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SAD LOVE STORY - B R O K E N HEART - brokenloveandheart

sad love a - SAD LOVE STORY
18.08.2011 21:33 EDT
There was once this guy who is very much in love with his girl. This romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of paper cranes as a gift to his girl. Although, at that time he was just a small fry in his company, his future didn’t seem too bright, they were very happy together. Until one day, his girl told him she was going to Paris and will nevercome back. She also told him that she cannot visualize any future for the both of them, so they went their own ways there and then…
Heartbroken, the guy agreed. But when he regained his confidence, he worked hard day and night, slogging his body and mind just to make something out of himself. Finally with all the hardwork and the help of friends, this guy had set up his own company … You never fail until you stop trying. One rainy day, while this guy was driving, he saw an elderly couple sharing an umbrella in the rain walk ing to some destination. Even with the umbrella, they were still drenched. It didn’t take him long to realize they were his girl’s parents. With a heart in getting back at them, he drove slowly beside the couple, wanting them to spot him in his luxury sedan. He wanted them to know that he wasn’t the same any more; he had his own company, car, condo, etc. He made it! What he saw next confused him, the couple was walking towards a cemetery, and so he got out ofhis car and followed…and he saw his girl, a photograph of her smiling sweetly as ever at him from her tombstone and he saw his paper cranes right beside her… Her parents saw him. He asked them why this had happened. They explained, she did not leave for France at all. She was ill with cancer. She had believed that he will make it someday, but she did not want to be his obstacle… therefore she had chosen to leave him.Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you wa nt them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have. She had wanted her parents to put his paper cranes beside her, because, if the day comes when fate brings him to her again…he can take some of those back with him… Once you have loved, you will always love. For what’s in your mind may escape but what’s in your heart will remain forever. The guy just wept…The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside her knowing you can’t have her, see her or be with her ever again.
Hope that want happen to me.
04.01.2014 17:42 EST, sexiie.white0
I read this story some yrs back in a circulation of emails from workmates and to tell you the truth the first time I read it, I was in tears..This story always touches my heart..thanks for sharing again on your blog..:)<3
04.05.2013 11:47 EDT, oceangirl33
Really heart touching
28.01.2013 16:54 EST, Rajeev496
great one dear...can i get the link frn where i can share this on fb..
07.12.2012 05:50 EST, €={Sherbaz Malik}==>
Very nice
17.11.2012 08:04 EST, tanmoy358
speaking for the guy i would rather be poor knowing i did everything i could money can't buy love i understand the girls logic though touching story
26.10.2012 05:17 EDT, Bones
True love never is something dat can be costs nothing but can cost u a life time of greif...n heart ache....very touching
19.09.2012 09:20 EDT, dembedeiiez
the story is truely heartbreaking
18.09.2012 16:22 EDT, regorous
True love is to maje free rather than bound
18.09.2012 04:20 EDT, sexyaju007
Truely is a sad story indeed.
27.08.2012 02:38 EDT, macdominic
So painful,whats a pity
18.08.2012 04:39 EDT, lameyrite
love is beautiful....
24.07.2012 14:01 EDT, thunder..24/7
very nice Yaar every1 story..... kaash Aap mere saath hoti...
15.07.2012 11:34 EDT, SuRYAvAnSHI
Its realy heart breaking. Pls can u send some of these stories via my site..
07.07.2012 08:23 EDT, Snipeshot!..
..really heart breaking...nice sad love story..
02.07.2012 11:33 EDT, blue.mafia0
It hurts more than anything you can think of.
27.06.2012 14:45 EDT, baltaham
So sad!
26.06.2012 12:04 EDT, sableclaws033
Nice To Learn New Tips So I Can Avoid Danger
25.06.2012 20:04 EDT, orove-veveke0
Wow wat a story
24.06.2012 17:10 EDT, Kibato
24.06.2012 03:24 EDT, McWilly
simply lovable to lovers
22.06.2012 06:31 EDT, jhonkennady
It a nostaljial true lv story
13.06.2012 16:50 EDT, damilola.ajiboye0
i dnt blieve dat luv exist
09.06.2012 15:35 EDT, christiana20
Hmm! Love is great
09.06.2012 14:09 EDT, holuwahtosyn
Really heart touching..
08.06.2012 05:05 EDT, rktiwari170788
06.06.2012 04:52 EDT, rose.0009
It would So hard to believe that someone we had nice moments with is no longer there,nothing could be done what happened was final.
31.05.2012 10:21 EDT, galaxy0072
Thank GOD, Im gona burn d car I was drivng it to d semetary, if I where him, nothing mch to say,,jst lost ma breath n tears whn reading dis story, wau what da story, sad 1 n I wont forget it, thanks.
29.05.2012 01:18 EDT, Dunzzie kuduro
So painful
28.05.2012 08:33 EDT, package4
This is sad indeed.i feel pity
08.05.2012 15:14 EDT, muuma
05.05.2012 15:02 EDT, abalhafsa
0 so sad
05.05.2012 03:52 EDT, ankhumanhazarika01
So sad!
22.04.2012 21:11 EDT, pathfinder9
Sheeet! Very harmful 4 boyz. .
20.04.2012 22:58 EDT, satkarn
17.04.2012 15:17 EDT, Yuvaraj
so sad and heart breaking
11.04.2012 09:06 EDT, paulnelson
So sad
06.04.2012 05:04 EDT, Aniket saha16
im sooo touched,datz a very very sad story
04.04.2012 08:28 EDT, lil.dee3
the story is good, but hw i wish she died in his arms
02.04.2012 11:27 EDT, tony223827
This is the best love story i read in my life truely
01.04.2012 18:44 EDT, manojprusty
That makes tears rolling down my face wow sad
28.03.2012 15:54 EDT, gundy3
Lovely an sad storie relly broke my heart away
28.03.2012 06:45 EDT, Kidnia
It really broke my heart.
24.03.2012 11:28 EDT, dare.devil15
hats off 2 dm
17.03.2012 15:49 EDT, *~*~Mi§hti~*~*
Awww this so touchin,nd hurtful
11.03.2012 18:01 EDT, blessing.ezeh0
It's realy heart-broken
09.03.2012 20:54 EST, saw4peace
too pain. love is not just the way u want it. it is just d way it is,
06.03.2012 15:44 EST, monty.west0
this story was really heart melting...
03.03.2012 20:51 EST, karthik884
congrats!!! thou its a sad love story,but its a great story 4 educational purpose. thanx 4 ur contribution.
26.02.2012 02:28 EST, tx-muba
Nyc sad story, love nvr dies
21.02.2012 14:51 EST, Noman
So sad!
19.02.2012 07:23 EST, Ruhama.teka
So sad
19.02.2012 07:21 EST, Ruhama.teka
Very touching sad story, what had happened to the boy, and how was his future, after at the cemetry.
16.02.2012 19:32 EST, mortz
12.02.2012 05:03 EST, jaya-tamil
pls read, think and add in your favorites. thanks in advance . kya pepe user se shadi kar sakty ho ?comment zaror kar dena pls
I like ur story, is truely a sad story. I make my heart burns with full of sadness 4 the true LOVE they both share.
03.02.2012 12:20 EST, De Gentle
this story might not be amazing .there was a lady called lu and she was madly in love with jo and they were ingadged.they were at the chapel one night and jo diddent turn up for the walked home in the rain crying whilst holding up her beautiful white dress that was now not so white.she was so depresed that BLAH BLAH BLAH sorry guys but you have to write the end of the story message me and see if you got the end right or you will never no
27.01.2012 16:01 EST, xx.coolio.xx
its rily a painful and a sad story.i fil lyk weeping
25.01.2012 12:01 EST, lillian.mary0
its realy a painful story. its realy difficult to live without ur lover one
25.01.2012 04:26 EST, black.rose
awesome day Ah!!
22.01.2012 05:10 EST, hoss1969
beautifull story it touch my heart so be in love with that person who love u more then other and be faith in god u will sucess in ur life
22.01.2012 04:51 EST, shaikhahamedbasha
Heart touching story friend. Love is god and god is love
21.01.2012 01:42 EST, Naveen
fantastic,its a good one.tumb up 4 u.
19.01.2012 06:25 EST, munawwara
Tx wat a lvly sad story
15.01.2012 17:18 EST, spatsha0
I will like it this hstory & i enjoyed by it.
15.01.2012 15:07 EST, ashadu25
i like this story! gud work
15.01.2012 04:49 EST, Rathika samuel
this has made my day for sure. thanks!
10.01.2012 05:23 EST, moriemusical
OMG.....dis is touching;(
01.01.2012 11:12 EST, upright
nice yr
30.12.2011 13:28 EST, dev.waldia0
This is intresting story and educative at the same time especially lovers
26.12.2011 04:40 EST, Imbbwuro
05.12.2011 22:15 EST, DINI
04.12.2011 01:29 EST, sonu.maddy1
im feeling so sad now
26.11.2011 07:42 EST, cutie26
i lurv it. its brilliant n touchin
25.11.2011 00:34 EST, horny.babe
Aansu ke dhara aankho se bah nikle. Kya ye true story hai.Please replx me.
18.11.2011 15:05 EST, Raaju
18.11.2011 03:45 EST, Miss Maizy
I just want to say LOVE IS IMMORTAL.
16.11.2011 15:19 EST, suNNy
Nice story yay iam always with you.
13.11.2011 01:26 EST, love.risk
Really heart touching
11.11.2011 19:05 EST, christopher224
09.11.2011 13:19 EST, Rafo
Sometimes, it takes a painfull experience to make us change our ways and become somebody. (I REALLY LOVE THIS STORY)
04.11.2011 19:50 EDT, AM INSANE
It touched my heart and soul.
03.11.2011 12:20 EDT, georg!a
Yaar,teri story ne mujhe true love ka ahsas karva diya,thanks.
26.10.2011 01:44 EDT, bodyguard29
aww....dats very sad.
20.10.2011 03:03 EDT, Catch_Me_If_U_Can.
18.10.2011 04:30 EDT, kodigutijeevan
Wooow its real touching
15.10.2011 22:15 EDT, mayo
Heart touching one
15.10.2011 12:54 EDT, kumari00
15.10.2011 03:13 EDT, sam663
This is a nyc stry dat's end wit a sad ending. I lyk wot de gurl did hiddng her sickness frm her fience . Cos dat's wot mkes him wrk heard jst to be wot he was, if di gurl told him her status he wuld av nt wrk hrd to own his own compamy al he wuld av dne is hw to fnd a way to cure her. Buh instead she hid it frm him by lieing to hm dat she was going to france.but to prve she truelly luv him she culd av told hm shes suffering frm cancer.also its k fr her nt telling him cos he mad it
14.10.2011 07:11 EDT, suljaboy0
A big lesson
14.10.2011 05:53 EDT, hotmale72
Waoo thats soo touchy, sweet
14.10.2011 05:45 EDT, hotmale72
14.10.2011 04:57 EDT, championb
i am best and honest boy.i want to n best and honest girl friend.if you are best and honest?friend,love,marige,write me.
14.10.2011 00:19 EDT, rana712
I dont know wht am say i fell sad
12.10.2011 16:01 EDT, Eyu20
Am deeply touched to the point of tears drops.
12.10.2011 10:03 EDT, saintvnc
now u can find true frinds and love only on...
12.10.2011 00:35 EDT, kane20
Very nice story.very sad...that is life..not a bowl of throws you curves..where you go from there is the hard part
11.10.2011 22:22 EDT, dusty690
Really touching,amazing and much adoreble...
11.10.2011 12:27 EDT,
11.10.2011 02:38 EDT, omotoyosi1
She shouldn't hav done that but rather marry him at that his level. No one knows wat 2morrow will born.
10.10.2011 19:40 EDT, T-man29
It's so painy but lovely indeed.
10.10.2011 10:35 EDT, barakyeli.f.g
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this story is so good to teach other!i like it.
09.10.2011 12:44 EDT, Fuad Heart
Veryvery intrestin i love the story
08.10.2011 13:55 EDT, koplan0
This story is so touching it made me to cry.. Hope i may get such a true luv.. Amen.!
08.10.2011 08:57 EDT, Poshflames
very hrt touching&encouraging.
07.10.2011 17:05 EDT, greatness3
Very touching..!!dun knw its real or fake....!
06.10.2011 11:52 EDT, Ic€ h€@rt.....
Good story. . . .I knw luv is life bcz i hav a luvly boyfrnd. .
06.10.2011 07:27 EDT, sristi.basu1
They r ppl who dnt realise true love thoh it is just bsid thm, thy cnt reach it, bsides thy fal 4 lust i pity thm
05.10.2011 15:38 EDT, Sindhu
wish i had courage 2 do tis to a manh! guess m jus a bad azz burning bitch!
04.10.2011 06:24 EDT, whano (family)
L0wra chandi chikne muji.
04.10.2011 04:49 EDT, NOKIA
had mine broken last xmas! hearts are truely hard to understand. do they 'click' with the head?
03.10.2011 11:37 EDT, hubris(latin)
I like da girls courage,cos her falsehood brought out da best in da guy.
03.10.2011 10:55 EDT, ebonykutiey
Wow, i like this love story, this is realy true love indeed!
02.10.2011 17:56 EDT, City1
Ur story make us believe tat, true love exist in this cruel world.
02.10.2011 06:35 EDT, babuboy
Isn't truth?
02.10.2011 00:02 EDT, luzaiqianfang
Lov the story very sad
01.10.2011 13:33 EDT, terry
i just unable to belive this but a reall love lives life long till death if any one may do any thing.............
30.09.2011 07:38 EDT, kavi690
ur blog iz amazing lovely
30.09.2011 02:34 EDT, pranav
29.09.2011 15:58 EDT, gamer.god10
Wow!dat was a lovely n inspirin love stroy.i swear 2 God i love dat...HELLO dear hw did u come abt dat?.jt kep it up ...
29.09.2011 07:22 EDT, nze10
truely touching.
It was lovely thow sorrowed thanks that theem
28.09.2011 01:34 EDT, clairer2560
Nice bt sad
27.09.2011 07:21 EDT, neny8
Its quite sympathetic. Love is really a pain no docter can xplain
27.09.2011 02:58 EDT, Destiny4real
Dat is true i luv it
26.09.2011 22:58 EDT, moping
nice story
26.09.2011 10:11 EDT, charis.gee(no sex chats)
26.09.2011 03:50 EDT, roc09
What a story
25.09.2011 12:04 EDT, victorfb
25.09.2011 03:13 EDT, bishop1986
Shame*very sad* now that,s true love.
25.09.2011 02:57 EDT, FortunateN
Its really sad
25.09.2011 02:53 EDT, bigdingz
That is so touching, i wish it stopped at a story. So hurting to miss a love one, i mean it.
24.09.2011 20:53 EDT, quabya
24.09.2011 09:17 EDT, jituji1
wao what a nice story,like it very much,good really good
23.09.2011 21:19 EDT, niko ~~~><";>..
Too good and fine poetry
23.09.2011 10:22 EDT, Mr. Perfect
23.09.2011 10:21 EDT, Mr. Perfect
i love my all friend.becose friend is old friend.
22.09.2011 23:27 EDT, hossainfaisal00
it takes along time 2grow an old friend! i joke about life's misery. what a waste.
22.09.2011 19:22 EDT, hubris(latin)
Beautiful and very very sad story:-)
22.09.2011 16:02 EDT, ladydi1977
Wao... What a true lover she was. Hats off to her in her heavenly abode. And the guy must have realized the truth about love...
20.09.2011 10:15 EDT, younglad11
Great love.... Great girl... Awesome story...
19.09.2011 18:51 EDT, Ramya
Kathy thinks that God of Hindus and Muslims are smaller than her God; see my blog Entry with proof, and also Kathy abuses many good pepe users so her ID should be immedietly blocked, you valuable comments are invited if you think there is only one God of all, see my blog entry:
19.09.2011 06:35 EDT, ░▒▒▓MR-GUIDE▓▒▒░
17.09.2011 22:24 EDT, blue4melody
Dis is nt a story but a song of ever-powerful feeling called LOVE-a feeling of no perfect defination available in anybody`s womb!!
17.09.2011 15:34 EDT, Devraj,The Solitude
Love is abt sacrifice, da Sacrifice da gul made shws wt luv is, itz dt Sacrifice dt prvs da genuinity of Luv, no ordinary Luv cn do dat. Da story is touchy n inspiring wth a strong mesage....
16.09.2011 17:53 EDT, dr-intellect
:,( Beautiful but...sad...
16.09.2011 12:38 EDT, sweet.dreamz
I'm touched mks me appric d word "LOVE"
15.09.2011 13:30 EDT, lekedove
realy nice nd heart touchng story...
15.09.2011 10:56 EDT, BHAVI
Super.i am your friend in facebook.
15.09.2011 10:47 EDT, Pratipalsinh
mind bloing...
14.09.2011 16:27 EDT, hii! girls...
Nice 1 . . heart touch
14.09.2011 13:54 EDT, dj.dyn
touching story...
14.09.2011 08:12 EDT, thommi
ya! its a love its almost heart touching
14.09.2011 08:00 EDT, shamaila.rosy
Oh,its truly hearty story,,,while reading i was crying
13.09.2011 05:38 EDT, sneha..m..bck
waw dis is really really sad nd touchin,nd it glad i came accross it.
13.09.2011 02:48 EDT, brissyluv01
wow so hearty
11.09.2011 05:19 EDT, arjun
wow that's the identity of a true love.
11.09.2011 01:19 EDT, [::::.Y:].]:[:.v.:][.[:[:R.::]
Her love was her sacrifice, great job. Hats off to that girl.
10.09.2011 18:07 EDT, the.lord4
Great..m crying to love n to b loved truely.
10.09.2011 10:35 EDT, smartkhushi
10.09.2011 03:23 EDT, ali3hashmi
Nice story, classic but you write it beautifully.
09.09.2011 13:57 EDT, stupidlove1
its too painful.what a sad luv story
08.09.2011 12:13 EDT, shamilla!!!
its a painful heartmelting tragedic parody as it seems.....visit ma blog for vocabulary,quizzes,software tricks,jobs,etc
08.09.2011 03:34 EDT, elitisttriad
07.09.2011 06:58 EDT, prettiedazzie
Heart touching
06.09.2011 14:29 EDT,
06.09.2011 03:49 EDT, rim23
u hv an amazing keep no records of wrong
05.09.2011 13:16 EDT, mninuola0
Tht bad couple should remain 2gether
05.09.2011 04:29 EDT, kevoh.karis0
05.09.2011 03:19 EDT, The exclusive joker
Its excellent but same as telugu film
05.09.2011 02:17 EDT, suryadgr8
simply incredible. Heart rendering stuff
04.09.2011 12:30 EDT, sadhna4eroticChatButDecent
Mughe rona a rha he
04.09.2011 05:35 EDT, hemant2465359
i think mera pyar mere saath hota
03.09.2011 23:12 EDT, ashok.bisht
I hope u hv gained the strng to luv.
03.09.2011 11:55 EDT, Kibet
it was smthin 2 be my future! but i'm d 1 wid cancer pls pray for me!
03.09.2011 06:57 EDT, |\|Oufal |ov€$ |\|€€thu
I like it, keep it up
03.09.2011 04:59 EDT, bolanle4u
02.09.2011 13:58 EDT, flagmatoxic
02.09.2011 06:55 EDT, tej.kadam
01.09.2011 17:31 EDT, •★.ROBSON.★•
Intrasting ! Love the ending part
31.08.2011 03:46 EDT, pentico123pen
without reading the other comments for influence, i must say that this story is very beautifully written. although it is tragic, i find it very sweet and thoughtful.
31.08.2011 02:18 EDT, Tennessee7
heart tourching story.
31.08.2011 00:48 EDT, KING DAVID 2
Very sad
31.08.2011 00:40 EDT, Kareen
Very tourchng
30.08.2011 17:00 EDT, margret2
just 1 thing to say- $Falling in love again$
30.08.2011 15:26 EDT, Love
This is lovely,,, and then can't say nothing. I m so feel. ^^^^^^
30.08.2011 06:21 EDT, ape15
A moving story with an educative moral lesson. il read it over n over again.
28.08.2011 01:26 EDT, salvey0
Realy very good & meaning full story.While i reading i fully involved in this charactor. Realy very GOOD & VERY SAD STORY.
27.08.2011 21:46 EDT, ppai090
that was a sad story.
27.08.2011 16:11 EDT, tabitha12
if this story is tru thanks god that u got someone who was urs.I hop 1 guy will come for me who will love me like u got bt forever i dont wanna lose him
27.08.2011 05:46 EDT, mirshang
lovely story .but what happen wid the girl.
27.08.2011 05:43 EDT, lovely.manoj0
This is a pathetic story and it touched me a gratu deal. I am“in a situation close to that and I canntell how it fills.AM greatly torched
26.08.2011 18:12 EDT, Babyoku
Love is everything always
25.08.2011 10:33 EDT, vailet9
Nice!!! am still imagining the story.While i was reading it as if i was seeng it. all pictures were in ma mind.
25.08.2011 01:07 EDT, [Pattoh] % 254.
Nice sTory.. Keep it up dear..
25.08.2011 00:10 EDT, ♥RAJU♥
Tru lv z nt hw u 4gv bt hw u 4gt. . Nt hw u listn bt hw u undrstnd. . Nd nt hw u let go bt hw u hold on. .
24.08.2011 14:58 EDT, ~¤Lyf z a chAlleNge face it¤~
Sweet in ur speech ...Pure in ur heart. Power in your eyes . Smile and brightness in ur face .... Good Morning
23.08.2011 23:30 EDT, ░▒▒▓MR-GUIDE▓▒▒░
23.08.2011 13:32 EDT, nasir190
Touching to bottom of heart
23.08.2011 07:46 EDT, Shineayub
21.08.2011 16:43 EDT, dmykah
right.kano j amon hoy?
21.08.2011 12:42 EDT, LOST SOUL
:"( just lyk my story
19.08.2011 05:00 EDT, ÐêV!l ôN dä eärTh

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