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The Real Love Of A ReAl MaN♥♥♥ - B R O K E N HEART - brokenlo...

n - The Real Love Of A ReAl MaN♥♥♥
01.12.2012 18:29 PST
The Real Love Of A ReAl MaN♥♥♥
♥ True LOVE ♥ ♥ Great LOVE ♥
A young couple was very much in love 'n decided to get married.
Some months before marriage, the bride had an accident and
remained with face completely disfigured.
She write to her fiance :-"I can't marry you, I will stay sharp and
ugly forever.
Find another beautiful young woman as you deserve, because
i'm not worthy of you ! "
Few days later,
she received this answer from her fiance :-"
Whoever is truly shamfull is me, i thrust in that following to eye
disease, the doctor just told me that i will stay blind forever ! If
despite this, you want to accept me, i still want to marry you ! "
They get married at that time, the fiance was totally blind.
They lived 20 years in LOVE, in joy and understanding.
She was his guide and became his eyes and light.
LOVE has guided into the tunnel of darkness.
One day, she became seriously ill and dying, she regretted living him alone in the darkness.
The day she died, he opened his eyes to the astonishment of all... !!
" I was not blind, he said... I pretended that i was blind, for
distressed her in the thought that i will see her face disfigured. Now my LOVE based on her! "
31.07.2014 11:38 PDT, decent
Ela Kiri.!
27.06.2014 07:58 PDT, Malith Sachinth .&
17.06.2014 05:13 PDT, S.adnan6
29.05.2014 09:06 PDT, b.jhadishprabu0
It iz encourng story,,, sorry for chick
22.04.2014 02:43 PDT, davinexh
I want true love.
Heart touching story
02.03.2014 21:30 PST, hapy to be alone
Heart touching story
02.03.2014 21:28 PST, hapy to be alone
its realy heart touching
17.02.2014 08:24 PST, SIMMI
30.01.2014 02:47 PST, Webportal
Cupid is blind so as love ;)
16.01.2014 05:43 PST, lex.steele1
Cupid is blind so as love ;)
16.01.2014 05:43 PST, lex.steele1
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22.12.2013 17:50 PST, পথ হারা পথিক
Very true to it
12.12.2013 21:26 PST, kupa
Nice and good dear
30.11.2013 03:01 PST, Jayakumar sexologist{advicer}
15.11.2013 02:22 PST, monu.lisbo.75033254601
Excellent very emotionally
09.10.2013 12:14 PDT, jksh whatsapp user
good love
08.10.2013 09:20 PDT, taajmahal14
Love is ever and its end never.
04.09.2013 09:23 PDT, shani3233
true love is always there no matter what.
24.06.2013 14:15 PDT, COMPOZER (LOVE)
good i love your story and it tells the truth
22.06.2013 15:58 PDT, dato65j
Fantastic,commitment worth taking risk.
20.05.2013 09:42 PDT, krosol
18.05.2013 18:23 PDT, vagu1
love is not seen with the sight but is felt by the heart..beautiful story..thanks for sharing :)
01.05.2013 01:32 PDT, oceangirl33
Wow amazing and rare love story in this world
25.04.2013 19:01 PDT, krrish
wat a lovely story
08.04.2013 02:37 PDT, rose.xyleria100
I love you mobile site and you images.i like you...
01.04.2013 08:27 PDT, vishnu909
verry nice
24.03.2013 08:59 PDT, pooja90001
no words to commment... reminded me of my......? sorry
17.03.2013 12:51 PDT, v.sunil
This story is amazingly effective
15.03.2013 10:44 PDT, javed32khan
awesum story
22.02.2013 10:40 PST, tani79
19.02.2013 23:37 PST, KUTTI
11.02.2013 05:10 PST, aminlada0
07.02.2013 08:37 PST, ☆Ne®oB☆
Very touching story.
02.02.2013 08:53 PST, temujin1234
Heart touching dude..
29.01.2013 07:14 PST, PRINCE
Can really take you very far
28.01.2013 01:38 PST, sibin.t.j0
M relly relly touch in my deep hert, cus m gv my hert to 1 who disnt knw the value of it.
20.01.2013 08:30 PST, kanawa
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16.01.2013 00:08 PST, Enemy
So sexy i want to do that r u agree
08.01.2013 09:31 PST, mithun201204
gajab prem ki ajab kahani . Nice suhana
05.01.2013 03:33 PST, gujrati babu
nice story
05.01.2013 00:29 PST, .YRAM
vry touchng n nyc 1
01.01.2013 06:28 PST, rams1050
i like u and i love u
01.01.2013 05:25 PST, nikhil9670
yea.itz kinda love..,but he totaly lied2 her til d end...n she belivd dt he z rly blind!!he cud'v tel d truth dat he lvz her n no mattr wt it is he needs her!ryt....dis aint fair..a true relatnshp shud b based on love,truth,trust, n ol!
31.12.2012 14:22 PST, Anu dany !;)<3
Its true love but a rare thing in this sefish world.
31.12.2012 03:53 PST, prakash402
29.12.2012 18:56 PST, Awara
29.12.2012 18:43 PST, cinderella
dedicated 2 all true loves...
28.12.2012 06:32 PST, i need handsome gay lover
Moral is very beautiful n speechless.
25.12.2012 09:41 PST, mou.saha0
we can do sex i gani 9092853079 my no
24.12.2012 03:56 PST, gani006
u nd me.
My love also broken the heart.
09.12.2012 08:21 PST, praveenvijay00
05.12.2012 14:25 PST, Odil Santos 2014
best xxx downloads visit
05.12.2012 09:37 PST, just4fun33
Cme nd join my sweet play de
04.12.2012 09:36 PST, Yektha
02.12.2012 22:03 PST, sabreena5
realy heart tchng story.
01.12.2012 18:50 PST, Rakesh khudia

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