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woman - »» ρσsitiνє τhiηkiηg iη lifє »» Comics/Fantasy/Anime Newest pictures
25.01.2012 12:30 EST
»» ρσsitiνє τhiηkiηg iη lifє »»

Pygmalion is known as a person who likes positive minded, looked at everything from a good Angle, example when there is a buyer's bargain priced statues, comrades Pygmalion whispered, " Miserly that guy." But Pygmalion said, "Maybe people need to spend money for other, more needs to be"

The impact of positive thinking patterns were referred to the impact of Pygmalion. Our mind is often have impact indeed fulfilling prophecy , both positive and negative.Pygmalion is a mindset thinking, guess and hope only good about a situation or person.

Color life indeed depends from what colour we wear. If we wear glasses grey, everything will appear grey. Life becomes grey and dreary. But if we wear glasses that light, everything would appear to be bright. Glass eyes are prejudiced or hate will make our lives full of a sense of suspicion and resentment. But the glass eye of peace will make our lives in peace.

Life would be good if we looked at it in terms of the good. Think good about yourself. Think well about others. Think well about the situation. Think well about God. The impact of such good thinking we will feel. The family becomes warm. Comrades being trustworthy. Neighbors become familiar. The work becomes fun. The world became friendly. Life becomes beautiful. Like Pygmalion, that's how.

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Nice, now i'd figured out what is the missing thing in my life,im thinking well of our God,thinking well about others and the situation,but i forgot to think well about myself
14.01.2014 00:23 EST, josh181
08.03.2012 07:27 EST, moodyblues
Its easy to say , but....difficult to think postive all the time..
28.02.2012 08:46 EST, Fahad hasan*THE PEGASUS*
The your Eye...
the colors full.,and best harmonic...
Hi Ernie....just passing trough. Have a nice week. Tc
06.02.2012 00:52 EST, ROMAN (No CHAT & PM)
Eahhh right,,,, nice entry
03.02.2012 12:06 EST, girl_collectors
super like to this post :)
03.02.2012 02:34 EST, ░$Ƙ$ 4m Ặ-2Ƙ░
29.01.2012 13:16 EST, fαητοmεττε
The best...nice n beautifull blog...i like it
pygmalion: one of my favorite mythical characters! this is such a nice essay. did you write this yourself? weekend greetings!:)
27.01.2012 14:04 EST, enigma
nice admirable info. frnd say if Im wrong: Thinking positive is ultimate, 1. at every situation,we can't judge and treat ppl as gud as we think 2.why not negative Thinking? my point is " list out ur list negative Thinking, observe keenly at which point your confidence getting low, practice yourself n rise your confidence cross the next nevel, strenghten urself mentaly stay away from your comfortable zone " WHY NOT NEGATIVE ......
25.01.2012 22:47 EST, john
Gud post dear ernie. Realy we must always think positive.
25.01.2012 19:50 EST, Rakesh khudia
Positive thinking in lyf is the only key to success .... Be positive n be happy
25.01.2012 19:50 EST, AM IN HEAVEN
Awesome entry dia,keep it up!!
25.01.2012 19:21 EST, NI$HANT™
Nice p0st my cute sis...
25.01.2012 12:49 EST, Anita

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