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Fatal 4 way (CW title) <ENDED> - cyber-wwe

Fatal 4 way (CW title) <ENDED>
cw title - Fatal 4 way (CW title) ENDED Newest pictures
Fatal 4 Way match for the CW title.
Vaibhav(The game) vs Jay orton vs Dementor vs XPAC
REF- What a fantastic match. Both of them gave excellent comments and the comments were really good but after so much thinking and reading comments I declare Jay orton winner via most and best comments here. Vaibhav no need to get sad as nobody attended IC title match so you are the new IC champion. And XPAC for you I will decide something soon. Now all of you go in Cut a Promo and answer question of the week!
ICu to dementor and i hit a BIONIC STUNNER to jay and A DREAM STREET to end vaibhav. Hahaha a SPINNARONNI AS A SIGN OF AWESOME
04.12.2011 08:10 EST, Willow the Whisp
I pick dementor and hit a powerful suplex then a sitdown drop and i sent vaibhav out of the ring with a BASEBALL DROP KICK. Jay get a hold of my head but i put him out with a CROSSRHODES
04.12.2011 08:06 EST, Willow the Whisp
then i went on top rope and hit missile dropkick when ur working hand 2 wake up but fail so i again help u 2 wake up n irished whipped towards turnbuckle followe by running corner shining that youre nose started 2 bleeding
04.12.2011 08:05 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
ur wait is over jay and hope u will too as i gave standing drop kick then i grab ur hand and gave u arm breaker
04.12.2011 08:02 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I go to the top rope and cross body everybody the i pick vaibhav and throw him outside a DDT to jay and a drop kick to Dementor.
04.12.2011 08:01 EST, Willow the Whisp
now i gave jay nat slam then i wait for him at behind when he just waking up i execute him in twist of fate
04.12.2011 08:00 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur cross rhodes to hit a cobra to u then u fall down very badly i nailed u with five knuckle suffle
04.12.2011 08:00 EST, ass kicker
I counter ur hurican rana to hold ur whole body and hit u a tomstone piledriver then counter ur axekick to hit u a rko then locked u in hells gate
04.12.2011 07:58 EST, ass kicker
i moved away from top splash as u crash it on ring and i come side of you gave cripler cross rhodes
04.12.2011 07:58 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
After that i grab ur hand very badly and climb the top turn buckle and hit u a old school i counter ur rko to locked u in master lock then when u r going in unconciusness i nailed u with skull crushing finale and this time i broke ur the wall's of jericho to hit 3 leg shot on ur skull
04.12.2011 07:56 EST, ass kicker
now i hit him with huricana then exekick on jay now i call from pin1 2 3
04.12.2011 07:56 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
i counter youre irish crush then i hit him with rko the vaibhav lock followe by GTS
04.12.2011 07:55 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
REF- Nobody came in this IC title match so now the IC title will be given to the looser of fatal 4 way match.
04.12.2011 07:54 EST, Gold Productions
i counter you body back drop onto rko and antorslam onto world strongest slam now it,s time for pin i pin u 1 2 on gosh hey refree what are you doing ya now lock jay with jerico wall and he tape out
04.12.2011 07:53 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Then i pick u and nailed u with mic check followed by jay clash, ha ha very funny i counter ur ankle lock with a fliped and u r hanging on the middle of the rope then i hit u a irrish crush
04.12.2011 07:52 EST, ass kicker
i converts viper hold into ankle lock now he's start tapping n hell
04.12.2011 07:51 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur world smallest slam to sliped over ur shoulder n nailed u with back body drop
04.12.2011 07:50 EST, ass kicker
I douge with ur super kick and nailed u with weapon of mass ditruction then broke ur edgecutter to turn to u and hold ur leg and locked u in viper hold
04.12.2011 07:48 EST, ass kicker
now at all he looks tierd as i picked him and hit knee to his empty stomuch and executed in world largest slam
04.12.2011 07:47 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur ddt to pick u up on my shoulder n nailed u with jts and i act like blind but i not really blind when u trying to hit me i nailed u with trouble in paradise then bolcked ur vaibhav wash to hold ur hand and nailed u with sto backbreaker
04.12.2011 07:46 EST, ass kicker
match is not over because i am not quite this match i immidieltly superkick m back of the head after executed him in akrof pile driver then go at top and gave death flip i looked jay in edgecutter this is now hell from him
04.12.2011 07:46 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
now i hit with unmaksk then rock ddt followed by you can't see me now i hit him with booker ddt then vaibhav wash followed by powerbomb
04.12.2011 07:43 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
When u trying to hit me 619 i quickly hold ur leg and locked u in stf and after few seconds u tap out match is over bro
04.12.2011 07:43 EST, ass kicker
I counter ur f5 to hit u a tornado ddt then i blocke ur hand and broke ur stupid lock a kick to ur guts and u fall down on ur knees n nailed u with x-kick
04.12.2011 07:41 EST, ass kicker
counter you world strongest slam c hurricanara u hanging on da second rope so eat dis 619 followed by 5 star frog splash n immediatly crippter crossface connects 2 make tape out
04.12.2011 07:41 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Hey, bro u also on top turnbuckle n i hit u a c4 after that i took him and nailed him with moonlight drive then dragged his damn body to the corner of the ring and i climb top turn buckle n execute u with double foot stomp
04.12.2011 07:38 EST, ass kicker
time 2 end this chapter i body slamme u then climbed turnbuckle n hit diving bhg boot awesome visual then i signale my signature taunt n picked jay on my shoulder n gave massive f-5 n looked u in gangstar grip u tapping like hell this is over
04.12.2011 07:38 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur clothsline to sit down and hit u a slap on ur skull and when u turn to me nailed u with world strongest slam
04.12.2011 07:36 EST, ass kicker
when you try hit me turn buckld i catch u on air then nailed u with body slam
04.12.2011 07:35 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
When u counter my punt kick and stand up very quickly and trying to hit me i execute successfully a brogue kick to u then the cwz universe know who is the winner now
04.12.2011 07:34 EST, ass kicker
i hold knees n knows u forward as u stand up on ur knees i give u massive clothesline 2 knee u down
04.12.2011 07:33 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Then i took u on my shoulder n nailed u with wasteland then pick u up on the top turn buckle n i also climb on it and nailed u with c4
04.12.2011 07:32 EST, ass kicker
jay you almost punt kick success to hit but i converted it into bloody bled head d.d.t. the crowd was surprise now i did that after i gave facebreaker followe by the playmaker u finished dude
04.12.2011 07:31 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I douge with ur hanger bomb then nailed u with again rockbottom and this time no chance for counter baby
04.12.2011 07:30 EST, ass kicker
When u jumped over me i hold u in mid air n hit u a jay knife powerbomb then locked u in the wall's of jay.
04.12.2011 07:29 EST, ass kicker
i quickly get away from u and when u came towards me then i give you hanger bomb i follows up and nailed u with APROXIMITER
04.12.2011 07:28 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Then i saw u trying to stand up to the corner of the ring my mind goes wild i nailed u with punt kick to end this match and also end ur career
04.12.2011 07:27 EST, ass kicker
hehe i blocked ur pedigree by pushin you towards i jumped on u with these press n unloads left n right feel power
04.12.2011 07:26 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I converted ur batista bomb to turn that move into a tornado ddt and counter ur stupid move 9:15 that is not ur finisher and i hit u a skull crushing finale
04.12.2011 07:26 EST, ass kicker
I converted with ur a.a into a rko and counter ur gts to hold ur leg and locked u in my submission move sharpshooter then u tap out and refree gives his dicision
04.12.2011 07:24 EST, ass kicker
when u tried d.d.t. i quickly hit u kat slam which connected then i signaled ma finisher touch and waited for jay to get up when he's up i gave him atomic 9:15 stunner for victory
04.12.2011 07:24 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Again i counter u lazy move ddt to hit u a ultimate spine buster and counter ur slam to sliped over u and nailed u with back breaker then hit u a pedigree
04.12.2011 07:22 EST, ass kicker
now i hit jay with aa then i take him on my shoulder and then hit him gts now goes for pin 1 2 what happens with refree ok now i hit him batista bomb followed by ddt
04.12.2011 07:21 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
When u trying to hit me spring board senton i quickly stand up like viper and hold u in mid air and locked u in bear hug then when u going in unconciusness nailed u with angels wings
04.12.2011 07:20 EST, ass kicker
then i picked u up and i hit impart d.d.t. and then i showed you to buckle and gave MISTER VV SLAM
04.12.2011 07:19 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
This time I converted ur weak move chokeslam into a codebreaker then counter ur cobra to blocked ur hand and i reverse ur move to u and cobra is going heart to u yourself and u sliped over me but i did not sliped u and i nailed u with ddt
04.12.2011 07:18 EST, ass kicker
i looked joys shoulder from behind n quickly arm dragge him then some high flying !! i hit him springboard senton as he holding his stomuch
04.12.2011 07:17 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I converted ur death slam into a roll up pin and u pinfall by me i won the match very easily.
04.12.2011 07:16 EST, ass kicker
nanana i am overwait for you so i sliped out and kicked on ur guts and executed u in GUT BUSTER
04.12.2011 07:14 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur stupid move leg drop to escape the ring then u fall down very badly on the ring then i quickly enters the ring and hit u a sit out gord bust then execute u with orton stomp then locked u in sharpshooter
04.12.2011 07:14 EST, ass kicker
i reverses jay tombstone into by picking up sweety and slam's with teririble death slam at once i do mercy on jay helped him to stand but he tries to punch me and it seem he want more as i blocks him and gave chok slam i follows up and hit COBRA LANDED HEAT BUTT
04.12.2011 07:12 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I counter ur twist of faith to hit u a kick on ur guts and nailed u with last call then took u on my shoulder n nailed u with f5 on top rope
04.12.2011 07:11 EST, ass kicker
as he falls down i climbed on second rope n hit legdrop then picked him up n hit uropean upper cut
04.12.2011 07:09 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
Then i saw that blood is coming on his skull after eat my rko but i did not stop then i saw he is trying to stand up and when he turn to me i execute him with spear, i douge with ur brogue kick and when u turn to me a spine buster to u to broke ur spine then converted ur slowest rko into a killswitch then counter ur starship pain to grab u on air and nailed u with tomstone piledriver
04.12.2011 07:09 EST, ass kicker
now i gave jay nat slam then i wait for him at behind when he just waking up i execute him in twist of fate
04.12.2011 07:08 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
then made him 2 sit n hit running knee on face then dragged him in corner and hit snuka splash
04.12.2011 07:06 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
jay trying to get away from me and got massive boot and nailed with BROUGE KICKED then i gave hin r.k.n.d i then quickly start dragged him and bring xpack near the corner as i went to hit STARSHIP PAIN which has been connected
04.12.2011 07:05 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I douge with ur ko punch then when u turn around to me i nailed u with sweet chin music then i converted ur shooting star press into a rko to end this match
04.12.2011 07:04 EST, ass kicker
I counter ur body slam to turn that move into a hurican rana and u hanging on the rope then nailed u with 619 after that i quickly climb up to the top turn buckle n execute u with swanton bomb
04.12.2011 07:02 EST, ass kicker
after joy wakes up slowly and knocke by me with k.o. punch me to his cheeks now let me finish this i hit face buster then climbed at top and connected shooting star
04.12.2011 07:02 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
no jay u take mess at wrong time i counter ur rock bottom to body slam then took u at shoulder and torture ya with looking you in torture reck then what the rest of ur moves couldn't laughe bcoz u rested on you r.i.p. forever
04.12.2011 07:00 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I also shake hand with vaibhav and told him in the ring we are enimies ok.
04.12.2011 06:59 EST, ass kicker
Then go to x-pac and hit a super kick to him then nailed him with mic check then took him on my shoulder and hit a a.a to x-pac on vaibhav.
04.12.2011 06:58 EST, ass kicker
as my music hit i came to the ring and shake hands with jay
04.12.2011 06:56 EST, GamerVAIBHAV™
I grab dementor from behind then hit a upper cut to him after i hit him 2 slap then when he is dizzy i nailed him with drop kick then throw him to the corner and hit him a running knee followed by running bulldog then when he stand up i nailed him with rock bottom then go to vaibhav behind and nailed him with zig-zag very quickly
04.12.2011 06:56 EST, ass kicker
I hear voices in my head they council me they understand they talk to me i came out to the enterence when my music hits n enter the ring very quickly n hit clothsline 1 by 1 to all of them
04.12.2011 06:55 EST, ass kicker

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