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Sextra marital affair with brother-in-law - erotic.story

Sextra marital affair with brother-in-law
analteenangels brittany - Sextra marital affair with brother-in-law Newest pictures
I am a Bangladeshi from Dhaka. I am writing a true story that happened in my marriage life. I got married at the age of 22 years. My wife is from village and an orphan. Her age was 15 years old. She is dark in complexion and height approx 54 inches.

I became attracted to her because of her sexy figure. She had a firm 32 size breasts. She is very intelligent and very clean in heart. I was searching such type of girl for my life partner. I always desired that my wife will have long hairs

below her hip but my wife had curly hair to shoulder length. We got married in a very simple way. She refused to let me have any sex with her till she is not in my home. I got married at my in-laws house which is normal in all Bangladeshi family.

I left her with her mother and returned to Dhaka. After three months I went to visit my wife at her village and had spent the night together. The first night was very thrill for me to spend my first night with my wife in village which I never thought in my life.

She threw a challenge to me who can beat down in the sex game. She never before had engaged herself in sex with anyone. We had sex whole night till 10 am next morning in total we did 14 times and I was totally exhausted.

We were deeply engage in sex every day, once before we sleep, twice in between the night and once before getting up from bed in morning. We had two daughters in between our marriage. We both hired blue films and use to see.

I also read her sex stories from different Indian magazines like Fantansy, Debionur, etc and also from some cheap sex Bengali script magazine sold secretly on the street. After reading sex stories or viewing blue films we than involve in sex with those arts or positions.

One day in 1983 I read out a English story book “Thy Neighbours” The book was full of sex activities and life story of Playboy founder Mr. H. Hefner and also of some other prominent people in international sex circle.

This book also mentions the detail picture of naturist life all over the world. This is the first time I came across the Naturist through this book. I wrote a letter to the Editor to provide me the addresses of some of the Naturist Organizations and I received those addresses and wrote them. I received many letters with all favourable responses from USA, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Marocco, Turkey, India. Above all also received a letter from Playboy founder, and International Naturist Federation (INF) President. My wife and I was made honorary member of INF by the INF President. We had good correspondence with him till his death. I do not have any own blood brother.

One of my cousin namely Shakil (created name) about 2 years younger to me. Shakil had placed himself in wrong society. His mother (my late Aunty) asked me and my wife to help her to bring her son back to normal.

Shakil, he never visit any relatives and if he ever had to visit he would not stay in that house more than 15 minutes. He respected me a lot and he liked my wife too. As my wife is the eldest daughter-in-law in my parental and maternal family so she was more attested and favourite to all my cousins. We promised our Aunty that we will do all that is possible on our part to correct Shakil but no one should make him feel what we intend to do. We invited him to our home.

He came regularly and my wife and two daughters (minor age 1.5 and 4months old) were more attested now to him. Shakil started liking them and spend almost whole day with us. In 1984 there was a political hartal and when he was coming to our home
he got hit with the tear gas canister spinster on his left upper thigh. He told my wife that he got hurt and the injury was very near to the upper most part of the left thigh and he had to lift his lungi. My wife washed the injury and applied the medicines.

I suddenly saw the scene but I had no knowledge that he is injured. At first both got nervous what I would say. Later my wife explained to me and asked for forgiveness from me if I am angry. I in fact was not angry and allowed her to spend more time with Shakil.

One night after our sex suddenly I asked my wife if she is interested to have sex with any other male than me or would she will accept any male for sex if I ask her for. First she hesitated and declined to accept. In the morning she said who ever will be involve in sex cannot be trusted as he will have sex but will start blackmailing us and spread words. She said if I have no objection than she can have sex of her choice male. I agreed to that and placed a condition that I must be informed in detail.

In 1988 I went to Europe for training in Ophthalmic Equipments and asked Shakil to look after my wife. My wife youngest brother was also living with us. After my return from Europe, my wife narrated a incidence with Shakil.

She suddenly had severe pain in lower part of her stomach in the evening. Her younger brother became nervous and Shakil was than present at our home. Shakil did message with oil on her stomach and the sensation had created more close to him but the pain increased.

Shakil took her to the Emergency in the Hospital and there the Doctor told Shakil that your wife (i.e my wife) needs complete rest and no sex for a week and the same thing Doctor too told my wife in presence of Shakil not to indulge in sex with her husband Shakil.

I brought few sex picture magazines, sex pens, and other small gifts. My wife during sex with me seeked a permission to have sex with Shakil. I said Doctor said not to have sex with your husband Shakil and we both laughed.

I asked her how she is going to approach with the proposal and she lay-out the plan. After few days Shakil and I was talking in my bedroom in the afternoon. My wife was wearing blouse and saree, suddenly without any warning she took off her blouse and removed the saree, she standing with a white bra and a white petticoat. Than she took out her maxi dress and worn in front of us. She asked Shakil why he became status had never seen any women. My wife sat beside me and she gripped my penis which was erected and started playing in front of Shakil saying that your brother penis is always standing firm whenever she is beside me. After dinner both the daughter went to sleep and also my wife younger brother sleeping in next room.

Shakil, my wife and I in our bedroom watching the Indian Doordhasan Television Cinema. My wife asked Shakil to sit beside her on the bed. My wife sitting in between. After some time my wife laid her head on the lap of Shakil, than she caught hold of Shakil penis over the lungi as if I did not noticed. Shakil was feeling uncomfortable. My wife asked Shakil are you feeling hot and with this she pulled off the lungi and she too did the same with my lungi.

We both brother were naked from down. She took the scale and measured our penis length and thickness. She played with two penises in her hand and watching the TV. Than she brought out the things I brought from Germany.

She presented two sex picture magazines and one sex penis to Shakil. My wife than removed her maxidress from her body. She asked Shakil to un-hook the bra, her two firm fully loaded milk breast came out as if got freedom after a long cage.

She started wearing first hip size stocking and over it the panty, than removed her petticoat too. She put one by one the different shaped bras that I brought from Germany and asked us how it looks. She asked Shakil to measure one of her breast and nipple and the other I will do.

Shakil did as he was asked. Shakil grip right breast and gave a light squeeze and milk came out I than licked the milk. Shakil avoid licking the milk from the nipples. It was almost 3 am night, my wife asked Shakil to go to sleep in the other room and she removed all the wearing dress and was total nude. She than called Shakil nearer and played with his balls and penis and kissed the head of the penis. My wife asked how the starting was and how was my feeling; we fucked two times and went to sleep.

In the morning my wife said call Shakil as he could not sleep last night. She asked Shakil to fuck her but declined. Than my wife asked I to fuck and she caught hold of Shakil penis in her hand. I fucked her for 30 minutes and than she asked Shakil again to mount her, he fucked her for 6 minutes and spilled all the sperms inside her vagina. Again at night we two brother fucked my wife four times together and again in the morning. This is the first time my wife had fucking from other male and she asked me am I satisfied with her.

Almost every alternate day we two fucked my wife as much as possible, she did not asked us to stop. I sucked milk out of her breasts. Sometimes we two brother played cards and bet who ever wins will fuck my wife first. Shakil had never given my wife any kiss on her lips, put his mouth on her breasts and only once my wife made Shakil to insert his fingers inside her vagina. My wife also never took our penis in her mouth nor tasted our sperms. The relation continued for almost 1.5 years.

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