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Text Page -

Text Page
hi i am from India. My name is kishor and my mom name is rani.

This incident took place after my sister marriage. I was in love with my mom from small child and the love changed to sex.I wanted my mom to fuck and i was scared to ask her.I was planning to fuck my mom for many years i was not successful because of my sister.

My family consist of 4 members me mom sister and dad. I am an average boy and my mom is little bit fat with big breast and ass.My dad is a drunker and sister got married last month. After her marriage my mom was to sleep in her room and me in my room and dad in hall.So i made i plan to fuck my mom in any coast.So i went to know medical shop and brought sleeping pills and made the tablet in powder and keept in my hand.After coming to home at night 8 i went saw my mom what she is doing and she was folding the dress and keeping inside the cupboard.

I thought it is the right time to go with my plan and saw my dad fully drunk and sleept. I went near my mom and asked her if she wanted some cool drink and she said ok and i went and brought the maaza and proued in a glass and mixed the sleeping pills in kitchen and went and give to my mom she drunk and conitued with her work and i went to watch tv i know its takes half hour to work.

So then little time aftet my mom said she is feeling sleepy and went to sleep.I waited for 15min i was not able to stay there so i locked all doors and went my mom room and i closed the room and Switched on the lights. I closed the window and i went and shaked my mom to see if she sleeping or not and she did not move at all.

So i became naked and started to remove my mom saree and i removed my mom saree and preesed my mom breast hard on her cloths and i went to remove her jacket and i was in shock to see no bra and i preesed it hard and sucked one breast and preesed another i continued it for 20min and then i went down and removed her petticoat and she was only in her panty.

Then i removed her panty and she was naked. For first time my mom was naked and i went near her pussy nnd smelled it. It was like something i can not say then i placed my mouth on her pussy and licked it and she was giving a small moan i thought that she is not responding but her body is responding.

Then i continued this for 15min then she cummed and i drunk it. Then i got up and placed my 10inch dick which was big on her pussy enterance and pushed it hard.

It was tight and i continued to push hard and i was inside my mom and it was great feeling to be inside my mom.Then i fucked her hard for 20min then i discharge my sperms in my mom pussy and i was tired and slept in there for 1hr and the i got up and fucked her one more time then i clean the things and become dressed and made my mom dressed but i was not able to dress her saree and somehow i dressed her and went to my room and slept.

At morning i got up late due to last night work and i was scared to see mom as she might now what i did last night.

I went to hall and my mom asked me to go for bath and the breakfast will be ready as she talked with me she was smiling and seeing me diffrently.

I will conitued this story if you leave a comment for this story.

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