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Fucking lady guest lecturer - erotic.story

Fucking lady guest lecturer
barbara chuan - Fucking lady guest lecturer Newest pictures
Hi everyone! This is ABC an architect working in Delhi. I am going to tell u an unusual adventurous sex story between me and my gorgeous teacher XYZ. This story happened 3 years ago when I was in my final year in an engineering college in Patna.

Ours college is a reputed institute but ours department of architecture was a ‘viraan’ department at one extreme end of the college. There was 1 head of department, 2 lecturers and other part time lecturers and only 1 peon and no clerical staff. The teachers and peon were ‘manmauji’ as well as the students of our department.

Most of the times there was no one in the department. (However 1 strange thing is that all the students passing out of our department are well settled and are earning heavily) I was a day scholar and many times when I visited college I found no one in the department.

I had no girlfriends that time and I used the viran department as an ideal place to masturbate. One day I was alone in the department when I saw car of our lady guest lecturer XYZ stopping in front of the department. XYZ was passed out student of our department 4 years senior to me, an amazing beauty (she had been Miss Patna earlier), married to a fat tall architect 5 year senior to her, passed from ours department itself (a well known architect of Patna and also I was doing my 6 month training in his office) and he was 10 to12 years older than XYZ. He too used to take part time lectures in our department but at that time he met with an accident and was ‘langda’, that’s why XYZ came to college alone to take classes. I don’t know what happened to me and how I got such courage; I ran to the classroom and started masturbating before XYZ could enter my class. The thrill and fear that I could be caught masturbating enabled me ‘cuming’ much faster and also some more fluid than my usual quota of sperm and I dropped all my semen on the chair where XYZ was to sit and take lecture. On entering the class and seeing only 1 student, she did not look pleased. She put her note book on the chair over my semen. All that time my heart was trembling with fear what was going to happen.

After writing date on blackboard she lifted her notebook and sat on the chair over my semen. Suddenly she found something wet in her hand (my semen which reached her hand via the notebook) and by her natural reflexes she sniffed that what was in her hand. No need to say that she might have realized quickly, her face turned in quite discomfort and angry expression. She stood up and turned looking towards her back (ass) if there was also semen. She moved her hand around her ass and I am sure this time she found more semen on her ‘saree’ over her ass than on her notebook. She looked at the chair and looked back at me angrily, uttered a word ‘bastard’ and left the class and went outside. An abuse from the mouth of a lovely girl made me more uncivil and gave me more courage. I ran behind her and said ‘Mam this was not mine. Before me Priyanka (my classmate) was in the class. May be it was hers’. She replied angrily ‘You bastard!

What u think I don’t know the difference between man’s and woman’s fluid. Go back. Don’t follow me. And one thing more u need not come to my office from today.’ It is said that evil men are more courageous than good men. I was getting strength to strength. I picked my bike ran it at faster speed and went towards her home where langda was on bed rest.

When XYZ reached her home she saw me sitting by side of her husband. I stood up and politely said ‘Good afternoon mam!’ Then langda said ‘ABC came here to inform that no student will be present today in class and so u should not go to college and waste your time. But I said u already left for the college.

’ XYZ while hiding her emotions said ‘Yea no one was in the department. So I returned.’ Then she said to me ‘U stupid. U should have come earlier. Anyway will u want some drink?’ I understood that she is trying to hide the incident from langda and will not reveal it. I said mischievously ‘Yea mam! Bring some coke. I am very tired.

U very well know the reason. It is too hot outside.’ The whole incident gave me more courage and now I was seriously dreaming and planning to fuck XYZ. 2 months passed without anything special event other than my ‘lustful’ eye making sometimes contact with her angry eyes. But evil in me was forcing hard to convince me that XYZ’s anger was fake and she too wanted to fuck me otherwise how had she allowed me to work and do training in her office. Now langda was fit and resumed his office and I was training under him. One day by god’s grace or say by langda’s grace itself, langda sent me to his flat to take the signature of XYZ in some national saving certificate document because the NSC agent was in the office with langda and XYZ was in her home alone. I was thrilled with excitement to meet XYZ alone once more. But there was a problem, however wicked I was I could not force her to sex or try to overpower her and was just praying that she herself takes the initiative. But to my disappointment nothing happened
and she signed the document returned it to me and asked me to leave. I was about to leave but I thought of trying once more. I suddenly hold my groin and turning towards XYZ said ‘Mam I am not able to control myself I am going to your bathroom.’ Before she could realize anything I ran to her toilet and masturbated purposely in such a way that my semen fell into tap as well as flushing cistern. After I left the toilet she made an inspection of the toilet and again said angrily ‘You bastard! U kamina! What do u want? Clean my toilet before my hubby comes here.’ I said ‘Sorry mam! This is not my duty. Also this is not my fault.

U r such a gorgeous lady that I can not control myself. I have a disease that whenever I am aroused I can’t control myself and I relax only after I get orgasm. And don’t think I am an evil. If I were an evil, I would attack you but I take the step that doesn’t harm u any. Anyway I am sorry but this is not my fault this is due to my disease.’

The night I thought about the whole incident. I thought now it is more than enough. Let stop harassing a nice, decent girl. But at the same time I thought that when I have gone so down morally in front of a girl, what is the wrong in asking her directly for sex. I decided that next day when langda will be in office and she in her home, I will try for the last time.

Next day I rang the office of langda, got it confirmed that XYZ was not in office and so she might be at her home and informed langda that I had some personal work that day and would not be able to come to office for training. Then I went to XYZ’s home with a full prepared plan.

On seeing me in front of her house, she was not pleased at all. But I said ‘Mam please allow me to come to your house for the last time. She opened the door. I sat on the sofa and asked her to bring some water. At the mean time I forgot all my dialogues that I was to deliver in front of her to ask her permission for sex.

So again I went as per my own way but this time perhaps I did the most ‘shameful’ act, I pulled out my ‘tool’ while sitting in her sofa and started masturbating again. When she returned with water no need to say she was socked but at the same time a girl in her might have forced her to look at the erect penis of a handsome guy

(I consider myself handsome as everyone do) sitting in front of her. I shouted ‘Mam I am not able to control myself, please bring a towel or I will cum in the sofa.’ But before she could bring towel, the excitement of masturbating in front of an ‘angel’ made me cum faster and I dropped all my sperm on the table.

Now an unexpected strange thing happened in front of me. XYZ sat on the sofa and started crying ‘Why r u doing this to me? What is my fault? Why do u want to ruin my life?’ I don’t know what happened to me but one thing is sure I was very much ashamed. I stood up from my sofa went near her, hold both her cheeks with my hands and said repenting ‘Mam I am very ashamed. I am very very sorry. I am really sorry.’ I don’t know what happened to her she lifted her face and looked directly into my repenting eyes. The eye contact with the most decent girl I had met, whose cheeks were in my hands forced a spontaneous reaction in me.

I directly looking in her eyes moved my lips closer to her lips, kissed her. This was my natural reaction to the situation unlike all my planned dirty actions. She did not resist, neither did she scold me. In fact she cooperated when I kissed her. Then I lifted her in my lap, took her to bed. Kissed all over her body over her clothes.

Removed her clothes and mine too and did everything to please myself and probably her too. After the first sex experience of my life, I was feeling very guilty. I felt that I have taken a very wrong advantage of a faithful wife lonely at her home. I returned to my home and locked myself there for some days.

There was also a fear that what would happen if XYZ tells langda about the incident. After 4 or 5 days langda called me on my phone and asked me why I was not going for my training. His conservation with me convinced me that XYZ has hided about the incident. But I was not in a condition to face XYZ any more,

I told langda that the date of final submission of my thesis work was fast approaching and I was busy in that. I also told him that I would not be able to resume my training and asked him for my training certificate for which langda agreed. I have not met XYZ anytime after that even when I saw her in my college I turned my way away from her and always avoided eye contact with her.

At present I don’t know whether I want to meet her again or not but one thing is very clear I am dying to know what XYZ thinks about me after the incident. My lust for her has turned into respect for her. You readers kindly help me know what she might be thinking about me through your comments.

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