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Fucking Sexy Step Mother - erotic.story

Fucking Sexy Step Mother
jenny - Fucking Sexy Step Mother Newest pictures Man Woman Western
I was 12 when my mother died and my family was shattered, my father went into depression and lost interest in life, many people consoled us and at one point my father treated in the hospital for nervous breakdown, there were lot of relatives who proposed a second marriage for my father, but I was not very convinced with the idea, but seeing my dad's mental state, I gave in. By the way, I am a boy of 14 now, studying in 9th standard, my dad is 39 years, employed in marketing division of a cosmetic company. My dad's company supported us very much during the bad days and didn't throw him out.

His job profile was to travel at least for 2 weeks in a month, sometimes 3 weeks. My dad has a very good appetite for sex and my mother yielded to his pleasure always. My mom was no less, she also used to give him equal pleasure and they loved each other very much.

After my mother departed, my dad was down not only mentally, but physically too, he had to control his sexual urge, there were times when he eyed the aunty next door and the maid servant, but all in vain.

After two years of mother's death, it was finally decided that dad will get married and started to search for the right girl, who would take care of my dad and also his son, that's me. Parents of lots of girls very not very happy to give their daughters hand to a man of 40 and that too with a son of 14 years.

Finally we were able to find a family who was ready to give their daughter in marriage to my dad, theirs was a middle class family with limited luxuries in their life. The girl was not very attractive, but looked pleasant and homely, she was hardly 24 years, 16 years younger to my dad, from her reaction,

I could make out she was not very happy with the arrangements, but due to their financial problems, she had to agree. In fact I spoke to her during the finalizing process if things were okay, she didn't say a thing but just gazed at me with water flowing out of her eyes, that's when

I saw her closely, she was wheatish in color, she had a very good physic, her body was well shaped, she looked pious and nice, I assured her that all will be well and I was there to take care of her, I didn't mean anything that time.

The D day came and marriage was solemnized, my dad stayed in the girls house for the first three days, which was the custom with us and came to our house the fourth day. I could see the change with my mother, she was better now, and she was happy and smiling, running around the house with zeal and enthusiam.

My dad and mom seem to go well, I thanked god for that. Things went smoothly for the first 15 days, my dad was in town and the nights were very hot, at 14 itself I was not able to control myself, because of all the sounds coming out of their room, I had heard of these earlier when my mom used to be alive,

but not to this extent and most of the sounds now was made by my step mom, she was enjoying the fucking night life with my dad. I used to go to school early at 7.30 am itself, she had to get up early at around 6 am and do all the chores for me, I used to help her a little but she took charge of things.

Within this two weeks itself, she had even bathed me as my mom used to do, of course she did this on my behest. My dad went on tour after 15 days of marriage, that that too for more than 10 days. The first day, she slept in the room and I in the hall as usual.

I don't think my step mom could sleep at all that night, she was missing my dad. She was not herself when she got up in the morning, it was Thursday, she was dull and did things for the sake of it, I bid bye to her and went to school.

As my school starts early, we are back by 1.30 pm at home, I came back and had lunch and went out to play, it was around 6 pm I was back and we were watching some serials, my mom was of course missing my dad, we had our dinner at 9 pm itself and again were watching some

movie running and at around 10.30 we switched the TV off and were about to sleep, she went to her room and I was arranging my bed in hall. She came to hall and said that she was feeling very lonely sleeping alone and as my dad was also not there, she said I could sleep in the room with her, I said okay and we went to sleep. There were no bad intentions be it from my end or my moms end. We spoke for few minutes and went to sleep, I slept almost immediately, but I knew she wouldn't get much sleep in that night, because she was missing dad.

She was rolling from one side to other, trying to get some sleep but in vain. The climate was not very hot, but she was sweating. Around 12 midnight, I wanted to pass loo and got up, she was still trying to catch some sleep, I passed my loo and came back.

I was about to sleep, I could feel the temperate of my mom, being a foot away from her. I touched for forehead and yes, she was running high temperature. I immediately called up my family doctor who turned within half an hour and checked her, she was running almost 103 degrees, doctor prescribed some medicines to her and gave her an injection, instructions to me was that I had to be awake and give her continuous sponging until the temperate came down.

I put a thin cloth on her forehead with cold water, I took some cotton and soaked them in water and put under both her arms, I had difficulty in doing this as she was in her sari, I told her to change into a nighty so that it will be easier. I went to hall and came back in few minutes, she had changed herself in a sleeveless nighty and was lying on the bed. I gave her sponging for couple of hours, on her forehead, behind the neck and under her arms. There was lot of hairs under her armpits, she doesn't seem to shave them, due to temperature coming down there was sweating and the smell from her armpits were strong enough to reach my nose, it was a different kind of smell, it was not dirty. Anyhow I slept sitting beside her and went I got up it was around 4 am, I felt my mom's forehead and was shocked, the temperature had shot up, immediately I started sponging her again with ice water, on her forehead, below the neck and underarms, dipping the cloth in water almost continuously, I did this for next half hour, due to this, her nighty around the neck and underarm was totally wet and I could see her bra strips and cup of her bra thru the wet nighty,

I didn't have any bad intentions, but still I was noticing all these, at around 4.30 in the morning, when my mom was running high temperature, I was trying to see my moms body. Without control over my mind, my hand after sponging under her neck slided a little down towards her chest,

I felt the cleverage thru the wet nighty, it was soft and nice, I moved a little towards the right and cupped her left breast in my hand, I didn't press it, just felt it, suddenly I felt what I was doing was wrong and took my hand away. I called doctor immediately and told him about the situation, he instructed me to continue with my sponging as what I was doing and told me that I had to this for the whole body, I said that my dad was not there and I cannot do it, he convinced me that, she was my mom and under these kind of circumstances it was nothing wrong.

I put the phone down and went near mom, I spoke to her and told that the sponging needs to be continued and also I need to do the same all over her body, she was in no state to protest anything, she didn't even reply to me,

I with my shivering hands opened the front buttons of her nighty and lifted the nighty from below the legs, she helped me by moving her buttocks to make it easy for me, she was now with her bra and panty.

One side I was trying to think about my mom not being well, the bad side of me was looking at her beautiful body, she had firm breasts, flat stomach, nice and shapely legs, overall my dad was a lucky guy. I now took a towel soaked it with water and was wiping it all over her body, on her cleverage, beside the breasts (as I had not taken of the bra) on her navel and between her thighs and on the legs. I was not able to control myself, when I did this between her legs over her panty, I had to widen her legs, the heat from her vagina was so much that I had to wipe that place more than twice,

I deliberately even touched her vagina over the panty with my hand, there was lot of hairs protruding out of the panty, after wiping over panty for couple of times, I could feel the crack in-between over the panty. My dirty mind didn't stop there, I even tried to move the panty slightly to see what was beneath, there was lot of hairs and I could see the crack with thick black lips.

With this sponging process going on, I inserted my hand under her bra and gave sponging to her breasts, I even inserted my hand once under her panty and tried to touch her cunt, I know what I was doing was wrong but my wrong side was winning over me.

It was around 6 am when the doctor dropped in, I covered my mom with a bedspread, doctor again diagnosed my mom and told that things were better now and she should be okay very soon, I asked him if I had to inform my dad and call him back, doctor told me that there was no need to panic and I was doing a good job, he congratulated me for taking care of my mom.

I went out to store and bought some bread and milk, after boiling I took them to my mom. It was around 9 am, she was now awake and better, she thanked me and said that she was giving a lot of trouble to an young boy, I myself fed my mom and wiped out the milk flowing out of her mouth. I told her that I need to again sponge her if not, the fever might be back, I made her lie down and took the bed spread out, she was now feeling a little uncomfortable, I told her that it was okay and I was doing this for the whole night etc

She closed her eyes now, I took the wet cloth from her shoulders under her arm and over her breasts and on her navel and between her thighs, I could now sense the excitement what was going thru my mom, when I was close to her vagina, she herself spread her legs automatically,

I took the cloth over her vagina and wiped the place, I also noticed her face and she was really liking it, now I could see the lips of her vagina over her cunt, which I couldn't in the night, it was swollen, probably due to excitement, while doing so, I made sure that my index finger touches her cunt lips and deliberately I did it more than required.

I did the sponging for almost 15 minutes, she said it was enough and asked me to take some rest. I lied down next to her and within minutes I was off to sleep due to tiredness. I was wearing a shorts and a t-shirt, after sometime, something was disturbing me, I was not totally awake at the same time was trying to analyze what was disturbing me,

I got the shock of my life when I felt a hand trying to enter my shorts, I knew it was my step mom, I didn't know what to do, at the same time I was enjoying the feeling. I wanted to see what will happen and let the things go on and was sleeping.

She was feeling me in such a way to check if I was awake or not, when there was no reaction from my end, she was convinced that I was asleep. She first put her hand under my shorts and was feeling my penis over my briefs, she was caressing me which starting arousing me and my member was growing, she was again and again checking if was a asleep and after satisfying herself only, she was proceeding little by little, she now took my member out of my brief and started caressing and masturbating, I member grow and I myself was astonished at the size of growth, ...

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