

A mighty pain to love it is,
and 'tis a pain that pain to miss.
But of all the pains,
the greatest pain is to love,
but love in vain.



81 Comments: downloads ++ live mob tv 100% workingg and gud work
07.09.2012 03:14 PDT, rohit jaswal
Make a chance to sex an feell oride
06.09.2012 13:00 PDT, familare
wow,dnt knw wht to say,cuz there s a part tht set right off to my heart,nowadays iam even afraid of gvn my heart to sm1,i try
25.08.2012 11:48 PDT, jenet2
Love is gd 4 life but when v get true love
14.07.2012 06:20 PDT, Only 4my friend ek pagal.
Itz really true , that love never hurt , but it is the circumstances where a person is helpless.
20.06.2012 11:09 PDT, VIKI - ROSE- soulmate
true words no 1 can compare the pain which a person gets when his HEART GET BROKEN to any other pain in the world
14.05.2012 09:00 PDT, Aamir Shaikh
I was asking myself the same qn,coz 4 nw my z gonna blow and go crazy coz me and my love we were separated 4ever bt am nt gving up coz even if it will take my whole lyf 2 b wit her i'll do it wit pleasure,i tasted a little bit of love,my heart z broken never and will never b broken coz love made me strong and in my heart there is one room 4 true love and that room belongs 2 My Rahma,I LOVE HER 4EVER and EVER
22.04.2012 18:01 PDT, pathfinder9
Love wil be AFrica lov is vry inpontnt.womans and mans
16.03.2012 11:44 PDT, sthembiso20
das great.
09.03.2012 05:46 PST, jovan.ochola
Dtz realy a strong messge for thot.I luv it n feel lyk cryn,truely in did.
03.02.2012 12:15 PST, prawnz
Nice text i like it
05.12.2011 04:48 PST, zedm
Tears shed frm a boy's eye r much valuable then of a girl,coz boys need 2 keep their emotions hidden.while girls dnt hv emotions
15.09.2011 10:39 PDT, Rahul from indore
Tears shed frm a boy's eye r much valuable then of a girl,coz boys need 2 keep their emotions hidden.while girls dnt hv emotions
15.09.2011 10:38 PDT, Rahul from indore
the happyness we get in love is more valuable than the pain when we r hurt
28.08.2011 04:04 PDT, mirshang
In todays world if u r impecunious love is curse for you, but if u r rich i bet u won't face any problem.
13.08.2011 21:47 PDT, ¤¤\/¡R€K¤¤
I want to love but love seems to ignore my love what can I do to win her love?
11.08.2011 22:36 PDT, harsler
this is very very wonderful..
I m struck! Never heard someone's so frank speech.
22.07.2011 10:21 PDT, Feel happy
You make sence with your speration of lov,it make me feelin so hapi,congrat
03.07.2011 03:13 PDT, ik
i lost my lover.....
27.06.2011 23:29 PDT,
Luv is gud when ur luvr is gud
27.06.2011 21:06 PDT, AM IN HEAVEN
A very nice blog.
08.06.2011 00:38 PDT, Benta
am fuck ur ass & pussy
01.06.2011 21:37 PDT, ramu020
such beautiful words.. :)
26.05.2011 07:29 PDT, •Σρic•
i love
23.05.2011 07:29 PDT,
Abe chal....
20.05.2011 01:22 PDT, pushkar singh
In the course of our life we come across many people. We remember some and forget the others. However, we never forget the people who break our hearts. Those who have suffered heartbreaks know that it takes a lot of effort to pick up the shattered pieces....Anita....!!
19.05.2011 11:49 PDT, Anita
16.05.2011 03:18 PDT, shybilla
Very good! I like your poem very much!
30.04.2011 05:50 PDT, Meet Patel
wow, i love your poem, very nice.
25.04.2011 05:10 PDT, Bella
Really... memorable...
23.04.2011 08:29 PDT, shamimak740
Really nice friend.i too feel that pain. But i just enjoy the pain. Because love is pain.
23.04.2011 08:28 PDT, sriheartz
nice site i like it.....?
22.04.2011 19:09 PDT, яισ
Love is blind faith. In which on trust another thik keeps love live longer.
21.04.2011 15:48 PDT, Sweet friend
In tru luv,u'll find no find peace& frndshp.
21.04.2011 14:40 PDT, lordbest
thats beautiful. got me thinking :)
20.04.2011 12:08 PDT, Beth horny bi cd :)
love is the important things in the world cause we cannot live without love
20.04.2011 07:12 PDT, punk.prince
16.04.2011 10:49 PDT, arshkhan1
15.04.2011 00:34 PDT, victortatenda
14.04.2011 22:33 PDT, specialist
its makes different from other. keep it up.
13.04.2011 04:03 PDT, zisha0
Emm well said i think..guyz jz cnt forget the pain
13.04.2011 03:44 PDT, bb.boy0
sometime it makes u wonde!but so true
10.04.2011 06:33 PDT, hawaiian.style610
hi i m tejal i want simple bf call me on 9820803508
10.04.2011 00:15 PDT, prasanna83
yeah right now i feel it how painful to be broken hearted,and i don't have nobody to share it
09.04.2011 23:47 PDT, armuttaqin
piyar kana hai to dil se... kisi ka dil na toro
09.04.2011 03:49 PDT, suman dattani
Yes dear, u r right the most painful thing in the world is "when some one whom v ever loved more than everything in the world went away". I liked ur blog very much bcz me is a guy who is experiencing the the pain of broken heart in love. Thanks, With love and regards Ashk1
09.04.2011 03:09 PDT, ashk1
towseef king of the world.........................
08.04.2011 19:52 PDT, towseefahmadbhat
Its kul ni poa xana!
08.04.2011 10:24 PDT, amsen0
08.04.2011 06:56 PDT, towseefahmadbhat
Hy friend please visit my blog and if you will like it vote 10p thx a lot :D
08.04.2011 02:33 PDT, AlexEnigma
that was so sad and it spoke to me so it was cool
07.04.2011 07:56 PDT, darkangel71
Visit For Excellent Entries. Need ur Comments Also.
06.04.2011 20:02 PDT, ¶✴HoT + ShaYaRi✴¶
Hi i do enjoy ur blog so much i have e same problem bt i do manage so thanks
05.04.2011 07:18 PDT, cleackson
this is exactly how i am feeling at the moment this is so good its like you already know me i haven't spoke to my boyfriend for 2 weeks we fell out and it hurts like hell ha
02.04.2011 13:59 PDT, idieasajuggalo
Wow what a gr8 line u writtend. . . Very nice and blog r much special and new . . Superb work....
Your collections very very super .
Who is blind in pep modration team? Why blind? Read my new blog entry and write your comments on pep blindness. Best regards Rakesh khudia
28.03.2011 18:33 PDT, Rakesh khudia
my first love is one married women. And she loved me with heart. I thanks to god that i have got true love atleast one time in life. Thanks to you also your poem is great
28.03.2011 17:37 PDT, baba
You were sitting on the edge of unknow / waiting for somebody help,but you know / you are there alone and / all your insides are crying till the end . . .plz read my new poem here
25.03.2011 23:54 PDT, AlexEnigma
Pain mks strong love bcoz pain is give to chance and test of our love how is build-up,it can be need the belive of love.
25.03.2011 00:42 PDT, Life.Is.Lovely14300000
Wow dats tru
24.03.2011 02:51 PDT, Hotgal
I love ur blogs, i read it everytime i get a chance to visit n dis site.. Ur da one of ma favorite author n hea.. keep it up, much love xoxox
22.03.2011 23:27 PDT, mitchy0
its the best lines ive ever heard the only person whos heart is broken can write it
22.03.2011 07:25 PDT, ratnakar1
this is cool ..
20.03.2011 23:27 PDT, kagome
i just love the way you put your words to form those sentences.keep it up
20.03.2011 12:14 PDT, ifeanyi.ekema0
Believe it or not, Woman has man in it. She has He in it. Mrs has Mr in it. Female has Male in it. Madam has Adam in it. No wonder men always want to be inside women. Men were born between the legs of a woman yet men spend all their life and time trying to go back between the legs of a women. WHY ??
18.03.2011 04:24 PDT, Commander
U've done a great job. Many hrt has being broken but wit dis words,it bring encouragement dat they can love again. Weldone.
16.03.2011 17:05 PDT, amygaruba
Lov t
16.03.2011 03:09 PDT, Princess

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