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Anjana, my sexy neighbour - erotic.story

Anjana, my sexy neighbour
I was living with my dad and mom in the second floor of our Flat at Coimbatore. I was in first year BE at that time. From the window of the bedroom in which I used to always sleep, I could watch the balcony and the window of the first floor of the opposite Apartments. A couple alongwith one child had just shifted to that house in that Apartments.

They were Gujarati. The mother of the child was a housewife who was 24 years old and looked simple but beautiful and was always clad in a sari, with features 34-30-36. She had firm boobs and a sexy gaand. Her selection of saris was superb and she looked majestic in them. Slowly I was getting attracted to her.

I have this habit of peeping through the balcony or window at opposite flats or roadside. One such time, it was 11.15 pm and I was going to sleep. My bed was just next to the window which I used to keep half open. I saw her lying down in the bed in the hall which was visible through my window. Her husband was in a lungi.

He was trying to pull her sari and she was preventing him from doing so and played with him. Within minutes, they were in each other’s arms and began kissing each other. I was so excited and just could not believe my eyes. My cock had become hard and straight and my lips became watery. My mom and dad were sleeping in the hall. I adjusted myself to get a clear view.

Her husband was pinching her boobs over the blouse and kissing her. They just kept their lights on and perhaps did not suspect me seeing. Soon she was relieved of her blouse and sari and was in blouse and petticoat. Her husband got rid of his lungi and brought out his cock. It was huge, much bigger than mine.

He moved his cock over her entire body and then thrusted it into her vagina and began fucking her. By now, it was 1.30 pm and I had masturbated two times. I went back to sleep. This continued for a week, and I spent sleepless nights watching them. But suddenly, one night while I was watching, she caught me looking and just closed the window. I was so disappointed.

I should have been careful; I kicked myself as on that night I was so excited seeing them in their act that I did not notice myself being caught. Then many times, I tried to pick a glance but no use. She was very innocent, beautiful and obeyed her husband dutifully. Her husband was a maniac, he just commanded her and vigorously had sex with her every night, I thought.

Every time in the day, whenever she came to her balcony I would glance at her or wait for hours seeing her making chapattis in the kitchen or feeding her child. By now, she came to know my acts and was always glancing at me sideways. Surprisingly, once she was standing in the balcony perhaps in a new sari and was looking stunning with a gajra tied on her hair.

She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I felt so happy and on top of the world. Next day morning, when I was leaving my house with my books for college, I saw her coming out from a grocery shop holding a packet of atta in her hand and a bag full of vegetables in other hand. She smiled at me. “May I help you” I asked. “O thanks”said she.

I took one bag in my hand and went to her house and dropped her. I soon began to leave out, when she said “Wait, wanna have some tea.” I said “No thanks.” With a half heart. She said “Please come on, you have come for the first time, is it time for college.” She asked. I said, “Ya, but its ok, I will go late today, no problem.”

I was overjoyed. She was looking beautiful in a light green sari and blouse. I asked, “Where is your child, err….” She said, “My name is Anjana and my son Rakesh has gone to school and I have to bring him back from school after two hours.” I said, “Oh, do u know my name is also Rakesh.” She laughed and we began to chat for a while sipping tea. I never missed a chance to see her curves and was admiring her beauty.

Soon Anjana sat next to me and asked. “Rakesh, what class r u studying.” From the conversation, I came to know that she was also a BE student and had 10 years of happy marriage and their child was going to 1st std. She said she liked me driving bikes as she has seen me riding bikes super fast in roads at Coimbatore.

She was now sitting now so close to me that I began to feel awkward. My cock was already so straight that I was afraid she would see it. But surprisingly, Anjana caught my cock from above the pants and began to fondle it. “do u always fantasize me, she asked.” “err… I don’t know” I stumbled.

“I know, I always see you peeping at me, don’t lie." said Anjana. By now, I was getting slowly confident and began to unzip my pant and brought out my cock in her full view. What a surprise, she bent down and began sucking it. Here was Anjana, who I always thought to be orthodox and simple housewife sucking my cock with gusto.

She began sucking my cock vigorously and bit my balls. As she was sucking my cock, I slowly removed my shirt and began touching her body and feeling it. As I was about to cum, I pulled her up and cummed on her blouse. By now, I was standing naked and was caressing her head to toe. She was still in sari. I bit her panty and brought it down through my teeth, tore open her blouse and unhooked her bra.

Anjana was getting excited and shouted, “Come on, you rascal.” I kissed her lip to lips and fondled her boobs and bit them and sucked them. I just played with her nipples and tasted them. Soon she came down and took my cock and banged her mouth into it. Soon we were in a six nine position and I began to suck her pussy like a dog, while she cummed over my entire face.

Soon she pushed me down and positioned her pussy over my cock and rode my cock. I was getting excited and began thrusting my cock from below while Anjana began to shout in ecstasy. My both the fingers were tightly grabbing her boobs and by now, I began to fuck her vigorously. I reached my climax and cummed it all inside her pussy. Anjana got out satisfied and sucked and cleaned up the remaining cum in my pussy.

Anjana said, “Get up quick, I have to be in school now to bring back my kid.” I said, “When we will meet next, darling.” Anjana, “Soon, I will call you. Thanks. My husband has sex with me daily but never used to give me freedom to do what I wanted. I love you, you are such a passionate lover.” I said, “next time, I will be more ruthless, be careful.”

We met many times thereafter and had our memorable moments in the bathroom, in her bedroom, in my bedroom etc. 1 year have passed. Anjana has moved away from Coimbatore and is now happily settled in Bangalore with two kids.

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