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This password protects your account. To avoid typos it must be entered twice. Please enter 5-20 alphabetic characters or digits (no special characters). Choose a password that is not easy to guess! Never disclose your password to anyone. 
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call girl - anita joshi's mobile blog -

21.03.2011 02:46 PDT
call girl
call girl for baroda ane near city humare pas 19 se 40 tak ki female he jiske charge 500 se leke 3000 tak he
baroda se bahar ke 200 rs extra lagega agar kisiko service chahiye to 1 din pehle book karna padega
koi free me sex ka maza lena chati ho to call me
22.04.2014 01:46 PDT, ssandipprajapati
pls send me your contact no.
17.04.2014 04:20 PDT, sameer14386
mera ko chaiye ek full night k liye girl mera . 09587670091 p call kre
15.04.2014 07:51 PDT, nitinsharma160
7600702608 this my no. plz call me
09.04.2014 09:19 PDT, rakesh3151
hii...m here in baroda till tomorrow evening and i need fun here today plzz contact me...
08.04.2014 23:17 PDT, sujeet20092010
hii i want call girl from godhra ...
06.04.2014 05:16 PDT, pinkesh39 ,gujarat
I want to sex
05.04.2014 12:03 PDT, suresh4209211
04.04.2014 05:28 PDT, snehal1984
Hi, I am new member, I am looking for a one night stand with girls range from 19 to 30 frm baroda. Range is no problem.
02.04.2014 05:54 PDT, harry1085
ahd ki koi nahi he kya
29.03.2014 13:04 PDT, faizan441
hi anita this is kehar and working in reputed company in vadodara and here searching a call girl in my buget like one thousands to two thousand per night age no barr but below fifty
25.03.2014 09:12 PDT, sexy.boy273
call gilr call me 07774840161
14.03.2014 10:08 PDT, Anwar
Mujhe ek gilr frienship karoge 07774840161
13.03.2014 20:21 PDT, Anwar
please mail me at with your services.. i can provide u good business
12.03.2014 09:54 PDT, aboyneedsgirl0
dear friend i like to enjoy with someone request to inform about someone photos and rate. i am near vadodara railway station
21.02.2014 01:46 PST, mihircdholakiya
plz aap ka no. do
17.02.2014 00:37 PST, kripal patel (baroda)
Kaise book karna padega
03.02.2014 07:12 PST, maninder473
Gasti chayie rs 1500 from punjab
03.02.2014 07:10 PST, maninder473
hi... i need one girl for today night for 2 to 3 hrs between 8pm to 10pm or 10:30pm pls contact me on 9925222873
29.01.2014 03:19 PST, lesous2014
plz..... call me
26.01.2014 01:03 PST, devpatel260
But kaise book karana hai? Msg me
22.01.2014 20:22 PST, Find nice friends...
22.01.2014 08:57 PST, chetan859
Kya logi
19.01.2014 12:19 PST, yagnesh85
mjhe 19 saal ki ldki chahiye..kitne paise lagenge
18.01.2014 03:32 PST, rockr
mare 1 rat mate hu 10000 rup Aapesh
13.01.2014 02:14 PST,
i need girl
12.01.2014 08:37 PST, parthptl786
chodava mate
04.01.2014 01:16 PST, sallubava
04.01.2014 01:15 PST, sallubava
Bikaner me chahiye plz 9269060669
01.01.2014 11:29 PST, kapil.sharma53
apa call girl dete ho to call me 8401549418
30.12.2013 09:34 PST, dharit51
mujebardoli serveesh milegi
25.12.2013 09:17 PST, ramesh7085
hi ...i am viting to ur mo.. n plz yar
24.12.2013 01:24 PST, ajay9317
I want matured h/w aunty bhabhi on good cost
23.12.2013 07:26 PST, hanif678
19-30 tak chalegi. Jaldi chahiye, milegi?
18.12.2013 04:07 PST, alphabetic44
anita kya aap real me girl available karti ho ya nahi dear kisi se to baat karo call me any time 9960742485 25-40 tak chelegi
13.12.2013 06:19 PST, kehar86
anita kisi ladies ya call girl ka please call me-9960742485
13.12.2013 06:13 PST, kehar86
hey ...i am interest sex very much .... call girl are call me ...8866902189
12.12.2013 19:00 PST, rushi887
hi dear this ik kehar from delhi and here workig in a company i want a married and unmarried women for night call me with rate per night +91-9960742485
09.12.2013 07:07 PST, kehar86
Muje ek 22- 23 sal ki ladki ka contact krva ke do.. Full fun k liye
08.12.2013 09:46 PST, meet858
I want a sweet girl housewife any who have sexually desire
07.12.2013 07:40 PST, gopesh.parashar0
Mije Randy cahiye plz help me 9662042844
07.12.2013 00:49 PST, myp2
Mike Randy cahiye plz contact me
07.12.2013 00:48 PST, myp2
plzzzzzz mhje ek sath 3ladkiya chAhiye plzzz dogi?
06.12.2013 15:34 PST, manav1704
hi please today provide me a call girl
03.12.2013 21:50 PST, ballutailspin
I wanna a girl for one night
02.12.2013 13:27 PST, panditji29
02.12.2013 10:40 PST, patel
02.12.2013 10:37 PST, patel
02.12.2013 10:36 PST, patel
02.12.2013 10:36 PST, patel
02.12.2013 10:36 PST, patel
hi my name is sanket and my mobile no is 09724575756 i am 22 male neche ki comment me jo nohevomera
01.12.2013 06:23 PST, patel
hi muje is no pe call karo 09724575756
30.11.2013 09:47 PST, patel
25.11.2013 19:47 PST, naman309
hi....muje ...20 se 25 sal ki girl chahiye me 2 gante ke liye baroda me rahta hu sms karo .ya call me arjant 9687548576
24.11.2013 18:01 PST, rakeshkumar745
1 raat ka kitna logi
24.11.2013 13:18 PST, vraaj5
23.11.2013 07:14 PST, adi1065
Muje moti gand or weight me b bhari aunty pasand he.. Muje btjana
20.11.2013 09:43 PST,
Hi.I'm raj i'nt a very swety women that living alone
18.11.2013 01:11 PST, gopesh.parashar0
i am proper in vadodra can you please provide me for one night plz call me my no 9033190575
17.11.2013 08:14 PST, 9033190575 for sex direct call
i want 2day full night girl age must be 20 to 30, reply me fast i m waiting
16.11.2013 00:33 PST, loveu0008
hy muje saturday night ko chahiye ahmedabad main age must be26-32 years ok ,please contact fast
15.11.2013 08:40 PST, rocksy8890
I also interested. Contect me on 7383795930 or give me urs.
14.11.2013 05:48 PST, tejas.patel5
ok done. call no. 8530692007 . call karna.
09.11.2013 00:22 PST, jpx880
ha muje manjur hai..muje ahmedabad me chahiye. kab milegi.
09.11.2013 00:21 PST, jpx880
Hi i am rahul mujhe ful night bitani h pricb btao
02.11.2013 05:18 PDT, kapil822
hey i m from surat surat ki koi bhabhi ho to bato.
02.11.2013 00:00 PDT, Er. Smit patel, (SURAT)
full nite ka rate kya hai?
25.10.2013 06:46 PDT, raj.sinha36
my no 8141219682 from bharuch... ur service is availabla
22.10.2013 07:36 PDT, vikas422
Hello.......Phone number please
20.10.2013 08:00 PDT, gilly123
hi i want a beautiful bhabhi from vadodara and i will pay up to 1000 so please contact me
19.10.2013 14:00 PDT, apps11
want girl for one night age upto 25 mail me on
13.10.2013 10:05 PDT, rocky55514
me ek callboy hu muje ek achi girls n bhabhi ke satha sex krna hi muje apna no send karo abhi
13.10.2013 02:19 PDT, mehul201294
i want a seal pack girl in baroda my number is 7405722534
07.10.2013 01:43 PDT, bhabhi74
i want girl in baroda
07.10.2013 01:17 PDT, anuj78162535
Aap contanct number do me navsari se hu me tume choduga or sath me ak sone ki viti bhi duga
04.10.2013 10:10 PDT, ajay9258gmail.com0
ha chahiye
04.10.2013 02:01 PDT, vanraj43
Pahe le ladki dekhege.
02.10.2013 09:38 PDT, pari824
Pahe le ladki dekhege.
02.10.2013 09:37 PDT, pari824
Hi girl
02.10.2013 09:35 PDT, pari824
02.10.2013 09:35 PDT, pari824
Apka number
01.10.2013 21:31 PDT, ajay9258gmail.com0
mail me photos and rate on
01.10.2013 19:52 PDT, akshayorbitus1988
01.10.2013 19:51 PDT, akshayorbitus1988
please number to call 8347320200
01.10.2013 06:38 PDT, hasmukh467
mobile no chaiye
01.10.2013 00:14 PDT, raju54320
mobile no chaiye
01.10.2013 00:11 PDT, raju54320
28.09.2013 21:38 PDT, atulmodi
22.09.2013 10:20 PDT, ganpat88
Seeking girl
22.09.2013 10:04 PDT, Laali
muje book karana he 7567835933
21.09.2013 06:54 PDT, vmmakvana
muje sahiye
21.09.2013 06:48 PDT, vmmakvana
21.09.2013 00:31 PDT, hrsoni
mu je call girl chiye 9537767318
21.09.2013 00:28 PDT, anjalisanjaybhahpatel
plz...muje sarvece do
20.09.2013 14:09 PDT, harsh894
muje sarvece chahiye bardoli me
20.09.2013 14:01 PDT, harsh894
19.09.2013 03:13 PDT, dev5429
i want ur service call me or send me ur contact number on 9662315339
15.09.2013 01:09 PDT, hotfarhanpatel
ahmedabad ke liye kitne paise lagege
10.09.2013 03:27 PDT, pravincooll
Mujhe chahiye contact me on 7792849676
09.09.2013 20:00 PDT, bhanwar33
08.09.2013 03:07 PDT, rajeevhot007
06.09.2013 15:26 PDT, prem14363
I want tommorow cl me 9173081039
30.08.2013 02:47 PDT, vikky.solanki0
kal ke liye milegi? in day time if yes tell me rate
29.08.2013 23:38 PDT, acegi2
muje chaiye
26.08.2013 01:51 PDT, monty543
hi koe ladaki he
18.08.2013 02:29 PDT, callboy5488
hi sexy
18.08.2013 02:15 PDT, callboy5488
hey i n sexy boy 22 old plz call me +919714992001 unsatisfid women to sex whit me
16.08.2013 20:12 PDT, lov2001
16.08.2013 07:05 PDT, raj58050
contact me
16.08.2013 05:31 PDT, sameerbrc
book 1 for me
13.08.2013 22:47 PDT, amit794870
Mujhe ek sexy girl chodne ke lia chaheye chrge what a ever
09.08.2013 20:10 PDT, rahul32370
muje ek sundar ladki chahiye
08.08.2013 12:04 PDT, ash1160
Muje ek BEAUTIFUL GIRL.... Age - 20 cash 2000 to 3000...!
08.08.2013 04:47 PDT, vicky000200
35ya40salikifat aunty chahiy
07.08.2013 03:39 PDT, vanraj43
i need 1 girl around 1000 to 2000 rs please reply
06.08.2013 22:19 PDT, ajay007.0070
mare ek 500 wali joiye 6 kya madshe
02.08.2013 22:34 PDT, jaky.jaky
mujhe kal tumhe bulana h
02.08.2013 02:05 PDT,
Can u send me the details of females with charges to my mail id Also send me ur contact number so that i can contact u.
30.07.2013 10:28 PDT, ramukdoniv
I need girl in ahmedabad. Plz tell me charges. Girl age 30-35
30.07.2013 09:00 PDT, Rakesh Patel i want real fun at each weekend in baroda. give me details on my id.
27.07.2013 11:41 PDT, rahul2575
hello anita .. i want regular service in baroda and ahmedabad .. contact me on
26.07.2013 10:42 PDT, chodhnewala
muje kal 3 Se4 Tak ek ladki chahia baroda station Ke najdik Agar aap de sakte he to aap ka number mail Karo Pe mail karo
20.07.2013 06:36 PDT, girish7941
mujhe ek night ke liye ladki chahiye kaal
10.07.2013 07:24 PDT, bnp.patel
ok jo bhi charge ho sirf ek achii si girl chahiye ho to mail
08.07.2013 10:59 PDT, farhan.patel0
Aap ka do
06.07.2013 02:24 PDT, Sex in baroda
if u r real give me u r cell no
03.07.2013 08:04 PDT, mm25088
i want a girl.. plz call me 8128280874
28.06.2013 03:12 PDT,
hi i want girl in baroda.. my cell no 8128280874
26.06.2013 00:47 PDT,
i want one call girl
23.06.2013 02:50 PDT, meetpatel5
text me on ma' no it's 9638398885 aftr that we'll arange meet. i wnt a grl for 1 night whts tthe chare.
20.06.2013 12:08 PDT, jignesh.mehta0
i want two high society girls every month in vadodara and mumbai. may be morethan this. pls contact me 9909011539 saurabh
19.06.2013 11:27 PDT, sap1491
19.06.2013 04:20 PDT, rajpatel3197
Plz msg me
17.06.2013 09:34 PDT, sam942868
give ur no.
12.06.2013 05:58 PDT, hero107
Me kam karna chate huge
10.06.2013 22:26 PDT, anita645
Mai bi call boy hu baroda se .
28.05.2013 05:25 PDT, sonu1013
Jis ladki ko sex karna hai to mai 15 se 25,000 rs tak de sakta hu.ek din ka plz contact.9648568135
25.05.2013 02:07 PDT, vishal.singh617
Paisa jitna kahogi utna dunga 25000/tak de sakta hu sex karne ke cont.n.h9648568135
25.05.2013 02:00 PDT, vishal.singh617
Jis kisi ladki aunty bhabhi ko sex ke badle paise chahiye plz contact 9648568135
25.05.2013 01:52 PDT, vishal.singh617
Married aurat bhi sex ke liye chalegi per smart ho.10,000/tak de sakta contact n.hai.9648568135
25.05.2013 01:48 PDT, vishal.singh617
Married aurat bhi sex ke liye chalegi per smart ho.10,000/tak de sakta contact n.hai.9648568135
25.05.2013 01:46 PDT, vishal.singh617
Jis ladki ko sex ke badle paisa chahiye wo hamse kah sakti n.9648568135 per ladki smart hone chahiye mai 31y ka hu
25.05.2013 01:41 PDT, vishal.singh617
Paisa jitna kahogi utna dunga ladki sexy honi chahiye 25000/tak de sakta hu ek night contact n.hai 9648568135
25.05.2013 01:36 PDT, vishal.singh617
Big boobs vali aunty joye che
23.05.2013 05:13 PDT, vanraj
Mujat19 salake grial no 7567763464
23.05.2013 02:57 PDT, hunny611
humko chahiye cal me8000623252
22.05.2013 04:54 PDT, suresh71970
21.05.2013 23:15 PDT, kanzariya.arvind1
hi i'm ready to pay kindly arrange a girl between 28 to 32 with big boobs today msg me at rk21277 or 9428520373 urgently.
21.05.2013 06:07 PDT, rk21277
21.05.2013 05:52 PDT, vijaygala
ma call girl joie chhe.
11.05.2013 03:36 PDT, miteshsheth
06.05.2013 14:24 PDT, yashwanth33
please contact me on i need ur service
05.05.2013 14:20 PDT, romancekaengineer
Hiii m ready to pay send me text on 9409232212
03.05.2013 22:50 PDT, hardik709
helo muje kangra ya dharamshala mai 19 se 25 saal tak ki ladki chahiye 1000rs dunga ladki smart aur fig. thik hone chahiye hoge to is no per+918894020574. message kar dena.....
25.04.2013 09:05 PDT, kapilkumar786
Hai ! Muje ek 18 se 20 saal ke girls chaheye . Jeske saath me sex kar saku. Par ha uski figur acche hone chahiye. . . .
18.04.2013 23:29 PDT, gohil.vishal0
Muje 1 youn girl chaiye call 9737749651
08.04.2013 03:52 PDT,
mere ko 22 y ki girl chahiye
04.04.2013 04:51 PDT, rajveer.singh261
mare aunty joye che
04.04.2013 03:39 PDT, vanraj41
hi mujhe vadodra main koi aunty ya bhabi chahiye call me 8153049482
24.03.2013 07:47 PDT, rkv8121
hi im rakesh vadodra any unsatisfy aunty bhabi contact me for full sex full satisfaction my no.8153049482
24.03.2013 07:46 PDT, rkv8121
Koi bhabhi ko sex karna he to muje call kare 9687039964
21.03.2013 13:23 PDT, Mahendra
Mare bhabhi joy 6e morbi ma shodhi apo
20.03.2013 23:44 PDT, love.4you123456789101112
20.03.2013 21:38 PDT, Mahendra
Koi ladki he
20.03.2013 11:40 PDT, Mahendra
19.03.2013 12:00 PDT, Mahendra
19.03.2013 11:59 PDT, Mahendra
booking kaise kare
17.03.2013 04:12 PDT, vijay2778
Hi booking kaise hogi
17.03.2013 00:38 PDT, rajdev007
15.03.2013 00:20 PDT, subhash3355
mare 21ladki joye che
14.03.2013 23:13 PDT, subhash3355
need a girl for one night
14.03.2013 03:46 PDT, sameer24421
09.03.2013 23:52 PST, rahul88229
muje ladki chahiye me baroda ka hu plz call mr 8980036016 he muje call karo
07.03.2013 04:53 PST,
hi kisi bhi femel ko sikret dosti chahiye to sampark kare bat khangi rahegi or aap ki pyas bujegi
07.03.2013 02:04 PST, vishal388
hi muje ladki chahi ye msg kare 9624656907 par
07.03.2013 01:57 PST, vishal388
i wont a call garl rate 3000 2 hour
27.02.2013 04:31 PST, roson25
hi friends kisi female ko service chahye to call 8264733617 any time every time
20.02.2013 22:14 PST, aksar11
mujhe ek 19 saal ke ek girlfrind chahye vo khoobsurat nanhi hogi to chalagi rate 10000 only
20.02.2013 08:11 PST, aksar11
mujhe ek 19 saal ke ek girlfrind chahye vo khoobsurat nanhi hogi to chalagi rate 10000 only..
20.02.2013 08:10 PST, aksar11
I want girl from 18 to 22yr in vadodara! 8401234801 Pls c on!
19.02.2013 09:25 PST, krish4840
muje 28 saal bhabhi chahi ye bhruch me mo 9913016968
17.02.2013 08:07 PST, priyank902
cantec me...i want sexy girl 2000 tak ki chale
11.02.2013 07:30 PST, kevin.patel11
hi me ek 23 ki ladki hu mujhe paiso ki jarurat hai me apke sath sex karungi kitana paisa doge.. me baroda me hu.. only day time..
09.02.2013 04:38 PST, appsp28
hi muje rajkot me hot & sexy girl chahiye age 21-28 2000/- tak bhi chalegi please fast replay me
09.02.2013 00:14 PST, rajgandhijam0
I want a girl in vadodara .
05.02.2013 03:01 PST, mihirrushi
me callboy hu aapka koi jarur ho to bolan plz call 8734919003
02.02.2013 03:24 PST, zahid.saiyed
would u talk with me on mail pls for this sunday baroda
31.01.2013 12:30 PST, baroda(M)26y
I want a call girl in surat city
31.01.2013 11:49 PST, jaksh.daniels0
himachal mai mil jayega 1000 tak koi badiya ladki 19 se 24 tak koi ladki sex karne ke liye 1500 b de dunga maal badiya hona chahiye reply fast
30.01.2013 07:39 PST, kapilkumar786
Koi girl muje bnaoge to call my n.9667070584
28.01.2013 08:05 PST, vinit466
my name is hritik koi ladki sex karna chahe to mera no.9408479918 he
22.01.2013 18:36 PST, dbdon
mera nam jayant he muje girlfriend chahiye me 9099904472
12.01.2013 20:59 PST, jayant7770
i am jayant
12.01.2013 20:55 PST, jayant7770
Mera name salman he or koi be girls ko sex karne ki echa ho muje call kare8733040874 me dikhne me tol or or hot hu
30.12.2012 02:19 PST, salman614
muje chaiye ek ldki lekin uski gand uthi honi chaiye kyoki muje aise ldki ki marne me mja ata h mai uske 5000 b dunga lekin 1 rat chodunga use bhej dena msg bhej dena mai adres de dunga
17.12.2012 05:25 PST, hemant647
Ahmedabad me milegi
10.12.2012 06:25 PST, muzzu1198.gmeil.com0
hi i am rajfrom gujrat amreli may age 24 i am call boy koi gujrat ki garl ya woman sex karna cahti he to plz call me any time mera land 9inch ka he i am hendsom boy my carj 1 naight 1500 1 sort ka 1000.ok plz call me my no 9978223264 only garl and woman boy notallaud ok by
09.12.2012 06:16 PST, jay.couhan9687067260
ekdam galat site hai .. call mat karna...
07.12.2012 02:06 PST, manpasand1
please don't call
07.12.2012 02:06 PST, manpasand1
koi bhai call mat karnaa
07.12.2012 02:05 PST, manpasand1
yahaa koi call mat karnaa
07.12.2012 02:03 PST, manpasand1
07.12.2012 02:03 PST, manpasand1
cherry ke rosey call me
07.12.2012 02:02 PST, manpasand1
koi pinky ke savita call me
07.12.2012 02:02 PST, manpasand1
tamare ahiya call nahi karwo... vadodara maa koi chokri hoy to mane call karjo...
07.12.2012 02:00 PST, manpasand1
I want girls .. any girls available in vadodara contact me
07.12.2012 02:00 PST, manpasand1
ahiya koi pan bhai e phone nahi karwo
07.12.2012 02:00 PST, manpasand1
wrong blog don't call here
07.12.2012 01:59 PST, manpasand1
9409089701 WRONG NUMBER CHE ... ahiyaa call naa karo ...
28.11.2012 04:51 PST, manpasand1
bhai call karo athwa email karo... 9409089701
28.11.2012 01:27 PST, manpasand1
mane contact karo 9409089701 par ..
27.11.2012 12:21 PST, manpasand1
I am from surat hot grl contect me 7698776078, 8690003496
26.11.2012 08:29 PST, paras.patel101
i am bharat 32 pl mail me at
25.11.2012 11:46 PST, bharat5816
haiiii my mail Id is
22.11.2012 07:14 PST, jainil.patel0
hiiiiiii dear contact me on my mail id i need u, give me your cell no. on my mail id.
22.11.2012 07:13 PST, jainil.patel0
I want to fuck
18.11.2012 02:11 PST, yogikumar
HI muje 23 yar girla ki prisa bataye conteca n.9879529348
16.11.2012 10:55 PST, balvnt.beldar
hi, i need ur service.but i m virgin. i never do it. so, please mail me.
12.11.2012 23:46 PST, sexneed47
12.11.2012 23:44 PST, sexneed47
pls call me after 8pm my no is 9898967739 & dont talk if any ledy pick up the phone
10.11.2012 11:08 PST, mit2235
pls call after 8pm
10.11.2012 11:04 PST, mit2235
pls call me now if possible otherwise call me tomorrow in 1 to 3 p.m.
08.11.2012 00:53 PST, rajmilan29
u can send me ur cell number
01.11.2012 09:53 PDT, aul1969
pls call me on 9724621999 in 10- 15 min
01.11.2012 09:52 PDT, aul1969
Hi...-;) My Name jay Muje 18 se 25 years wali girl hoy to..... Call me 9601888349 (price 2000 par day)
30.10.2012 03:42 PDT, shah.preyas11
I am looking for good time in baroda. sent me your contact details, i am looking for girl.
25.10.2012 08:39 PDT, mastermindbin
hame 25 chalege .charj.kya he
16.10.2012 00:55 PDT, raj.ueer
Baroda ma Rs.500 to 3000 vali che to mail karo mane
09.10.2012 00:56 PDT, lopa1976
I am hot
08.10.2012 19:03 PDT, sonu.mane420
ys im intrested cal me 8401671865 olny baroda
06.10.2012 01:48 PDT, raj.solanki5
i m interested.plz contact me.
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