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LAST MINUTE LOVE OF A BOY - B R O K E N HEART - brokenloveand...

superstock r - LAST MINUTE LOVE OF A BOY
15.10.2011 00:54 PDT
(a girl and guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle)

Girl: Slow down. I'm scared.
Boy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, it's too scary!
Boy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Boy: Now give me a big hug.
(Girl hugs him)
Boy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me.

In the newspaper the next day:

A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.

The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his breaks broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.


Please Share Your Comments Here:
True love never die
31.08.2014 01:45 PDT, lagann
its reality..but no one here like him..its fake world..friends no love here..or yull be hurted..take care
18.04.2014 10:41 PDT, bye frndzz
en kanla kanneer vanthutu pa. ipadi manasu ulla oru jeevana en life la na idhu varai pakala pa. but apadi oru jeevan, en mela uyira irukura jeevana dhan naan theditu iruken. elarume poiya dhan irukanka pa.
24.02.2014 07:45 PST, divya9952
10.12.2013 04:04 PST, alisk3
So sad, the end of true love..... Sanju 425
19.08.2013 11:17 PDT, sanju425
02.08.2013 20:22 PDT, fixa0
Wow,that's awesome.
30.07.2013 06:28 PDT, money.denawa
28.06.2013 17:25 PDT, $W33T !ND!AN B@¥
05.06.2013 15:34 PDT, donpeace
he have to go slow with his own hands he spoiles his life
19.05.2013 06:18 PDT, teluguisswt4ever(mis u kavya)
04.05.2013 08:41 PDT, oceangirl33
10.02.2013 03:33 PST, Only girl
super love story...i dedicate my tears to this story...
28.12.2012 06:25 PST, i need handsome gay lover
it is very interesting love history
14.11.2012 22:56 PST, seha1
thats what i would have done
26.10.2012 02:10 PDT, Bones
Truely heart touching
03.10.2012 18:56 PDT, firerod(Married Women Welcome )
Treasured...we will n e thing 4 da 1s we love...
29.09.2012 21:38 PDT, dembedeiiez
26.09.2012 22:52 PDT, rohit jaswal
bada best ya!
25.09.2012 10:52 PDT, nenecruz
thats so sad. though he should have known she would rather be with him in heaven then in this world without him
18.09.2012 22:48 PDT, Nikki&Stefan
true luv kills
18.09.2012 13:35 PDT, regorous
Realy its intrsting but trusting.
17.09.2012 19:27 PDT, manmohanw
Trud love is painful but great
16.09.2012 07:59 PDT, ananda261
Taken form a bangla talefilm (valobasi tai valobese jai) which is presented by airtel. But whtevr its called true love.
11.09.2012 06:29 PDT, Alwys lv u
This is called true love but so much painfull. downloads ++ live mob tv 100% workingg and gud work
07.09.2012 03:13 PDT, rohit jaswal
This surely is true love...i wish l can get a girl who l can give all my love no matter the distance...:(
31.08.2012 07:48 PDT, kakiaz
wow wow. really a gr8 love story. hats of to this story and d author of dis story.
28.08.2012 08:52 PDT, Say ur pussy colour
25.08.2012 06:21 PDT, saleemkhan12
24.07.2012 00:00 PDT, Good Bye
22.07.2012 04:10 PDT, Where r u NiSha(ashu)
love is unvaluable this story makes my tears out
17.07.2012 16:32 PDT, Sex boy for tamil ladies====>
M tear to read this
17.07.2012 10:15 PDT, Çhîrõtâ...Good bye all...
15.07.2012 16:33 PDT, Dαshιɳg ℓ♥√Є
evry1 will die one day but love will survive bcoz of true lovers
15.07.2012 00:51 PDT, Lalit
its old one story
14.07.2012 10:34 PDT, NeeL
9ice story
14.07.2012 07:13 PDT, tunde115
Ki sach che
12.07.2012 04:07 PDT, strawberryboy
Nothing painfull than this.
09.07.2012 16:20 PDT, monicamonica
08.07.2012 05:42 PDT, debbie24
Hmmmmm, that's true love!
08.07.2012 00:04 PDT, sisiabada
21.06.2012 18:18 PDT, abby.eksdii.0
nice tue love is amazing.....
21.06.2012 00:41 PDT, shubh.pali
nice tue love is amazing.....
21.06.2012 00:41 PDT, shubh.pali
well luv kill bt saves most of d time
21.06.2012 00:38 PDT, abbey86
like the whole concept of the blog especially how z pics connect with z theme of the specific blog posting
19.06.2012 19:28 PDT, kr4bby
why the fuck was she not wearning a helmet and he was? i wouldnt have even let her on my motorcycle. i would have said bitch walk lol jk
14.06.2012 01:38 PDT, Daveyow
13.06.2012 20:56 PDT, Archu
nt all lovers same bt i m still waiting ..... For the same
13.06.2012 15:19 PDT, Ruchi sharma
True lv will always dedicate anything
13.06.2012 13:39 PDT, damilola.ajiboye0
Damn this ain't lov mehn,lost at end time,it should be.Why wil he die if he lov ha?
04.06.2012 09:29 PDT, siddyswagg
It's sad in one part and in another he show that he love her. Nice story.
02.06.2012 13:55 PDT, DrAgOn
.damn shit.l0ve .if he l0ve the grl he will live f0rever wth her l0ve. .
01.06.2012 09:58 PDT, adgjmptww9
Its ok 4 him, i think i should live.
31.05.2012 12:41 PDT, rayzone2
it is so touchin.d boy knew he wud stil c her n love her in d next world.
30.05.2012 12:27 PDT, *»«*jungles¤in¤deserts*»«*
loves full of surprises..
30.05.2012 09:59 PDT, thunder..24/7
Oh its so touchy
29.05.2012 02:58 PDT, tshidd
A great and excited one
28.05.2012 07:07 PDT, gallas9090
wow.. its fascinating and unbelievable great about love ... ur certified romantiko!! great job
25.05.2012 04:25 PDT, jonike3
The boy did very good but that is not love he just saved a life,and that cannot stop the girl from loving ten othe boys
22.05.2012 20:03 PDT, Great54
heartbreaks story.lvd it
22.05.2012 14:40 PDT, laddu58
Uff.. damm painful.. Love is pain...
19.05.2012 02:49 PDT, Prince007
True love pains wen yr one nd only love is gone.its so inspirational.
08.05.2012 12:26 PDT, muuma
so hurting lovestory.hope i will find someone loving like the boy in story
28.04.2012 02:33 PDT, mirshang
Yes True love is paining and killing when not trust their love
24.04.2012 07:04 PDT, Bennyraghu
Yes True love is paining and killing when not trust their love
24.04.2012 07:01 PDT, Bennyraghu
Nw thats love
22.04.2012 17:44 PDT, pathfinder9
True love is sacrificing
21.04.2012 09:55 PDT, Shari...sha
it hurts:-)
17.04.2012 12:11 PDT, Yuvaraj
this is true love
16.04.2012 05:06 PDT, Prof.J
14.04.2012 10:12 PDT, Hard fucker
dis is true love.lov is to think abt others
12.04.2012 11:58 PDT, lv4
This is the real love
07.04.2012 01:01 PDT, sam
05.04.2012 22:56 PDT, jloen
It's good fren
04.04.2012 16:29 PDT, Kto yahoo.com0
I like it thats very good
31.03.2012 00:16 PDT, wizle
That was in ancient time.ppl don't love anymore
28.03.2012 21:30 PDT, gundy3
Players story nice one
27.03.2012 14:24 PDT, roscoeludaprince
too much will kill you!!! love is not a blind but the mind make you blind!!!
23.03.2012 22:19 PDT, uthman
I dnt tink there's any man dat ll be able 2 du dat again dis time
11.03.2012 14:51 PDT, blessing.ezeh0
06.03.2012 12:23 PST, monty.west0
I Realy Like it yar
03.03.2012 10:08 PST, jalamohini
everyone should shake his cycle b4 going out.
01.03.2012 09:47 PST, kevin.bulus0
Thats very very very lovely:-) !!!!!!!!!!
01.03.2012 00:57 PST, adosh
28.02.2012 03:22 PST,
nice story,but impossible
25.02.2012 08:29 PST, RAGINI THE CUTE GIRL
24.02.2012 23:06 PST, MAHBUBUR RAHMAN
infact it is painful n killing..but it is sweet
23.02.2012 10:05 PST, tenzinnorbu
Interesting! It's a foolish but whortwhile sacrifies.
16.02.2012 21:49 PST, don2life
it's painful but,very sweet when handle with care
12.02.2012 14:09 PST, auwaldja
antha boy uyroda iruntha nalla irunthu irukkum. true lovers a story la kuda prikkathinga
11.02.2012 05:11 PST, Anbudan . NăăN
love is leaves in sacrifices.. So carying who loves you..
08.02.2012 23:38 PST, '.'Decant Chat'.'
07.02.2012 15:04 PST, green53 lesbo
Man that's deep,i wud do that 4 ma gal even if she wud not do the same.
07.02.2012 10:01 PST, mwashinski
Ya ,it is,boys r d true loves.
06.02.2012 09:44 PST, Sandocat35
Its most painfu wen da person u lov most,doubts u o doesnt trst o believe in evrytin u say o do 2 prove hw mch they realy mean alot 2u o hw mch u love dat person..wen only one is makin efforts...
01.02.2012 13:22 PST, ace.respect
yas dear i no....wellcom love city..totaly seaf your life, relecs your body fresh your maind..and smiel u evry time...have a good day..
31.01.2012 16:20 PST, adi
realy very nice boy...
29.01.2012 21:56 PST, gopi.naidu.c
Heart touching
29.01.2012 07:02 PST, M@G!c
28.01.2012 21:22 PST, timers
pain is the only thing that/s telling me .im still alive
28.01.2012 03:28 PST, kumar.san1
this is a pathetic story
27.01.2012 09:39 PST, lillian.mary0
Horrible and lame. When the boy knew of the break failure.....cud have reduced the speed by decreasing the gears. Pathetic nd uttermost stupid boy......!
26.01.2012 04:45 PST, *satz*
Mmmmm.....its sad lve is always blind.
25.01.2012 07:04 PST, smaldog sad.true lve is only pain...
25.01.2012 06:03 PST, Urs frnD....[R]
He love her a lifetime. His love for her is the true love.
Rat me r.upa ke bur me hath dalo.
21.01.2012 04:11 PST, -<Shahrukh>-
"True love never die or never end"
20.01.2012 22:26 PST, Naveen
Dat's true love
20.01.2012 12:43 PST, bolanle4u
thats sad and beautiful
19.01.2012 05:23 PST, greeneyez89
i like me you home page
Www it's sadness it will good history. Ashadu
15.01.2012 12:04 PST, ashadu25
Oooo, its true love! love must be sincere!
15.01.2012 01:00 PST, Rathika samuel
Hmmmm true love is had to find, if u find one u find live
14.01.2012 14:50 PST, igbosmarine
Cal me 07507821411
14.01.2012 08:47 PST, sexy neetu
10.01.2012 06:10 PST,
Please story hindi me likha karo
10.01.2012 00:43 PST, akil.patel0
09.01.2012 14:00 PST, moriemusical
So sad bt gud.
09.01.2012 01:23 PST, rosebella.figarado0
06.01.2012 22:11 PST, ~harry15~
Very good it makes man to love truely
05.01.2012 23:29 PST, Habte<3NR
Yes, it's true , true love is painning,it's my own experience.
31.12.2011 06:13 PST, I want true friends
Very intresting story/play clip
29.12.2011 12:32 PST, olunlade
Very intresting story/paly clip
29.12.2011 12:31 PST, olunlade
this is a really tragic story this really loved the girl.hope there are people like that out there.
29.12.2011 05:13 PST, melissa100
i'm sad
27.12.2011 03:54 PST, (*bublyface*)
Its realy Gud.
23.12.2011 21:39 PST, kshn!k Rahul
23.12.2011 14:22 PST, Andrashankar
22.12.2011 10:09 PST, Naga
Mara pass aao sex with me
20.12.2011 10:14 PST, manish.love5
he lay down his lyf 4 his gal.nt al boyz can.i wish n only wish dat dis kyn of luv 'll com bak nw.kudos ma guy
18.12.2011 13:52 PST, kahly
Very nice. Please Visit Once
17.12.2011 20:39 PST, ☆¦|♥(STARDUM.Tk)♥|¦☆
aapki aur aapki soch bahut achi hai
10.12.2011 23:00 PST, mantu sharma
yeah guys true love is really pain ful
10.12.2011 18:13 PST, kulasekhar93
10.12.2011 07:18 PST, Hunk
its amazing bt vry painful bby
05.12.2011 04:43 PST, priyanshi
pathetic scene, one good thing in your story is that love is another form of sacrifice well explained
04.12.2011 05:17 PST, isra5
Really nice
04.12.2011 01:28 PST,
03.12.2011 23:25 PST, Enrico
02.12.2011 06:19 PST, gogolicious
Aiyo chanceless i love tis story superb excellent
30.11.2011 21:46 PST, CUTE Priya my new
i like
29.11.2011 09:18 PST, SACHIN from mumbai
no words,no comment,i.e. Really a true luv,
28.11.2011 07:30 PST, sandi
27.11.2011 18:00 PST, nevergiveup007
27.11.2011 18:00 PST, nevergiveup007
me want a guy that can love me lyk dat
26.11.2011 04:59 PST, horny.babe
25.11.2011 18:45 PST, gundanna
24.11.2011 01:08 PST, Amrutha
it is a nice story, although i think it's illogical.
23.11.2011 02:23 PST, Thanh Ha
i like this story its to much full of love th guy was in real love mmmuuhhaa
22.11.2011 18:17 PST, only my mitu rana
21.11.2011 09:38 PST, asil1
21.11.2011 09:38 PST, asil1
Redweb:True love bears all things & has no greed or fear in it.It bears the pure signature of protection and care!
20.11.2011 20:11 PST, Redweb
am nt a fighter but fight 4 wat i love
20.11.2011 04:25 PST, mr.vij
Haha. It teaches us tht we should take two
19.11.2011 07:57 PST, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
Haha. It teaches us tht we should take two
19.11.2011 07:56 PST, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
No tru love give pleasure .
19.11.2011 05:00 PST, Raaju
Matlab helmet le lena chahiye...
18.11.2011 17:37 PST, munnalove31
Love is all about sacrifice.This proves true love.
18.11.2011 14:14 PST, ketane
I love these words
17.11.2011 17:29 PST, mamagirl
Realy heart touching,..
16.11.2011 21:38 PST, adityaraj27
wow!that's powerful!reminds me of Christ's love!!
16.11.2011 19:13 PST, iaminlovewithjesus
luv can drives yu thru abnornomal things
15.11.2011 13:31 PST, Nation
Cerita yang sangat menyentuh hati, i like it..
15.11.2011 03:59 PST, bayixs
Ok but boys always rocks.. Bitch s r not like that.
14.11.2011 21:05 PST, kenny
very touching dude
14.11.2011 09:50 PST, armaan300
he was the last lover and pased away .
14.11.2011 07:28 PST, wabais
Nice yar i like it
13.11.2011 21:12 PST, nil.kamble
13.11.2011 04:20 PST, vadhnakumar
Very good blog
12.11.2011 10:21 PST,
12.11.2011 03:36 PST, AlexEnigma
Love.s. alway . Hertng. And kilng . Buday. i like ths st0ry.
12.11.2011 03:18 PST, RAJA....Of....Karachi..
11.11.2011 16:00 PST, christopher224
10.11.2011 09:42 PST, mazharn
I am sorry becoz i hv no words of appreciation available to me so that i cn praise ur writing as d feeling i hv got from it hv a mysterious depth unlikely to b comprehended easily........
10.11.2011 05:57 PST, Devraj,The Solitude
It's the true luv,i like it
10.11.2011 03:16 PST, kashmiri.girl $bye everyone$
Very softy
09.11.2011 22:52 PST,
its realy touches the heart.
09.11.2011 17:48 PST, prateek.rana1
super nice. :>
09.11.2011 16:53 PST, zzzhelai
Love endures
08.11.2011 13:53 PST, cindarella19
08.11.2011 05:34 PST, heavens2
"Pakistan's Plan For Khalistan". Write your comments on 'ISI-backed gunmen revive a dead dream'. Click here
06.11.2011 23:52 PST, Rakesh khudia
Dis is not true but rather a display of foolishness nd stupidity bcos true luv developed gradually rather than suddenly which may lead 2 gatecrashing...
06.11.2011 14:59 PST, morryssie
Pooja 192
06.11.2011 07:33 PST, vipul.parth0
that is a example true love
06.11.2011 00:13 PDT, raj1033
good lines you have here
05.11.2011 19:27 PDT, abills01
Dis is indeed d highest sacrifice sombody can do 2 a fellow man 4 d sake of luv
05.11.2011 05:00 PDT, Destiny4real
05.11.2011 01:26 PDT, sexylips3
Well, sometimes people want to become superhero when they're with their beloved ones. They made a fool out of themself by risking their lives. 'BE WHO YOU ARE..!'
04.11.2011 16:38 PDT, AM INSANE
how people change?. People who change alot i think have lots of issues,because you get people who is one day happythe next angry or sad,you get people who is your friendnow and later your enemy,you get people who helps you alot the next day they want something back i think people should just be themself and not somebody they can not live up to so those people out there please be yourself don't be ashamed of who you really are you are god's creation so don't disappoint him.
03.11.2011 08:36 PDT, Rakesh khudia
03.11.2011 04:00 PDT, sanjai43
Tru lv z nt hw u 4gv bt hw u 4gt. . Nt hw u listn bt hw u undrstnd. . Nd nt hw u let go bt hw u hold on. .
02.11.2011 09:40 PDT, ~¤Lyf z a chAlleNge face it¤~
Hi guys how are you please meet me guys
02.11.2011 04:38 PDT, b.i.zackria.ansar
I love this. Kya saccha pyar aisa hota hai.
01.11.2011 10:29 PDT, rahul.kaisi68
yes, the guy really sacrificed his life, but the truth is that the tragedy wouldn't have happened if only he never happened to be a careless driver!!! i think most motorcycle accidents take place because of drivers who find delight in driving too fast. lesson: "too much of everything is dangerous." oh i forget that it's the break that had so much trouble. fine then. but he would have survived if he didn't abuse the fun brought by fast driving. well, nice post:)
31.10.2011 15:03 PDT, •âme fragile•
4 n luv we sacrifice to die with ma patner if i c she loves m too much
31.10.2011 12:56 PDT, Lifestyles
pitty, when will the survivours start dying to save the dead?
31.10.2011 04:47 PDT, nimah
i lk dat...gues what might happen.?
30.10.2011 09:52 PDT, bigdingz
love needs discution as though engine crancks to perform exact duty.
30.10.2011 05:25 PDT, protecttheworld
Oh no its should not happened to them ya.......
30.10.2011 03:52 PDT, Ñāgå.....[Painful Life]
l o v e conquered death
29.10.2011 13:22 PDT, wow4ma.m0
Ya thats true and i had it its wery painfull i had some to every lovers dont trying to cheat when u love ..... And when u love try understand togather
29.10.2011 07:15 PDT, sebastianjoseph
This is heart breaking, what a bad way to loose your better half..
29.10.2011 03:53 PDT, joy.issah0
29.10.2011 01:15 PDT, jeno.b.70
Trully touching
28.10.2011 13:57 PDT, beautygal0
28.10.2011 09:52 PDT, sanjeeb.patel0
28.10.2011 03:42 PDT, Kunu Sai
Dis story mkes me cry lyk a baby i lyk diz its touchng
27.10.2011 22:48 PDT, suljaboy0
It's touchy n emotional.i love it
27.10.2011 22:37 PDT, hafsat.samaila1
I luv diz is touching
27.10.2011 22:10 PDT, suljaboy0
sacrifice for one whom you love at all costs, is true. very well expressed in the story. I commend.
27.10.2011 01:51 PDT, singhdiwakar
mehnn. love is dangerous nd can kill. dats what we called true love cos he never wanted d girl 2die. i love dat how i wish i was dat giri
26.10.2011 10:01 PDT, cynthia51
very emotional love story yar
25.10.2011 19:38 PDT, dev
Hmm wat a story makes me wanna love more and more
25.10.2011 17:25 PDT, mikzy4eva007
25.10.2011 05:36 PDT, aaaji
Helow.good blog my friend!
23.10.2011 18:14 PDT, •★.ROBSON.★•
So touchd
23.10.2011 11:37 PDT, Rumwaka
Hats off...but in d end its so sad:( for d girl if i would been at her d next morning in NEWSPAPES heading the girl too even comitted suicide..
23.10.2011 01:08 PDT, Tr@/\/qû¡£
Hats of to such love.
23.10.2011 00:51 PDT, ¤¤\/¡R€K¤¤
Never! I cant do that beta throw away da helmet we die 2geta
22.10.2011 03:54 PDT, maraaasili
kaha se daapa
21.10.2011 23:18 PDT, eddy.j
21.10.2011 04:28 PDT, kishori6
how sad
20.10.2011 23:15 PDT, mac.1.1
20.10.2011 19:41 PDT, gosaiparimal
very good blog
20.10.2011 13:05 PDT, sonia.sharma9
Very beautiful your blog
20.10.2011 12:55 PDT, •★.ROBSON.★•
I like this!
20.10.2011 11:36 PDT, salvey0
19.10.2011 22:44 PDT, surajit.sinngha
dats hw love works..suffering o dying for the sake of ur love ones is so heart breking bt worth it..
19.10.2011 18:17 PDT, Whyte Rose..
l know,,that,becoz same with me,now
19.10.2011 11:12 PDT, Aisha Key..
its nice
18.10.2011 19:52 PDT, just.for.you9
Wow tz true bt hard 2 impliment smtymz
18.10.2011 11:52 PDT, mapurura
VERY Beautiful Your blog !
18.10.2011 11:10 PDT, •★.ROBSON.★•
gud keep it up
Does true love really exist?
18.10.2011 09:32 PDT, dfortune4luv
love is pain for most of boys
18.10.2011 06:25 PDT, safat5
love is painfull most of boys
18.10.2011 06:23 PDT, safat5
true LOVE! cn make a wise man look like a FOOL!
18.10.2011 02:57 PDT, jbardii
nt real 1.try to realze d truth 1.hope nxt tme bettr story
17.10.2011 07:59 PDT, ®oh¡t x lover
17.10.2011 07:28 PDT, brodah0
Very very heart touching.
17.10.2011 07:04 PDT, qudratpakistani
Touching story but one wonders were the girls helment was
16.10.2011 11:29 PDT, tich.mavuna0
nice story sorry 4 za gurl tel her i can countinue 4rm where ma guy stoped(serious)
16.10.2011 07:54 PDT, John Twist Real-ass-nigga
Wow gud wordz i lyk dat kep t d guy dat nxt tym he ned doubl helmetz ok lol
15.10.2011 12:54 PDT, malatji2
Love is wonderful feelings... It saves all that thing ourself.
15.10.2011 08:21 PDT, ParthiTamil
true love never falls
15.10.2011 07:33 PDT, narayananvishnu
Guy don't worry true love never dies and it can't kill
15.10.2011 06:13 PDT, Yung OLATUNDE
its touching.dt is what i call true love
15.10.2011 04:25 PDT, mninuola0
d story is touching.dt is true love
15.10.2011 04:21 PDT, mninuola0

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