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Gulf wedding - erotic.story

Gulf wedding
In the seventies there was a big rush of people going to gulf countries in search of job from the northern districts of Kerala. People of all trades like electricians, carpenters, masons, plumbers were in great demand and anybody could get visa and a well paid job in almost all the gulf countries. Remittances from these gulf employees changed the economic situation of the state that a boom of prosperity descended. When these youngsters returned home on leave there was great demand for getting them as bridegrooms for their daughters and large amounts of dowry were paid to get a good husband. But they never had a family visa and therefore soon after a month's honeymoon they boys went back leaving their brides in their homes. There were such thousands of affluent girls starved of sex around the countryside.

Many stories went in circulation about the sex adventures of these girls but many of them were born out of fiction. Since their husbands were away in gulf, staying in their husband's house or in their own house does not make any difference.

Mobile phones and internet were not in vogue. Landline phones were also hard to get. The calls inward and outward used to be thru public call offices. Young boys who were not of age working as servants or errand boys in certain houses made lot of money.

Besides their own household duties going as an escort with Itha (elder sister) wherever she goes was the job they liked most. Itha sometimes went to the shop to buy her own toiletries or to the PCO to talk to her husband or other relatives abroad. The escort boy will always be with her.

I am talking about an escort named, Mammad, aged 18, but looks much younger and lean due to malnutrition. He worked in the family as a helper for a paltry salary but the food was the main attraction. His fortune turned when a gulf marriage took place in the house.

One of the girls in the house was married to gulf returned, rich man but because of visa problem the newly married bride Razia could not be taken to the gulf. The husband had a wild honeymoon of about a month and left suddenly giving plenty of money in the hands of his young bride. Razia hardly 18 had all the riches thrust on her and does not know what to do. She never worked in the kitchen either in her house or in the house of her inlaws. Whenever she went out she took Mammad with her which both the families approved because of his age.

But Mammad was not that innocent as made others to believe. His eyes were always on the erect and full boobs of Razia and her raised and round ass. Sometimes he kept his hands on her ass when they travel in the bus, but she did not mistake it.

He covered her up with his both hands as if to protect her from the onslaughts of others, which she liked. When she used to touch him on his face and sometimes she will keep her hands on his thighs to support herself.

Many times his hands brushed against her firm boobs and her crotch also, which she did not resist. Slowly Mammad made the body contact more frequent and more sustaining particularly when they both were alone. Razia enjoyed his care which should have come from her husband.

Once her hand happened brush against his semi erect cock which sent shock waves in her mind and body. Such a small boy with a such a big tool, she wondered. But his innocent looking childish face did not allow her to pursue this further.

Mammad, clad in a lungi and a shirt never wore any undergarment or vests since he cannot afford it. He was very free with her and told her about how others spy on her. He used to flatter her for her beauty. He had entry to her bedroom and stayed there for considerable amount of time. One day Razia had headache and asked him to get the pain balm. He offered to rub it on her fore head. She said ok. She was lying the bed and he came so close to her to rub the balm on her forehead that his cock was just touching her shoulder.

She could get the smell of his masculinity and it aroused her instantly. But she resisted her urge to pull the lungi and take out his cock. Having taken a closer view of her cleavage, poor Mammad could not control his tool which was getting erected.

Razia closed her eyes and did not notice the sudden bulge which was about to touch her cheeks. When she turned her face the tip of the cock was just on her lips. She opened her eyes and saw the cock of Mammad inside his lungi about to touch her face.

In a jerky movement she opened the lungi and brought out the 6 inch cock in full erection. Aye, Mammad, what is this, she asked clasping her fingers around it. He wanted to pull back but she held her grip firm. Mammad, smiling, said pardon me itha, I could not control it.

I wont do it again. Please dont tell anybody. Please leave me, Itha. Razia wont leave it so easily. She pretended anger and said how dare you do this to me. How much faith I had in you and now your true colors are out. Humiliated Mammad was prepared to do anything she wants.

He was promised a gulf visa as soon as he reaches 18 and this if exposed would ruin his chances. He started to cry and apologise to Razia. Razia said on one condition she would keep it secret. He said whatever you may say I will agree. Never say a word about this to anybody.

He promised on allah. She asked him to remove his lungi and shirt and to stand totally nude in front of her. Reluctantly he agreed and complied with her instruction. His cock still erect was a real beauty, noticed Razia. It is as big as that of her her husband.

He pulled him closer and took a close look under a table lamp. Fairer in color, with blue veins, throbbing, circumsticed the cock apparently was never used for any sex purposes. She held it in her hands tight for some time and thought over what to do.

She did not want to take any hurried decision. Anyhow she had a beautiful specimen in her hands. She told Mammad that she will decide what to do with him later. But everyday he has to show her his cock, when she asks, to know whether its length is increasing.

He agreed. She then asked him to get some coconut oil in a saucer to massage her feet. He gave his lungi back. He ran down to get the coconut oil. Whe he came with the oil, she told him that he has to bolt the door and then remove him lungi and massage her feet with coconut oil.

His cock lost its erection and was limp. He sat on the floor and started to apply coconut oil and massage her feet. After feet he was asked to massage her ankles and then the calf muscles and then the knee. Her ivory colored legs were very beautiful and his cock was in full erect condition. Razia playfully tickles his cock and laughed loudly. Then she asked him to massage her thighs. She lifted her own mundu and his hands ran over her smooth thighs. The fellow was suffering very much. Razia enjoyed it very much.

He did her inner thighs and then he could see her panty covering her cunt. She asked him to pull down her panty and massage her cunt and ass. The boy was shivering with deep passion. Her pussy was covered with small stubs of hair.

He massaged her cunt and she was very hot with his touch.She turned to her abdomen and asked him to do her ass. It was a torture for Mammad. Poor fellow was about to ejaculate. Extending her hand she took hold of his cock and pulled it to her mouth and gave it a strong suck. He shot his cum into her mouth. She sucked him dry of all the cum. She then got up and went to the bath room and asked him to wash her oiled portion to be soaped and washed. The boy did as he was told and again he was in full erection.

Lifting her leg and placing it on the commode she asked him to lick her cunt. The boy did as he was told very clumsily.She made him lick till she reached her orgasm. Pressing his head into her cunt, she had a full orgasm like never before not even while being fucked by her husband.

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